God is Great All the Time


1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (KJV)

Before I get out from the house, I usually pray to God and ask for His guidance and protection and to ask Him to be with me always that I won’t be late for work. I see to it that I do that whenever I get out and I don’t forget to call God.

I was asked by my mum to withdraw some money from her bank account and deposit it in the other local bank account. I went to the bank earlier because I was told to do so. Anyway, when I get there, I was a bit shocked to see a lot of people waiting for there turn. I knew then and there that it would take along time before I get to have my turn. Unfortunately, it was already time for me to go because I still have work so I politely asked the service attendant if I could leave the money and I’ll just have to come back the next day. He was so kind to understand and agreed to the task.

I hurriedly went to the taxi station to ride a taxi because I would be very late for work. However, there’s no taxi on the station so I had to ride a jeepney. I tool a seat beside the driver and politely asked him to get a taxi for me. He willingly obliged.

Then, I get to ride a taxi moments after and told the driver politely if he could hurry so I won’t be late for work. He was so kind to go through the shortcut and to cut the story short, I arrived in the office 8 minutes before time which is a miracle because I would really be late if God didn’t intervene.

While riding the jeepney, and the taxi, I was a bit worried that I might be late and then I forget the worry because I know that God would not let me be late for work and I was right not to worry. God was really great. I was not late and I arrived at work safe and sound. God is great and good all the time.


Eating Out


Before salary day, my friends and I plan to eat out. It is our way of treating and pampering ourselves after working for the whole month. The plan was to eat in a local restaurant very famous for their grilled chicken and halo-halo (picture above).

This restaurant has some deals. One is buying a meal with this amount and with unlimited rice. I am from Philippines and rice is very much in every meal we eat. And because we love eating rice, all four of us had that meal. Before we started eating, we kinda had a contest of who will have the most rice. And so the contest – slash – eating – slash – dinner – slash fun began.

After eating the first cup of rice, all four os us had a second. When the second was almost finished, each decided that that was enough. Nobody had a third helping. We felt that our stomach was going to explode because we felt really, really full.

Before we ate, I ordered a halo-halo. When the halo-halo was served, I just realized that I could not eat it anymore because I was too full already. So, I decided that I will have it as a take out.

Going back to the office, for it was our break time when we ate out, we were laughing and teasing each other. It was really fun and enjoyable.

I love my friends. They always go with whatever craziness I can think of. I love eating out with them and they always say yes whenever I ask them to eat out with me. The only problem is that we always run out of money because we eat a lot. hahaha

How about you? What kind of things do you do with your friends? Do you eat out too? 😀


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Love, Rosie


I was told that I should definitely watch this movie. It got me so curious that I searched a site that played this movie. I was so happy and excited that I saw a site the plays this movie and can not wait to watch the movie.

The movie is about a boy and a girl, Alex and Rosie, played by Sam Claflin and Lily Collins respectively. They are the bestest of friends, if I may say. They met one afternoon in a party kind of playdate and made each other the bestest of friends.

One evening, on Rosie’s eighteenth birthday, with five shots of tequila and a lot of dancing, they kissed before Rosie fell down from a stool she was standing on.

The next morning, Rosie told Alex to forget all that has happened that evening because she felt she was so wasted and felt embarassed by what she did. Alex was felt betrayed because he loves Rosie and he thought that Rosie wanted to forget about the kiss too. He just did not know that Rosie has really forgotten everything that has happened that evening. She remembered none, na-da, zero.

While at the beach one evening, Rosie told Alex that the hottest boy in school, Greg played by Christian Cooke, asked her to the dance and she declined him becaushe she thought she and Alex would go together. Alex told her that Bethany (played by Suki Waterhouse), the hottest girl in class, wanted him to ask her to the dance. Rosie told Alex to ask Bethany and she will just have to go with Greg. The dance came and everyone was partying and enjoying theirselves.

