Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Hubby and I had a night out on Sunday!  We were given four complimentary tickets to the Pelicans ball game by our Edwards Jones Financial Advisor.


The Pelicans Stadium is in Myrtle Beach and they are the farm team for the Chicago Cubs for up and coming baseball players. The game started at 5:00 PM so we got there around 4:00 PM.  Since we had two extra tickets, we were hoping to find someone who could use them.  As we waited near the ticket booth, a couple was heading from the parking lot to the booth. I asked the gentleman if they needed tickets and he asked if we were scalpers.  I told him we had two extra tickets and just wanted to give them to someone who may want them. Both him and his wife look totally mystified and asked how much we wanted for them. Again, we told them no charge, no strings, just two free tickets. Reluctantly they took the tickets and thanked us.  Then they looked at the seats and were so excited.  We had front row seats, right behind home plate.  Once again, they said they would pay us but we told them the tickets were given to us and we just wanted to pay it forward.  My hubby told them there was one drawback, they had to sit next to us.  We all laughed and continued to our seats.


All night he kept asking if they could buy us a drink or food.  We told him, we’re fine, don’t need anything, since I had my cotton candy so just sit and enjoy the game.  As we chatted before the game started, we found they were from Canada and came to Myrtle Beach to vacation over the winter.


I then asked if they would like me to talk a photo of them and that made them excited also. I took their photo and emailed it to them.  We now have each other’s emails so maybe next year we can meet up with them again. When the game was over, we said our good byes, they thanked us again and hopefully Sunday evening at the ball park made their vacation a memory of how some people do good things.

10 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

    1. That’s a great thing to do Roy, I’m sure the youngsters will remember, “some nice guy gave me tickets!” Hubby and I are LA Dodgers fans, we’ve always said we wanted to go to DC when they play there. Maybe we’ll be on opposite seat sides! LOL Thanks for stopping by.

    1. We love to pay it forward and even though we got the tickets free, it was such a joy to see how surprised and excited the couple was. All four of us had a great time and hope we can connect next year with them. Thanks for stopping by glbrown and BTW, I loved your blog about the watermelon recipes!

  1. What a beautiful story! Your and your hubby’s generosity, and the reaction of the other couple, really touches me. It was so hard for them to believe and accept. I love that you guys wouldn’t let them “even the score.” And I hope your connection with them continues.

    1. Thank you Jeanine, not to brag but my hubby is the most kindest and caring person, he has always been this way and we love paying it forward without expecting anything in return. I’m hoping we will connect with them next year for another game! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a lovely story! It’s always so wonderful when paying it forward results in new friends. 🙂 I haven’t been to a baseball game yet this year but hope to catch one this summer. It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

    1. Thanks Nicole, actually this was the first game we have been to in years. Seems like we never have enough hours in the day and we actually almost didn’t make this game. I think someone “higher up” pushed us to go so we could pay it forward. Of course now that we went and had a great time, we are already talking of another fun day at the ballpark. Thanks for stopping by.

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