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The First Thing to Do At Zazzle

One Thing I Love About Zazzle T Shirts
Getting Started on Zazzle

As I begin this new blog on Zazzle selling, I will be taking into consideration what I learned by trial and error in my first few months. I would do some things differently were I to begin again. There are now three ways you can sign up for Zazzle — as designer who creates products, as a maker who manufactures and ships products under Zazzle’s auspices, and as an Affiliate, who promotes anyone’s products for commission. Commissions are usually  higher than the royalties designers get when  products sell. So when you first join, if you want to create products to promote and sell, join as a seller. Follow the step-by-step directions on the landing page to start your store.

At the same time, join as an affiliate so you can begin making money immediately by promoting the products of others on your blogs. Again, the instructions on the landing pages are pretty clear. Look at your published blogs to see if you can find Zazzle products that relate to your blogs that would make nice illustrations for them. I did this at the very end of this blog to add a touch of humor. It is hard to find any topic for which you cannot find a related Zazzle product. I will also be looking for products to illustrate this post.

Learning as You Sell the Products of Others

As you search for products to use on your blogs, you will see a lot of products others have created. Take note of which products grab your attention and why. Notice which products just don’t work and why. Then apply  what you learn when you make you own products. Although to really start selling you will need to have a lot of products — probably a minimum of 200 in your store — be sure to only put your best work on your products and make sure the designs you create are appropriate for the products you put them on. You want people to look at your store and say ‘Wow!”

Before you open your first store, have a plan. Do you want everything in just one store? I started with one store that was a hodgepodge: Barb’s California Card and Gift Gallery. The only thing that unifies it is that everything is related to California. I have 3,777 products in that store at the moment, and out of those, only a few products have ever sold. Below is my best-selling product.

Just so you know, I edited this out of the code: “by <a href=’https://www.zazzle.com/barbsbooks* rel=”nofollow”‘>barbsbooks</a> <br /> Shop for a <a href=”https://www.zazzle.com/cards?rf=238426092320559705″ rel=”nofollow”>card</a> with zazzle.com “  Why? First because Google doesn’t like too many links to the same product. I also want you to notice one way Zazzle sometimes cheats you if you don’t carefully check their HTML links before using them. Sometimes in the last link that leads to other products, they leave your referral code off. I put that line in bold here. I this case I could have used it with no harm done, but I didn’t want to. Usually they include the code in that last link, but sometimes they leave it off just when you least expect it. That would mean if a reader follows that link instead of one of your  top two links, you would not get credit for the sale. It took me a while to notice that. If someone clicks on your referral link and buys something else in addition to it or instead of it, you still get the commission. If they click on that last link to see other products or to design products of their own to buy, if there is no referral link,  you will get nothing.

Should You Have More than One Store?

From the beginning think about the possibility. If you have several niche interests, it may be better to separate them. Think it though so that you don’t put bits of them all in your first store the way I did. Once they are in one store, you cannot move them to another. Keep that in the back of your mind as you  create that first store.
I think this is enough for one post. If you have questions you’d like me to address in future posts, please leave me a comment. If you have questions you’d like me to address immediately, please start a topic on my group forum here on BlogJob.


  1. Thank you @barbrad for this amazing post. So, I need to add a lot more products. Arond 200! Well, I better start making them. I have one question. If you sell something, how do you know? Do you get an e-mail?

    • I get emails when I sell something, but you may have to go into your account to check your email preferences for notifications. You can also log into your account, click your picture at the top, and then click on my account. Then click on earnings. Along the left you will see links to your royalty history and your referral history, and that’s where you can keep track of what sold or your referral commissions.

    • If you are a Zazzle associate, you can use get commission on anyone’s products if they entered the site through your referral link for a limited amount of time — as long as they didn’t click on anyone else’s link after that. Find any product you like in the search. Click the share button and choose link. Then select and copy the HTML code in the box and paste it into the text view of your post where you want it. Then switch to visual to see it. In this post, my first product, the T-shirt, is a clickable referral link. I copies the code to get the product on the page. Then, in visual view, I click on the image and aligned it to the left. I also deleted the other links so they wouldn’t mess up my format.

  2. This is a very informative article Barbara. Somnetimes when I shared my zazzle product to my fb account, it was not my created product that showed up. That was a product of the other zazzler. How come? Can you please tell us how you put the image of the product in a post like the way you put the card above. Thank you very much. I am sure I will keep on coming to your blogs.

    • Facebook often goofs up the picture that shows whether from Zazzle or from some other site. There’s not a lot I know that you can do about it. As to how i got the card picture to look like that I explained it under the card picture. I will write my next post on how to get that code and use it to best effect.

    • No. That’s not exactly what I said. You do not need to open a store to be an affiliate. I suggested people become affiliates so they can still be making money before they get their stores set up. If you are not making products, you will have an empty store.

  3. I started an account there long ago ,but then never did anything else with it. I don’t think I understand the conct at all. I thought you provided images you own that customers could use on items provided by zazzle.

    For instance, of I have a picture of a waterfall in Hawaii, it could be used on either: plates, cups, pillows, cards, etc. I know the store ownerprovides I!ages of each item with an image on them, but are the items made after ordering, or are they already made? Isn’t it made-to-order sales?, or that type of thing?

    • Marsha, you create products from images of your own in a virtual store. The products don’t physically have your design on them until someone orders the product. So people are really seeing a catalog of unmade products that are then manufactured and shipped through Zazzle when someone orders them. You can create each product with the same design separately or you can use Quick Create, which can make a hundred different products with the same design at once. Many you will have to customize before posting because they won’t look good otherwise. Start with products just right to promote on your blogs as illustrations of what you’re talking about. Example, if I”m writing about places I’ve been for which I have products, I will also promote a related Zazzle product or two on that post.

  4. I’ve never created may products at Zazzle, nor have I ever tried promoting them, but I’ve still managed to earn a bit of money in the time I’ve been there. Now with your help, I hope to do a lot better. I’ve already saved my affiliate link and will be giving a lot of thought to where I want to use it.

    • I recently got two sales from products I promoted in my blogs. I can usually find some product that fits almost anything I blog about, even if it isn’t mine. Affiliate commissions, when they come through, make more than royalties on your own products. Of course it’s best when someone buys one or more of your products from your affiliate link.

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