The thing I learnt about this movie was, even if it is just a movie and this may not be right but, that true love will always comes right back to you. I would like to suggest that you watch this movie and fall in love. ♥


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Harry Potter


Have you read the book series “Harry Potter”? How about the movies? Have you watched it? Did you like the books? Did you like the movies? If you have not read the books or watched the movies, I would like to suggest to you the books or movies if you like magic, fantasy, adventure, friendship, family and a little bit of a love story. This is for you.

I remembered watching the first movie when I was in elementary. I was probably a fifth grader at that time. I did not watch the movie the year it was released. I watched it two years after it was released. I remembered our neighbour who was also my teacher called my sister and I into their house and let us watch the movie. Since she was a newly wed, they still didn’t have children so, at times, she would ask us to go to their house and treat us with food and movie (and it was my fave, of course, hahaha).

While watching, I could still remember myself being so indulged and hooked in the movie. I was very attentive and intent in listening to the conversation so I could understand the movie clearly. Probably because I love movies, I love their accent (it was new to me and I like to speak like them) or both. I remembered that I would wanted to become like Harry even if I was a girl. I also would like to become Hermione Granger and was torn between who to choose. I did have a crush on both Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley though so I was also torn between the two. I just did not realize that they could be both my crushes: the more, the merrier. LOL

With the book, I started reading when I was in my third or fourth year in my university years and I would say I was hooked. It was like I was glued on my seat that I can not even do what I am told to do because I was lawys readin. Also, when it was laready time to sleep, I pretended to sleep when my paretns check my room and when they are out already, I use the flashlight in my phone so I could still read the book.

So, which do you prefer, books or movies? Or both?


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Cinderella Movies



Do you watch Cinderella? How about live-action adaptation of the first Cinderella? Growing up, I really liked Ariel of Little Mermaid. As time went by, I came to like Cinderella. It was maybe because of her dress, or her charateristics, or her charm or her story. But, whatever it was, whatever the reason was, I really like Cinderella now; most especially the latest adaptation “Cinderella” where Lily James was the Ella.

The latest Cinderella movie has a very powerful message that I would like to point out. “Have courage and be kind.” This simple yet powerful statement reminds us that being kind rewards great things. But, it does not also mean that being kind is easy because we need to have courage to surmount mountains of impedements in our lives but reamin kind towards others who are going to mock you, insult you, stompped on you because they wanted to feel superior about themselves.

Speaking of Cinderella, have you watched the other movies? Or other Cinderella-themed movies? I remembered I have watched, if not all, but almost all Cinderella-themed movies there is. Let me name them. First was, of course, the very first animated Cinderella, a musical fantasy movie. It had two sequels: Cinderella II – Dreams Come True and Cinderella III – A Twist in Time. Next movie I watched was the Cinderella (1997 film) where Brandy was the Cinderella and Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother. Then, there was Ever After with Drew Barrymore, A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff, Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway, Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez, Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale with Ashlee Hewitt, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song with Lucy Hale, then of course the latest Cinderella with Lily James and the recent Cinderella-themed movie I watched was After the Ball with Portia Doubleday.

There are still a lot of Cinderella movies produced but so far, I have only watched these above. I would like to suggest that youw atch them as well if you like Cinderella. Enjoy! ♥


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Hotel Transylvania 2



The story revolves around the Dracula family and, of course, the extended family of monsters. He is the son of Mavis, a vampire, and Johnny, a human. Dennis is half vampire, half human. When he was born, grandpa Drac was so inlove with the new addition to the family. He does not want Dennis to be away from him for even a sec.

Most vampire babies get their fangs out when they turn five or before five. But, some have it later like grandpa Drac (said his father).

