Why you should play with a yo-yo

I love to play with yo-yo. My fascination with yo-yos started when I was a kid and it hasn’t stopped. While many associate yo-yoying as a children’s form of sport, let me tell you, there’s no age to play with a yo-yo. Young or old you can have fun playing yo-yo sport. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of playing with a yo-yo, its time you do.

Health benefits associated with yo-yo

A number of organizations globally are promoting play with yo-yos at their workplace because of the health benefits associated with this simple play device. Yo-yoying is getting hugely popular in activity spaces at the workplace because of its ability to reduce stress levels. Yes, just playing with a yo-yo for few minutes daily can resurrect levels of enthusiasm.

You can play with a yo-yo alone or with a group of friends as an activity game, either way it brings about a feel-good change in you. Playing with a yo-yo is known to improve hand eye coordination significantly. Game play with this simple device brings about laughs and also improves reflexes significantly. Yo-yo is also being used as an alternative form of treatment/therapy for Alzheimer’s patients to cope up with slow reflexes and improve memory.

Yo-Yo Trivia

Although yo-yo came into prominence as a pastime game in the 1920s, it was used as a form of play and pastime since ancient times. Yo-yo toys first emerged in Ancient Greece. These were made of wood and terra cotta. Wooden yo-yos were sculpted from once piece of wood with miniature chisels while terra cotta yo-yos were molded by hand to give shape before being baked hard. Yo-yos would be decorated with hand paintings of Ancient Greek Gods on the sides. Ever since, Yo-yo tradition was passed on in various cultures and today it is one of the most popular recreational sport.
There’s more to a yo-yo than just rolling and spinning. Some of the popular yo-yo techniques are
• Freehand
• Looping
• Off-String
• Sleeping

Yo-yo competitions are held globally. The ‘World Yo-Yo Contest’ held annually in Orlando, Florida witnesses some of the best yo-yo players from around the globe. The best yo-yo techniques are exhibited by Japanese players. Shinji Saito is considered by many yo-yo enthusiasts as the greatest yo-yo player in the world. Saito is a double-handed player known for his jaw-dropping techniques, acrobatics, and innovative looping tricks. If you find the time you should take a look at his videos on YouTube. I must say this; his techniques give new meaning to the expression “Sheer poetry in motion”. Yo-yo tricks performed at competitions by contestants from different parts of the world are mesmerizing. Mastering yo-yo techniques takes hours of practice. However, anybody can come up with something creative involving yo-yo tricks.

Yo-yo games are getting increasingly popular globally. Considering the many health benefits associated with yo-yo sport, it doesn’t come as a surprise why young and old adults have included this simple toy as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Next time you see children playing with a yo-yo don’t just sit and watch, join the fun. It’s healthy and infectious. Make sure you introduce a friend to the joys of playing with a yo-yo.

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