I Just May Become a Dog Groomer

I Just May Become A Dog Groomer

So this morning I looked at our 14 year old toy poodle disguised as a sheepdog and knew it was top for a hair cut.  His coat was so long, I couldn’t take him to the groomer looking so disheveled.


Since it was a nice day, I set up my grooming station on the gardening table in the back yard.  Marty knew what was coming next as he ran to his crate.  I got everything ready and when I called him, he came right out.

20160501_104346_resizedI started the transformation from sheep dog back to toy poodle.  I have to shave him carefully since his skin is so thin but I did good, no nicks to his skin and not even any blood when I cut his nails.  I start with the clippers on set to only take a short amount of his coat off at a time. Then I brush him and go over with the clippers again.  It certainly isn’t anything like a professional groomer would do but at least he didn’t end up with a mohawk!   Hubby was standing by with the hose and after he wet him down, I lathered Marty up with his pretty pink shampoo.   It never fails, just after he’s all wet, he has to shake off and get me wetter than he is!


Bath was done and I wrapped him up in his towel like a little baby.  I let him dry natural instead of using blow dryer and then brush him when he’s dry.


His new look isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better than it was. He now can see without having his face looking like a sheepdog!  Okay, maybe I’m not ready to quit my day job for a dog groomer but I’m pleased with out Marty looks now.


12 thoughts on “I Just May Become a Dog Groomer”

  1. Good job! Been there done that – have a mini poodle we w a smile call thefluff … Isn’t it ironic when we groom them so we can take them to the groomers.

    1. Oh glbrown, I’m glad I’m not the only one that grooms him before taking him to the groomer! I guess it’s like cleaning your house before the made comes in. Of course I wouldn’t know about that since we don’t have a maid! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You did a great job! He looks human again. LOL 😉 I’ve thought about trying to groom my Shih-Tzu, but he doesn’t hold still for me. He does for the groomers, though. They said that it’s because I’m his mom. They’re more likely to sit still for strangers or those they don’t see often. They’re kind of like kids, in that respect.

    1. Thanks Kim! Our pup is the same way, perfect for the groomer but wiggles all around when I try to clean him up. I put a skid proof mat on the outside table and attach a leash to him so he knows he has to behave. He actually did good, with his skin so thin, I have to be careful but I did good too! It’s far from a perfect groom, but will hold him over until a few weeks when he goes to doggy camp when we go to Indiana for our grandson’s high school graduation.

      1. I am sure you will do a better job than I have done. I tried last summer. As the fleas were so bad. I botched it up. To were it looked like hunks of fur was missing. I am not trying that again.

        1. Well, if you look close Sandy, there are a few uneven sections but I didn’t go too short so I could camouflage the boo-boo’s. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We’ve always had short-haired breeds so never actually faced this problem although come to think of it my wife used to keep and breed guinea pigs and a couple of them were long-haired varieties and they did need trimming.

    1. I must admit our beagle never had any grooming problems. LOL This little guy should be groomed every few weeks if we want him to look all spiffed up, but I’m lucky to give him a bath once a month. Thanks for stopping by Bill.

    1. Thanks Terry! It’s $40.00 at groomer, of course she does a much better job, but Marty said he’s fine with me grooming him. LOL I even gave him a special treat when I was done! Thanks for visiting!

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