Waiting At The Window

I was never really into writing when I was younger, but lately I’ve been coming up with short poems, mostly about my grandchildren. It might be something we did together or something that has happened in their life that get me thinking of words and next thing I know, I’m writing a poem. Did a word ever come to your mind and then another that rhymes? That’s usually how my poems start, I think of something and turn it into a short poem. This is one of my favorites that I wrote after visiting with our youngest granddaughter. She was nine years old at the time when I get the idea for the words.





She was waiting at the window as we pulled in,
We saw the joy on her face and a huge happy grin.
She ran out the door with her arms opened wide,
She gave us hugs and kisses and wouldn’t leave our side.

We do nothing special, just be together,
Like walk in the yard and pick up bird feathers.
We sit and cuddle then I tuck her in bed,
She said I love you, I love you back I said.

The weekend is over, it’s time to go,
The tears in her eyes seem to say no.
It won’t be than long til we see you again,
She peeks through the tears and asks us when.

You may not see us but we will be near,
Forever we will and that is so clear.
So dry your eyes my precious one,
Our love for you shines like the sun.

It is as hard for us to leave her as it is for her to see us go. Our grandchildren mean so much to my hubby and me.
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