Skype, What Happened?



As an online English teacher, we need skype to communicate students. My schedule has sixteen open slots with twenty-five minute each class. I was able to render two classes then an open slot when I was asked by my co-teacher if my skype was okay. Unfortuntely when I checked it, it was not. We could send messages but we can not make a call. I was part happy because, of course, who would not be happy if you have free time but part sad because as a teacher, your students’ learning are your priorities.

I checked the net to know what really happened. Then I read that skype was having some problems. It did not exactly tell what the problem was but it just said that it has some problems. I had read comments from users all over the globe and that they were not able to use it too. Then I realized that it skype was broken everywhere in the world. There was a happy commotion with regards to the matter because a lot of teachers were happy much that they do not have deal with grumpy students. hahahah

So the thing is, I would like to know what happened to skype. We did have a lot of opinions and ideas regarding the matter. One teacher said that it was bugged. The other said that they did not have any profit anymore to continue working and one particular opinion was that it was hacked. I might say this the last assumption may be the cause, but of course, this is just our assumptions. Nobody really knew what happened to our dear skype. But because of this problem, I bet this caused a big hassle to people who are using skype especially for business like the company I’m working at.

I hope whatever the problem skype and its company might have, they can resolve it and people can continue communicating. 😀


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  1. Sometimes, Skypes connection was very annoying when I used it to talk to my father. It was mostly because of the low internet connection in the Philippines.

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