Body Of Political Ads

Manong Nick, my friend is a registered and legal voter of the country. He is already at 50’s so that means he can do choose to whom he will support this May 9 elections. From the President as the highest elective post to the lowest Municipal Councilor.

A while ago I saw him full of political advertisement in his body, from head to toe, its promoting a certain politician. His bull cap is marked by a politician running of city councilor; his T-shirt is endorsing politician running for mayor; his arm has arms sleeves from provincial board member and the arm bands is marked for politicians running for vice mayor; the sleepers are from another the vice governor; the fan came from another politician running for board member, and so on.

Politicos in the Philippines come up with many ideas to promote themselves for one purpose—name recall on the voters. Control ‘save’ their name on the election day. So, its not only the issues and platforms that can make them but also with these paraphernalia and materials that voters love to have—even just for nothing. And because of that, these candidates print their names and faces in the fan, T-shirts, umbrella, bull cap, bullets and among others. These are not collectable items but sure enough to make the people happy to have. And when they have it, the chance for them to be vote is high.

With 7 days more to go before the election, candidates are scrambling now of ideas and last minute strategies to make them win the election. The crucial minute of election is like basketball you need to win in the crunch time.

In the end, it’s the voters who are sitting inside the voting center that lays their hope of winning. If the voter remember their name, victory will be in them.###

My Running Story Today

Last week I did not run because of some commitment I attended in other province. I wanted to have morning run in that place because I saw the race track but because of Boy’s happening I did not complied with my promise to myself. I walked up so late and because of that I miss my run. But today, Sunday, first day of May, I pursued my hobby. I run 8 kilometers and I did it with a shameful record. Its okay, at least I did it with passion and fitness to my body.

With every run runs also another story; every story’s every moment. Moment is when you are happy because you did it.

Actually, my run is like a short story. The setting is the race rout I always run that includes the beautiful coastal beach in the sunset of the afternoon; the character is me together with people I encounter during the run; the plot is the hardship of finishing the finish line which leads to my home. The climax when I finished that and thus becoming happy ending.

What is the story today? Its when I encounter a man riding his mountain bike in the middle of my run. I also saw a happy father together with his two daughters biking together in the beach road. But the man with mountain bike is what I write the story now. You see I always dream of having a good one bike. I always saw this man riding his good looking bike in our place. I know his face well including his name but… my goodness, I forgot his name.

We met again in the pier. He was resting there. I went to talked to him because I am interested in biking sport. I asked him how he acquired his bike. With humbleness he said his bike is not the high end bike because its not carbon fiber that cost more or less P300,000. His bike is an alloy bike which only cost P18,000.

I told him, if I own a bike that cost less than P10K, I will be very happy.###

Owning My Mountain Bike

mountain bike
mountain bike

I have a new passion. The mountain bike riding.

But owning one is expensive. In fact when I browse to Lazada and Ebay, the good mountain bike cost more than P15,000. The most expensive which is carbon fiber is reaching to P300,000. Whoa, that cost to a car which I cannot afford.

But there is a way to own good mountain bike race. You can ask from your friend whom you know into biking. A good second hand can cost P10K or lesser on that. Of course, the second hand is not that shiny and adorable. Still, you can ride that already and then flourish that to look like a new one.

Another good thing to do is to buy mountain bike by parts. Sometimes, the good parts are just in the house of your buddy or in the junk shop waiting to biker like you. Some of the parts are original but there are also a China one.

Mountain bike is the bike we called “japorms” because it is more attractive to race bike and BMX. The sizes of the wheel are at 24 to 26 and the handle is usually flat line. The shifting gear can be at the rear and in pedal.

Stylish and attractive, this is the two words I described mountain. Styles can be in its color and form.  Attractive because of its smooth riding and of course the things you wear while you are biking in the road.

Mountain bike is mostly used during the mountain bike race in some triathlete prefer mountain bike rather than racing bike. Still, mountain bike is good for sport activities and for health programs to become physically fit.

And because of that, I am producing my own mountain bike. Not yet the stylish and attractive bike but at least now, I have one to use. As the days go by, this bike will metamorphosis into a good and beautiful bike.###

High School Reunions

Its summer time and vacation for the schools. In this season many reunions, especially in the high schools, to have school’s reunion of the classmates and the school year. After many years of not seeing each other to pursue own ambition and path of life, the classmates and batch year are seeing each year. Most of the classmates and batch are married already, have children, working in private and government agencies. Some are still single and some of the classmates did not landed a good job unlike some of the classmates who are already in the managerial or executive positions.

When they see each other, lots of stories are being told. Lots of memories during their childhood or teenage years are brought about. Their first love; how they are caught copying during the exams; crush of their beautiful teacher of handsome teacher; joyful chatting under the acacia tree; working together in the group assignment, quarreling over the school project; Junior and Senior Prom… lots of memories that cannot be bring back but still a happy memories that are being shared once more together with your classmates, bestfriends and not bestfriends.

