Time for a Get Away

Every four to six weeks, hubby and I sneak away from our work to clear our heads.  We have owned our interior decorating business since 1967 and work six days a week.  We love the work and our clients but since we are both approaching our 70’s we figured we deserve a little time away every so often.

2016-04-27 17.10.14We both love the mountains so we take a five hour drive to Cherokee North Carolina. This is a picture from our window of where we stay. We have two nights complimentary suites and free meals at Harrah’s Casino so all we have to do is get there.  We also each have vouchers to play free and usually make out well. We aren’t high gamblers, we usually stick to the penny machines. Once in a while we get brave and go to the nickel machine!  We have a few favorite machines that usually put a few dollars in our pocket. The entire area is so beautiful and we love to take a day and just ride through the Smoky Mountains National Forest and sit along the bank of the stream and listen to the water. It’s so relaxing and about the only time we aren’t thinking of work.  There is not Internet and sometimes there isn’t even phone service, a way to take you back to the basics and just enjoy the beauty of nature. There is also am old Indian village and museum that we like to visit.  We will be home Friday and back to our normal schedule until next month when we take a longer get away to Indiana for our grandson’s high school graduation. We plan to stop over at Cherokee for the first night then continue another eight to nine hours until we get to see our 17 year old grandson get ready for his high school graduation. I’m so excited for that upcoming trip.

6 thoughts on “Time for a Get Away”

  1. Enjoy your trip!

    I know it does a mind some good to be able to get away from the grind for a while.

    I’ve never been to a casino, but I would love to spend some time in the mountains.

    1. Oh Nona, it does great to clear my mind. We actually don’t hang out at the casino much but we get free rooms and food so that’s a big plus. We love to ride through the National Park and just enjoy the views. Thanks for visiting!

    1. Indeed we do need to recharge every so often Bill. When we go to the mountains, it’s like my brain wipes out everything work related and we just enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty. Thanks for stopping by.

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