Metal on Metal

Metal on Metal

We took a little get-away to the mountains last week and how beautiful! Thursday we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest as we always do when we visit Cherokee.  The road was lined with wild turkeys!  We also drove up the long winding road to an Clingman’s Dome, the highest peak on the Appalachian trail, then walked, yes walked almost a mile, not a flat mile, but a straight up the mountain hike to get to the observation tower.  Thought I was going to die and with hubby’s two bad hips and two bad knees, we were quite a site.  But we made it and it was such a breath taking view! I will share more about this with photos on my next blog.

We took the beautiful, slow drive back to the hotel and pulled into our parking spot in the parking garage.  As we were sitting in the truck gathering the things to take inside, we felt our truck rock a bit.  Hubby looked over and the car next to us was backing out and hit the drivers side rear bumper.  The driver then pulled forward and turned his wheels and backed out again.  BUT, he turned the wheel the wrong way and this time he backed into the rear quarter panel as we hear the metal on metal!  He tried to go back farther until hubby rolled down his window and yelled for him to pull forward.


We shocked them because they didn’t know we were sitting in the truck and I think their plans were to try to get out and leave.  But that didn’t happen since I jumped out the truck and stood behind their car.  He gets out, we show him the damage and he says, “did I do that”?   If he had not backed up the second time at the angle he was going, there would have only been a slight nick on the bumper that wouldn’t have even showed.

Hubby told him we would need his insurance, registration, and license. I’m writing the info done and also took a photo from my phone. I noticed the date on the registration was 2014 and when I mentioned it was a different car model he proceeds to tell us that’s his wife’s car. Duh, we don’t need that one, we need yours!  I then called out insurance to get advice and she said to either call the police to fill out an accident report or have them sign a statement.  I asked what they would like to do and he says since he hit us, he would sign saying that.  After getting all the information, they went on their way and we went in to the hotel.

On the way home Friday we stopped at the collision center for an estimate of repair.  It was $519.00 since after his paint was removed from our truck, the fender was dented so it needs fender repair and repainting.  I emailed them the quote and asked them to let me know by Monday if they want to file claim with their insurance or pay out of pocket.  They wrote back Saturday saying the are filing claim.   Their insurance is Hartford so I called them and asked what our next step was, telling them we had an appointment to have it repaired on Tuesday.  They told me to call Monday for a claim number which I did.  She then put me through the the agent in charge of the claim.

I faxed the estimate and she said since it was under a certain amount, they would pay it after talking to the man that hit us.   I then told her I had a signed paper saying he was responsible and I could fax that over if she needed it.  She called the man, called me back and said she didn’t need it because he accepted responsibility.  She took my bank info (I have a special one that I use for online things so there is nothing much in it) and said they would deposit the money within 48 hours.  Now this was Monday afternoon and by Monday evening I had an email saying the deposit was being made. I checked this morning and the money is in our account already!


We dropped our truck off early morning and it should be completed by Thursday or Friday looking like it did before.  I was so impressed with the Hartford from my initial call to when they completed everything plus they even asked if we needed a rental car.  For not being their customer they were so caring and concerned and if I was looking for auto insurance I would definitely check them out. So what we thought might turn into a hassle, was a very easy, no problem  event.

I Just May Become a Dog Groomer

I Just May Become A Dog Groomer

So this morning I looked at our 14 year old toy poodle disguised as a sheepdog and knew it was top for a hair cut.  His coat was so long, I couldn’t take him to the groomer looking so disheveled.


Since it was a nice day, I set up my grooming station on the gardening table in the back yard.  Marty knew what was coming next as he ran to his crate.  I got everything ready and when I called him, he came right out.

20160501_104346_resizedI started the transformation from sheep dog back to toy poodle.  I have to shave him carefully since his skin is so thin but I did good, no nicks to his skin and not even any blood when I cut his nails.  I start with the clippers on set to only take a short amount of his coat off at a time. Then I brush him and go over with the clippers again.  It certainly isn’t anything like a professional groomer would do but at least he didn’t end up with a mohawk!   Hubby was standing by with the hose and after he wet him down, I lathered Marty up with his pretty pink shampoo.   It never fails, just after he’s all wet, he has to shake off and get me wetter than he is!


Bath was done and I wrapped him up in his towel like a little baby.  I let him dry natural instead of using blow dryer and then brush him when he’s dry.


His new look isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better than it was. He now can see without having his face looking like a sheepdog!  Okay, maybe I’m not ready to quit my day job for a dog groomer but I’m pleased with out Marty looks now.


Time for a Get Away

Every four to six weeks, hubby and I sneak away from our work to clear our heads.  We have owned our interior decorating business since 1967 and work six days a week.  We love the work and our clients but since we are both approaching our 70’s we figured we deserve a little time away every so often.

2016-04-27 17.10.14We both love the mountains so we take a five hour drive to Cherokee North Carolina. This is a picture from our window of where we stay. We have two nights complimentary suites and free meals at Harrah’s Casino so all we have to do is get there.  We also each have vouchers to play free and usually make out well. We aren’t high gamblers, we usually stick to the penny machines. Once in a while we get brave and go to the nickel machine!  We have a few favorite machines that usually put a few dollars in our pocket. The entire area is so beautiful and we love to take a day and just ride through the Smoky Mountains National Forest and sit along the bank of the stream and listen to the water. It’s so relaxing and about the only time we aren’t thinking of work.  There is not Internet and sometimes there isn’t even phone service, a way to take you back to the basics and just enjoy the beauty of nature. There is also am old Indian village and museum that we like to visit.  We will be home Friday and back to our normal schedule until next month when we take a longer get away to Indiana for our grandson’s high school graduation. We plan to stop over at Cherokee for the first night then continue another eight to nine hours until we get to see our 17 year old grandson get ready for his high school graduation. I’m so excited for that upcoming trip.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Hubby and I had a night out on Sunday!  We were given four complimentary tickets to the Pelicans ball game by our Edwards Jones Financial Advisor.