School’s organizes grand reunion of the batches the school. You can see former students who are already grandmothers and grandfathers; father and mother; and single parents. Every year have their own part of the school.

They filled so many memories…

… and they cried. Those were the days. Missing teachers who are retired… and some of have already departed.

Some classmates work together to help their needy classmate. They work for a certain project to a certain purpose. To help their alma mater. Showing how they love their school who molded them into what they are now.

We walked into this world and we leave our path as memories. Such a feeling of satisfaction and missing. We only live to leave the days of our lives. Reunions.###

Thanks Blogjob

The feeling is overwhelmingly happy to receive the fruits of your effort. The feeling of happiness when you see that 100 dollars in your email saying it was already sent to your paypal is fulfilling. The amount is equivalent to 10000 points. That was a feeling of satisfaction. It was really great to be paid by Blogjob. And because of that I wanna say thank you @Sheridan

After almost a year (if I’m not mistaken) being a member of Blogjob, writing posts and interacting with fellow members through liking, commenting, adding members, posting updates and participating in the blog groups including sharing posting, I am paid again.

Actually, this is my second time of redemption here in Blogjob. My first 100 dollars was three months ago. My second 100 arrived yesterday. I made the redemption two days ago. It is a fast delivery of payment. Faster than the first redemption I made. Blogjob is really making its members feels the importance.

I started as a newbie here with a 150 daily points limit. With some effort I made it to 250 points daily. Now I am at 200 points per day. It’s okay because sometimes I cannot really reached this 250 points. Sometimes I can make it but mostly I can’t. It’s because of my present job. Though I am really trying to reach the limit but of course you really need time to do it. Sometimes I can’t. But I will not be stuck in 200 points, someday it will rise.

Just like many of us, I started in Bubblews. It opens the door for me how to earn in internet. Bubblews might be close now but I was really thankful to it because I learned the possibilities of earning. And now, I am in blogjob because I love writing. Only two things keeps me earn online, writing and photography. Photography is not so quite good. I only write in Blogjob now.

Thank you Blogjob, again.###

Wheelchair Distributed To The Needy

Six wheelchairs were distributed to the needy patients through the effort of one of the active organization that sending help through medical mission and outreach program.

The Lion’s Club International through its district 301-C in Candon City distributed today 6 wheelchairs to some patients of cerebral palsy, senior citizens and other patients.

Two of the wheelchairs were given to the town of Santa Maria, three for Candon City and 1 for Balay Taripato (house of care) in Magsingal. Two of the recipients were present but the three of them did not make it, and one will be directly deliver to the caring house.

Wheelchair would be a big help to the patients. If they wanted to breathe fresh air outside their house. This is not the first time they hold this program and there will be another three to be added in the next activity.

The Lions Club is one of the active organization that is continually delivering services and help to the needy. Last year, after the typhoon, many villagers were given relief assistance through their organization in which they handed the relief goods. They are also giving medical assistance including the medicine and even donated one school building in the city.

During the interview, Dr. Annie De Guzman, the chapter president said they find time to deliver such services. They do fund-raising program for such program. The Lions Club International provide the funds is many other program and activities. The school building was donated from the said organization.

Many organizations are doing like this. Helping the poor particularly of holding medical missions that give free check-up, medicines and even minor operations to the patients. Outreach program is also one of the favorite activity of many organization. They brought clothes, house necessary like soap, salt, seasoning, fish sauce, noodles and sardines and among others.

The happy people are the recipients who are given assistance.###

The Tradition Of Circumcision

Circumcision is not just part of growing up of small boys in the Philippines. This is tradition that almost all the boys before entering the manhood should undergo the tradition of circumcision. If someone is not circumcised which we called “supot”, as if this is the biggest missing part of his manhood. Uncircumcised means a humiliation until the day you die.

Circumcision is a must if you are a Filipino; religion or psychological factor. If you are not, you may have hard time to find your wife. The tradition has been started long time ago during the time when hospital circumcision is not yet popular. Circumcision can be done in the rice field or in the river during those times the old folks and grandfathers do the tradition.

During those times, when you entered 13 years old and older, the right time for you to be circumcised has come. You and your peers will go to the river, soaked there for more than one hour until the skin of your ‘bird’ is already soft to cut.

Old folks used blade to cut that skin. But first you need to chew young guava leaves. Pull down the pants. Then you need to put that skin in the small branch of tree that is shaped 7. You will be instructed to look up while chewing the guava leaves. Then, the circumciser put the blade at the top of that skin, then hit that with small branch of tree… then another hit… or another beat. Then you are circumcised. He will ask you the chewed guava leaves. Unfortunately, because of nervous, most of the boys ate the leaves.

