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My Keyboard is Double Typing Every Letter

My Keyboard is Double Typing Every Letter

My cat changed a setting on my laptop last night. Now my keyboard is double typing every letter. I found out while trying to log in at Amazon affiliates. At first, I thought that I was seeing double! I just woke up, but I’m not seeing things. I wish that I was. Every letter that I type is repeated, and it’s driving me insane! I have to figure out how to fix it.

My Cat Pressed Keys That Caused Double Letters

I don’t know how my cat changed the keyboard setting, but I’m sure that it was him. I sit in a reclining chair with a pillow and a lap desk. Panda likes to get on my lap and position himself in between the computer and my abdomen. He’s hoping that I’ll go to YouTube and play ‘birds for cats’, but I had work to do. He makes it very difficult to type.

Somehow he pushed a button or two, and a little green message came up. It said something about a banner, but I didn’t know what it meant. It went away before I could fully read or comprehend it. Shortly thereafter, I shut it down and went to bed. This morning I was greeted with doubled-typed lettering. Isn’t that nice? My cat gave me something to do. I had to spend several minutes undoing whatever it was that he did. Uunnttiill tthheenn, tthhiiss iiss wwhhaatt II hhaadd ttoo ddeeaall wwiitthh. Are you having the same problem? Mmyy ccooommppuutteerr iiss ttyyppiinngg ddoouubbllee lleetteerrss. Hheellpp! For those who can’t read that. My computer is typing double letters! Help! If yours is too, it’s not difficult to correct.

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My Computer Details

I’m using a Toshiba Satellite C-50 A and Windows 7 Home Premium. I don’t know if the settings will be different for you. I only know how I fixed the problem. No matter what you’re using, you should be able to figure it out using my step-by-step instructions.

What to Do if Your Computer is Typing Double Letters

  1. Go to ‘control panel’
  2. Click on ‘ease of access’
  3. Go to ‘keyboard settings’
  4. Click on ‘speed’
  5. Set ‘repeat delay’ to ‘short’
  6. Set ‘repeat rate’ to ‘slow’

This should take care of your problem. It took care of mine. I’m no longer seeing double letters on the screen when I type. I don’t know how my cat did it, but I’m glad that it worked. It wasn’t the first time that he caused laptop problems. Another time he pressed a series of keys that moved the bottom taskbar to the side. Cats and computers aren’t a good combination. He’s not getting on my lap next time!

*Top Photo by Pixabay


Kim Dalessandro is an award-winning freelance writer and artist from the Chicago area. Her passion is interior design, but she also loves entertaining and crafting. She is continually developing unique and creative ideas to share with the world.

5 thoughts to “My Keyboard is Double Typing Every Letter”

  1. Cats are annoying sometimes, but you gotta love them! Sunshine (tortie) likes to step on one key and type a string of one letter so the word looks like the sound a person makes when they’re talking and then falling off a cliff. Ex: Today I woke upppppppppp…The only thing she’s done was turned on “sticky keys” where a certain command is associated with a letter. The double letter one is new to me, but now I know how to fix it should something happen.

    1. @Jessica – That’s funny. 🙂 My cat turned on sticky keys before too. He tried to get on my lap while typing this post. I didn’t let him. I don’t want to have to fix any more cat-related issues today.

  2. These are good tips especially that I also like putting my puppy on my lap while blogging. And in any case my puppy could do the same as your cat.

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