Since Mavis thought that Dennis is a human, she wanted a safer environment for Dennis. She decided that they will go and visit the place where Johnny grew up and explore the place if it is a safe place for Dennis to grow up in. Before Mavis and Johnny leave the Hotel, Drac and Johnny made a deal to make Mavis’s stay happy but not too happy so she would still wanted to live in the hotel so he will not be away with Dennis. While in California, Mavis and Johnny visited Johnny’s parents. During the visit, she felt very out of place. All the while, in Transylvania, Drac tried every possible way and train Dennis so he could grow his fangs with the help of the all time scare crew composed of Frank the Frankenstein monster, Wayne the Werewolf, Griffin the Invisible Man, Murray the Mummy and Blobby the Blob but to no avail. Drac takes Dennis to vampire camp to help Dennis but to no avail either. Desperate, the gang went to the tall but unstable tower and Drac threw Dennis so he could turn into a bat. Sensing that Dennis couldn’t turn into a bat and in danger, Drac saved him at the last minute which was filmed by the camper and uploaded to youtube and watched by Mavis. Angry because her son was put in grave danger, she and Johnny flew back to Transylvania.

But because I don’t wanna be the a bad spoiler, you can watch the movie to find out what happened to everyone in the film. Enjoy! 😀


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What Would You Do If You Fall Inlove?



I asked some friend this question: What would you do if you fell inlove to another person when you already have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

This question just popped into my mind one morning while going home from work. Well, I was actually thinking of what to write here in blogjob and I was also curious about a person I know. Then, out of curiousity and I wanted to hear other people’s opinions about this matter, I sent this to some friends I knew who are in a relationship. Some of the replied but not all.

Anyway, one friend said that love is a feeling. Feelings can be controlled. He said that he will just have to try to supress and control his feelings because he knew that it was wrong and he already has a girlfriend.

I admired his answer and thanked him for it.

The next person who replied to that question said that he will try to ask for forgiveness (though he did not state to whom he is going to ask for forgiveness) and pray to God.

Maybe, like the first person who replied, wanted to supress thae feelings he has for another girl because he is already commited to someone. And I respected his decision.

The third person who replied to my text told me that he had that experience during the first few months of his relationship with her girlfriend now. Probably because he courted the other girl first before he courted his girlfriend now. But, he stopped courting the other girl when he knew that she already has a boyfriend. After quite some time, she saw his girlfriend now and fell inlove and courted her. During the first few months of their relationship, he heard that the other girl and his boyfriend broke up and his feelings kind of developed again but he knew that it was wrong so he stopped.

The last person who replied said that he is that person int he question. He has a girlfriend now but he fell inlove with another person. But, he will just supress his feelings because he knew it was wrong and he already has a girlfriend.

I would like to applaud them for being thoughtful of their actions. In my biew, I’ll try to fix myself and my relationship. If that thing happened that I fell inlove to the other person, there is something wrong with me and my relationship. I will fix it and make the relationship work. If, for example, nothing happened after all of it and it will only break us both, then that is the time to let go and move on.


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Hotel Tansylvania



Have you seen this movie? I have. I have watched this movie for I do not know how many times. It is such a cute and romantic movie, well, in some ways.

The story is about the lives of monsters in Hotel Transylvania. Monsters all over the world are gathered together to celebrate Count Dracula’s daughter’s one hundred eighteenth (118th) birthday. Her name is Mavis. It was her dream to go to Hawaii. As a promise, her father allowed her to go. But wait, there is more. Since Count Dracula is afraid that Mavise can not do things on her own (because he is such a protective father) he sabotaged Mavis’s trip by setting up a village. People in the village were very bad because they wanted to burn her for being a vampire and so she went home broken hearted. She didn’t know that hose supoosed people were actually zombies under her father’s command to burn the village and try to hurt her so she would not want to go in Hawaii. It was cruel in such a way but I understand Drac because he just wanted to protect Mavis.

Mavis mother died when she was still young because, long, long time ago, people thought that Count Dracula and her wife were bad so they burnt their house. His wife died in that fire and Count Dracula built Hotel Transylvania to protect all the monsters in the world from people.Count Dracula told the monsters that all the people are bad.