The Pelicans Stadium is in Myrtle Beach and they are the farm team for the Chicago Cubs for up and coming baseball players. The game started at 5:00 PM so we got there around 4:00 PM.  Since we had two extra tickets, we were hoping to find someone who could use them.  As we waited near the ticket booth, a couple was heading from the parking lot to the booth. I asked the gentleman if they needed tickets and he asked if we were scalpers.  I told him we had two extra tickets and just wanted to give them to someone who may want them. Both him and his wife look totally mystified and asked how much we wanted for them. Again, we told them no charge, no strings, just two free tickets. Reluctantly they took the tickets and thanked us.  Then they looked at the seats and were so excited.  We had front row seats, right behind home plate.  Once again, they said they would pay us but we told them the tickets were given to us and we just wanted to pay it forward.  My hubby told them there was one drawback, they had to sit next to us.  We all laughed and continued to our seats.


All night he kept asking if they could buy us a drink or food.  We told him, we’re fine, don’t need anything, since I had my cotton candy so just sit and enjoy the game.  As we chatted before the game started, we found they were from Canada and came to Myrtle Beach to vacation over the winter.


I then asked if they would like me to talk a photo of them and that made them excited also. I took their photo and emailed it to them.  We now have each other’s emails so maybe next year we can meet up with them again. When the game was over, we said our good byes, they thanked us again and hopefully Sunday evening at the ball park made their vacation a memory of how some people do good things.

Meet My Family

Meet My Family

I just recently signed up to Blogjob but I’m already finding friends I’ve known from other sites along with new friends.  I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers and reading their interesting posts.   For those that don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself and my family to you.

merich1966 weddingday45 merich48anniversary

I am 67 years old, met my sweet hubby on a blind date on Christmas day 1965 when I was 16 years old. My sweetie had just returned home from a tour in Vietnam in October where he served in the US Army.

 It was love at first sight for both of us and we got married on July 29, 1967, a month after I graduated from high school.  We have two daughters who have blessed us with seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren, with the fourth due in October.


CJ, Our oldest grandson is 28 years old and is a model, traveling the world and a health and fitness entrepreneur.   Desiree is our 26 year old granddaughter has two adorable children, Logan is 7 and Ayva is 3. Desiree is a chef for a company in upstate New York.   Our 24 year old granddaughter, Allison is a manager at a movie theater and has a 1 1/2 year old adopted son and is excepting a bundle of joy in October.  Little brother Danny is 21 and not so little, he’s over six feet tall. He is a sales consultant for condos.   These 4 are from our oldest daughter.


The next batch are from our youngest daughter.  Alexandra is 20 years old and trying to make up her mind about what her major will be in college. Her 17 year old brother is graduating in May and will start college in September for automotive work. He is already  a wiz at mechanics so he’ll be right at home.  Little Trinity is the youngest, she’s 12 and just finished 7th grade.

Everyone is scattered in different states except Allison, her hubby and Danny.  The others are in New York, Ohio and Indiana.  I love bragging about all my family but that’s what gramma’s are for.

Busy Day at Work

Today was one full day at work.  Hubby and I own an interior decorating shop where we design, fabricate, and install window treatments.  We usually get to the shop about 7:30 am and the first order of the day is to listen to any phone messages that came through after we left the previous day.  When we start a large drapery project, the first step is to cut all the widths of the drapery fabric and then the lining fabric.  The average sized drapery for a condo is four widths which is about 200″ flat.  That’s a lot of fabric to work with and when we add the lining, it weighs a ton!  We started a drapery yesterday, it was 10 widths of fabric with blackout lining. Each side was 270″ long, which was 5 widths of fabric.  This is for a large window on an ocean front condo so the seashells and fish print fabric will be a perfect look to go with the solid blue sofa.


The fabric was a fun print, it had a white background with blue and beige sea shells and fish scattered throughout.  We also made two pillows to add to the clients sofa from the same seashell and fish print fabric.  Some of the draperies we make for condos are solid colors which is good because if the walls, flooring and draperies coordinate it’s easier to choose a sofa or bedding.  But when they have a solid sofa, a window can take a bit of color and excitement. We completed the drapes today and will install them next week.  After we completed the draperies, we went to measure two more projects and hubby surprised me and stopped for a raspberry shake! Tomorrow we will start a new project of another pair of draperies.   That was our day, now I’m tired.

Waiting At The Window

I was never really into writing when I was younger, but lately I’ve been coming up with short poems, mostly about my grandchildren. It might be something we did together or something that has happened in their life that get me thinking of words and next thing I know, I’m writing a poem. Did a word ever come to your mind and then another that rhymes? That’s usually how my poems start, I think of something and turn it into a short poem. This is one of my favorites that I wrote after visiting with our youngest granddaughter. She was nine years old at the time when I get the idea for the words.





She was waiting at the window as we pulled in,
We saw the joy on her face and a huge happy grin.
She ran out the door with her arms opened wide,
She gave us hugs and kisses and wouldn’t leave our side.

We do nothing special, just be together,
Like walk in the yard and pick up bird feathers.
We sit and cuddle then I tuck her in bed,
She said I love you, I love you back I said.

The weekend is over, it’s time to go,
The tears in her eyes seem to say no.
It won’t be than long til we see you again,
She peeks through the tears and asks us when.

You may not see us but we will be near,
Forever we will and that is so clear.
So dry your eyes my precious one,
Our love for you shines like the sun.

It is as hard for us to leave her as it is for her to see us go. Our grandchildren mean so much to my hubby and me.