There are so many traditions and beliefs in circumcision. The work ‘kamatis’ or tomato is one of the famous words after circumcision. You will never allow girls to see that circumcised asset because it will be “mangangamatis”. There is also belief that you will grow fast after the circumcision.

So now, summer time in the Philippines, lots of boys undergoing this tradition. But unlike before, as I went through, circumcision now is done in hospital and not with the old folks in the river or rice fields.###

Retirement Program

“It’s really hard when you are the emcee of retirement program.” Said Jennifer while she wipes her tears falling to her smooth cheeks. She keeps on weeping as she talked about her relationship with Berna, her boss, who is retiring after 30 years of working in the government.

Everybody in the audience can relate. Each one of them have acquainted with Berna because she holds the budget and finances of the organization. They are just so saddened because tomorrow, their fellow will not anymore going to work. There will be someone else sitting in her used to be seat.

When her department co-employees sing a tribute song for her, almost the entire group cried. Those who did are crying in their heart. When they give the red roses to their boss, the hugging and kissing was more of missing them soon that loving now.

Berna looks so strong that she is not crying. She is just smiling looking at them. But deep inside holding her tears to fall is the bursting of emotion in her heart. She know that the next day, she will need not to wake up early, take a bath, eating breakfast, ironing her clothes, rushing to the traffic, and sitting to her table chair. But more than this daily routine of her work, she loves doing it. But the sudden stopped of this daily routine also the stop of her love of work.

But the age and her physical energy is preventing her now. She loves to continue but she is getting old. She is still in good thinking but not her muscles and health. She is now having some health tantrum because of her age.

That is life. Journey. Yellow flag is rising on her. She must admit. She must do it. All she can do now is to accept it and enjoy life after her retirement. Lots of things to do to enjoy life. Travel. Gardening. Or even chatting with fellow retirees and senior citizens.

Everybody will pass this way.###

Solving Marital Problems

“Never let your quarrel with you wife reach till the next morning of the day.” This advice still lingers to my brain. This is not directly given to me but I now know the importance of this magical words.

“You have been living together for more than 10 years and yet you do not know how to caress your angry wife.” Another word from a father to a husband when he asked how to resolve his quarrel with his wife.

Misunderstanding between husband and wife sometimes happen. That is part of the relationship. Not all the time is a bed of roses. Problems occur in the marriage but what matter most is resolving it so that you can prove you love is stronger than any circumstances.

Separation and divorce occurs, sometimes, because of pride. If someone thinks its not her/his fault and would never approach and ask sorry to his/her husband, this will lead to their broke relation. But when someone can approach one another and say sorry even it’s not their fault, surely there will a forevermore in their marriage.

Broken families happen but separation of the husband and wife will be never be the win-win solution. And the result will never change… the loser will always be the marriage and the children. The kids cry and they can’t do anything to save the marriage of their parents. Not even their pure tears. The solution will always be lying in the husband and wife.

So, when misunderstanding occurs. My father is right to it. Never let the misunderstanding reach to the next morning. Do it right away. Anyway, argument last only five minutes. And believe, the romance is hotter when you got the chance to resolve it right away.

And of course, if you are a husband, know how to tickle your wife. This is one of the most effective way of finding the key to solve that ‘tampo’ of your wife. Believe me, I just did.###

Eco-Tourism Tour In Apayao

The captivating Marag river of Marag, Luna, Apayao
The captivating Marag river of Marag, Luna, Apayao

The privilege of being a delegate of GUMIL Convention got to be satisfying especially when the provincial government of the host province of Apayao treat the writers with a tour in their promoting Eco-Tourism destination for the tourist.

Well, I am a tourist. I belong to the more than 200 participants of the tour to the infamous battle of Marag of the Luna town of this province.

From the Eco-Tourism center we traveled around 1 hour to the village of Marag. It is here the center point going to the natural wonders of the town which they are promoting for the tourists. The road itself is an experience because it is still being cemented. The mountains are still a virgin forests home of thousands of big and growing trees, wild animals and ornamentals. The landscape of the mountains cannot be seen in the metropolis and the lush can only be seen here.

When we arrived in the Marag village, the group is divided into three. The 1st group will have a sight-seeing to the not so extreme destination like the hanging bridge, the shrine of battle of Marag and the cave resort; the 2nd group will have hiking to the rock formations in the mountainous part of the place and would take more than an hour of walking; the 3rd group will have to wear life vest because they will have to cross the river and then enjoy the groundwater boating under the cave.

I choose the first group. Not because I do not love the extreme of hiking rocks or boating the underground cave but because I thought the sight seeing of three places would mean more photos to me, which I need for my blogging.

That turned out to be not a good idea. I should have been to the 2nd or 3rd group.

But this, the tour is the best thing happened to me in my trip to Apayao. I wish I could travel more in this place.###