Busy Day at Work

Today was one full day at work.  Hubby and I own an interior decorating shop where we design, fabricate, and install window treatments.  We usually get to the shop about 7:30 am and the first order of the day is to listen to any phone messages that came through after we left the previous day.  When we start a large drapery project, the first step is to cut all the widths of the drapery fabric and then the lining fabric.  The average sized drapery for a condo is four widths which is about 200″ flat.  That’s a lot of fabric to work with and when we add the lining, it weighs a ton!  We started a drapery yesterday, it was 10 widths of fabric with blackout lining. Each side was 270″ long, which was 5 widths of fabric.  This is for a large window on an ocean front condo so the seashells and fish print fabric will be a perfect look to go with the solid blue sofa.


The fabric was a fun print, it had a white background with blue and beige sea shells and fish scattered throughout.  We also made two pillows to add to the clients sofa from the same seashell and fish print fabric.  Some of the draperies we make for condos are solid colors which is good because if the walls, flooring and draperies coordinate it’s easier to choose a sofa or bedding.  But when they have a solid sofa, a window can take a bit of color and excitement. We completed the drapes today and will install them next week.  After we completed the draperies, we went to measure two more projects and hubby surprised me and stopped for a raspberry shake! Tomorrow we will start a new project of another pair of draperies.   That was our day, now I’m tired.