Metal on Metal

Metal on Metal

We took a little get-away to the mountains last week and how beautiful! Thursday we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest as we always do when we visit Cherokee.  The road was lined with wild turkeys!  We also drove up the long winding road to an Clingman’s Dome, the highest peak on the Appalachian trail, then walked, yes walked almost a mile, not a flat mile, but a straight up the mountain hike to get to the observation tower.  Thought I was going to die and with hubby’s two bad hips and two bad knees, we were quite a site.  But we made it and it was such a breath taking view! I will share more about this with photos on my next blog.

We took the beautiful, slow drive back to the hotel and pulled into our parking spot in the parking garage.  As we were sitting in the truck gathering the things to take inside, we felt our truck rock a bit.  Hubby looked over and the car next to us was backing out and hit the drivers side rear bumper.  The driver then pulled forward and turned his wheels and backed out again.  BUT, he turned the wheel the wrong way and this time he backed into the rear quarter panel as we hear the metal on metal!  He tried to go back farther until hubby rolled down his window and yelled for him to pull forward.


We shocked them because they didn’t know we were sitting in the truck and I think their plans were to try to get out and leave.  But that didn’t happen since I jumped out the truck and stood behind their car.  He gets out, we show him the damage and he says, “did I do that”?   If he had not backed up the second time at the angle he was going, there would have only been a slight nick on the bumper that wouldn’t have even showed.

Hubby told him we would need his insurance, registration, and license. I’m writing the info done and also took a photo from my phone. I noticed the date on the registration was 2014 and when I mentioned it was a different car model he proceeds to tell us that’s his wife’s car. Duh, we don’t need that one, we need yours!  I then called out insurance to get advice and she said to either call the police to fill out an accident report or have them sign a statement.  I asked what they would like to do and he says since he hit us, he would sign saying that.  After getting all the information, they went on their way and we went in to the hotel.

On the way home Friday we stopped at the collision center for an estimate of repair.  It was $519.00 since after his paint was removed from our truck, the fender was dented so it needs fender repair and repainting.  I emailed them the quote and asked them to let me know by Monday if they want to file claim with their insurance or pay out of pocket.  They wrote back Saturday saying the are filing claim.   Their insurance is Hartford so I called them and asked what our next step was, telling them we had an appointment to have it repaired on Tuesday.  They told me to call Monday for a claim number which I did.  She then put me through the the agent in charge of the claim.

I faxed the estimate and she said since it was under a certain amount, they would pay it after talking to the man that hit us.   I then told her I had a signed paper saying he was responsible and I could fax that over if she needed it.  She called the man, called me back and said she didn’t need it because he accepted responsibility.  She took my bank info (I have a special one that I use for online things so there is nothing much in it) and said they would deposit the money within 48 hours.  Now this was Monday afternoon and by Monday evening I had an email saying the deposit was being made. I checked this morning and the money is in our account already!


We dropped our truck off early morning and it should be completed by Thursday or Friday looking like it did before.  I was so impressed with the Hartford from my initial call to when they completed everything plus they even asked if we needed a rental car.  For not being their customer they were so caring and concerned and if I was looking for auto insurance I would definitely check them out. So what we thought might turn into a hassle, was a very easy, no problem  event.

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