Until one time, a traveller was lost and found his way in Hotel Transylvania. Sensing the human, the Count tried to hide him but him being so curious in nature and very clumsy, the Count dressed him up as a monster (like Frankenstein to be exact) so the monsters in the hotel will not suspect. Mishaps, mishaps and lots of mishaps happened until he was busted of being a human.

Until you waould like to hear the rest of the story, I think it would be best if you watch it yourself and enjoy the movie.


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AlDub Fever



The picture above is Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. They are both celebrities here in Philippines. They rose to fame because of a “Kalye (Street) Serye (Series)” of a noontime show “Eat Bulaga!”.

Yaya Dub rose to fame when she started putting Dubsmash compilation on Facebook. One of her dubsmash, her impersonating Kris Aquino, a Filipino celebrity, went viral and garnered one million views overnight. She was dubbed as “Queen of Dubsmash” in the Philippines. It opened a lot of opportunities for her. One of which she became and was casted as Yaya (nanny) Dub (being as a “DUBsmaher”) of Lola (grandma) Nidora portrayed by Wally Bayola, a Filipino comedian, in the segment “Juan For All, All For Juan”. Then she was paired with Alden Richards, an Eat Bulaga! co-host, in a rom-com sketch “KalyeSerye” as part of the show. Yaya Dub, in the show, does not say anything but does a dubsmash when she wanted to explain something.

AlDub loveteam started when Yaya Dub, doing a dubsmash, saw Alden looking intently and smiling at her that she felt concious and can not do the dubsmash correctly that she was teased by everyone in the show. It all progressed that their so-called exchange of dubsmash and song (as Alden, instead of saying something, does a song to explain himself) blossomed to love. Then, as Alden tried to win Yaya Dub’s heart, Lola Nidora hinders their love. She became the antagonist in that KalyeSerye. She tested and tried Alden’s love for her nanny.

Because of their comical, semi-non-scripted dialogues and romantic and comedic scenes, people are hooked in the show and Lola Nidora, though the antagonist of the film, gave some really good pieces of advice not only to Alden and Yaya Dub but to viewers as well.

Here is the quote that was printed in the hearts and minds of viewers (in Tagalog): “Mas maganda ang bagay na pinagtitiyagaan at dumarating sa tamang panahon. Tandaan niyong lahat, masarap umibig, masarap ang inspirasyon, huwag lang minamadali. Lahat ng bagay nasa tamang panahon.” (Fruits picked at the right time are sweet. Same as true as when you wait for the right time for everything. Things are better when you patiently wait for it to come on the right time. Remember, to love is heaven, to be inspired is divine. Do not be in a rush. Everything has its own time. Just wait for it patienly with love and hope.) ♥♥♥


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Skype, What Happened?



As an online English teacher, we need skype to communicate students. My schedule has sixteen open slots with twenty-five minute each class. I was able to render two classes then an open slot when I was asked by my co-teacher if my skype was okay. Unfortuntely when I checked it, it was not. We could send messages but we can not make a call. I was part happy because, of course, who would not be happy if you have free time but part sad because as a teacher, your students’ learning are your priorities.

I checked the net to know what really happened. Then I read that skype was having some problems. It did not exactly tell what the problem was but it just said that it has some problems. I had read comments from users all over the globe and that they were not able to use it too. Then I realized that it skype was broken everywhere in the world. There was a happy commotion with regards to the matter because a lot of teachers were happy much that they do not have deal with grumpy students. hahahah

So the thing is, I would like to know what happened to skype. We did have a lot of opinions and ideas regarding the matter. One teacher said that it was bugged. The other said that they did not have any profit anymore to continue working and one particular opinion was that it was hacked. I might say this the last assumption may be the cause, but of course, this is just our assumptions. Nobody really knew what happened to our dear skype. But because of this problem, I bet this caused a big hassle to people who are using skype especially for business like the company I’m working at.

I hope whatever the problem skype and its company might have, they can resolve it and people can continue communicating. 😀


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