Got Pizza Free

Yesterday, I had ordered Pizza from a fast food restaurant in my neighborhood. They have this policy where you get the pizza free if it takes them more than 25 minutes to deliver. It took them 33 minutes, I got the pizza free.

Yesterday I had been to my friend’s place to fix his computer. I came home late and was in no mood to make self a quick meal. So, I thought I’d order myself a quick meal. I order quite regularly from fast food restaurants in my neighborhood. This time around I ordered from a new fast food restaurant that’s come up in the neighborhood. I ordered a medium barbecue chicken pizza. The guy over the phone rattled his lines “Give us 25 minutes to deliver, if we take more than 25 minutes, we deliver the order free” I was hungry and my growling stomach was getting annoying. When you are hungry and you order something to eat, the wait is unnerving. You want your food or snack really fast when you want it delivered at home. And so, I waited patiently. The patient wait is actually quite frustrating.

Finally the doorbell rang and the pizza delivery guy handed over my pizza. As I was about to pay him, he said “The Pizza is free, it took us more than 25 minutes to deliver the pizza” I was surprised. I never really checked the time. According to the pizza delivery guy it took them 33 minutes to deliver the pizza. I asked the pizza guy how he got delayed and he answered “Got caught in traffic Sir” I felt sad for him and handed him a tip. This was the first time I didn’t have to pay for home delivery. The barbecue chicken pizza was awesome. Here’s hoping there are more traffic jams in my neighborhood…kidding!

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