Mango milkshake was refreshing

I had been to the supermarket to pick up groceries. I usually have a snack when I’m shopping at a mall or supermarket, this time around I was very thirsty and so I decided to have juice. I went to the juice bar and had a look at the menu. Taking a look at the menu in a juice bar is confusing because it takes a while to decide what you actually want to have. Yeah, I find it difficult to make a choice as I take a look at food and juice menus.

There were different juices and it took me a while to zero down on what I wanted. I settled for a large mango milkshake. It had been a long time since I had had mango milkshake. Most time if I treat myself to milkshake… it’s always been chocolate milkshake. Well, that’s because not much can go wrong with a chocolate milkshake. This time around I felt like having something different. And I settled for mango milkshake.

I took a seat at the table and after about 10 minutes my mango shake arrived. Large was actually very large. The mug-glass filled with mango shake was heavy. When you hold a glass milk shake and it feels heavy, you like to tell yourself that the right ingredients have gone into making the milkshake. I was surprised to find three small slices of mango served with the mango shake. I’ve had mango shake on several occasions but I’d never been served slices of mango along with my mango shake, a first-time for me, and I must say the slices of mango were tasty. The chilled mango shake was delicious. I slowly sipped my mango milkshake, and I enjoyed every chilled sip thoroughly. I will be having juices more often at this place.

Have you had mango milkshake?

There is an age for everything

I don’t know why some parents encourage their children to do things before they reach their age. I’ve noticed some parents allow their children… young teens to drive their car on neighborhood roads. Clearly, that’s not right. Last week a 13 year old who had taken his father’s car (with permission) for a ride lost control of the vehicle and rammed into a motorist and a pedestrian. The motorist got away with minor injuries but the pedestrian was seriously injured and was rushed to hospital. The pedestrian’s family filed a case against the boy for rash driving and it’s turned out to be an ugly scene. The 13 year-old’s parents met the family of the pedestrian who was seriously injured and pleaded to withdraw the case against their son.

After much pleading both families have agreed to an out of court settlement. The boy driving the car was underage and hence didn’t have a license. This boy got away lucky, but many others in a similar age group are not. This is not just a one-off case that happened. Many similar incidents of underage driving take place globally. When underage drivers meet with an accident it causes a great deal of pain and suffering to their parents.

There should be an age for everything. Furthermore, if parents want to teach their children to drive at a young age, they should do so on an abandoned ground where it is safe to learn to drive. I fail to understand why some parents give their children a free hand at everything. Parents should not allow their young teens to drive their car even if it is a deserted road; you never know what lies ahead. Parents need to take control of their children’s activities; there is an age for everything.

Do you allow your young teenage daughter or son to take the car for a ride?

Some speed bumps in the neighborhood cause accidents

Speed bumps on roads are laid to reduce traffic speed and thereby reduce risk of accidents. Safety conditions do improve on roads that have safety bumps. However, speed bumps are not required everywhere. When speed bumps are laid on roads in the neighborhood it should be supplemented by proper road markings and road lighting. Sometimes the signboards are not visible and drivers are not aware of a speed bump being present. When a driver comes across a speed bump suddenly it can be a tough ordeal. At high speed it becomes difficult to suddenly reduce the speed of a vehicle.

Yesterday a car ran over a speed bump at full speed and rammed into a tree after the driver lost control. The middle-aged woman who was behind the wheel escaped with minor injuries, however her car was badly damaged. The markings on this speed breaker have worn out and the street lights are rather dimly lit. The speed breaker signboard was bent out of shape after a vehicle had rammed into it around 5 months ago. It’s not the first time an incident like this has happened on this speed breaker. Many motorists have lost control after running over speed breakers at night.

There have been many accidents on this speed breaker and despite pleas by citizens, nothing’s been done by road authorities, I fail to understand why, it’s rather perplexing. The speed bump continues to put lives at risk. There are other speed bumps too in the neighborhood that are dimly lit at night and not easily visible. I believe some of the speed bumps on neighborhood are ridiculously high; the speed bumps either need to be flattened or removed. I do hope the road authority swings into action quickly.

What are your thoughts on speed bumps on neighborhood roads?

Importance of spraying perfume on pulse points

At our workplace during lunch hours some of the girls were discussing perfumes and pulse points. Well, pulse points on the body are those places/locations where blood vessels are in near proximity of skin. When blood vessels are very close to skin the areas emanate heat naturally which in turn help perfume fragrance emanate into the air. That’s the reason why we see many women apply perfume at various pulse points. It’s a matter of choice where you want to spray or dab perfume.

Also, the choice of perfume among men and women may differ in accordance with season. In summers individuals like to wear perfumes with a strong smell that lingers for long hours. We tend to break into sweat a lot more than usual in the scorching heat. In the summer many men and women spray perfume on their underarms. Theirs is nothing wrong with spraying a body spray on underarms; however, it’s wiser to spray on the inner sides of the underarm instead of the armpit… as bitter damp smell of sweat is blocked.

My friend Snickers girl loves to spray perfume on her neck near the base of her throat, and inner wrists. However, every woman has her favorite pulse points. Aside from the neck area and inner wrists, popular pulse points with women are… ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage, and inner sides of elbows. Women usually dab or swipe if they apply perfume on their ear lobes. When perfume is worn on pulse points, the fragrance emanates for a longer period of time because of the natural process of heat emanation. There are no rules with where you apply perfume on the body. However, if you want the smell to linger for long spells, it’s best you apply perfume on pulse points.

Where do you apply perfume on your body?

Sprinting is fun

I used to run a lot as a child. I was a natural at sports and that’s the reason I used to qualify easily for inter-school athletics tournaments. I was a sprinter, and I was quite good.

I was a rather good sprinter. I loved taking part in the 100m and 200m dash. I’ve won few medals for my school. As I grew up I got accustomed to hectic schedules. I ‘m more a brisk walker in present times. I do not sprint anymore. Ever since I finished college my sprinting took a backseat. You need to train and workout to be a good sprinter. However, I couldn’t find time to dedicate towards fitness and training that is needed for sprinting. I walk in the mornings or evenings depending on my work schedule. There’s a ground in our neighborhood where people jog, walk and run. Yesterday I met my childhood school friend at the ground while I was doing my rounds of brisk walking. He suggested we run for old time’s sake. And we did.

If you haven’t sprinted for a long time and suddenly dash towards the finish line, you breathe heavily, and that’s how it felt yesterday after the 100 m dash. We laughed after we were done. I did manage to beat my friend narrowly to the finish line, but I was out of breath for a while. My friend patted me on my back and said ‘Not bad’. The reason he said it was because he does a jog and sprint routine daily and he knows I do my rounds of brisk walking every day. He suggested I take up sprinting again. As we were about to leave, he said “You yet have it in you, you should run”.

Whether I’ll be sprinting, jogging, or brisk walking time will tell.

When was the last time you sprinted?

Spending long hours staring at screens can cause eye fatigue

It started recently. My eyes have started to water. I spend long hours working on computers. Only recently I have been suffering from eye fatigue. I had slight eye pain and my eyes were becoming watery. I also had a slight headache. I took an appointment with an eye specialist and he has prescribed multi vitamin tablets for eyes.

He said my vision is perfect and that I wouldn’t require glasses as of now. He asked me a few questions in regard with time spent in front of the computer. He has asked me to reduce my number of hours spent in front of a computer or use an antiglare screen protector. He explained that the UV light that reflects from the screen onto our eyes can be prevented by a good antiglare screen protector. He further explained that when you stare at light resources of monitors for long hours, problems such as dry eyes, watery eyes, or eye fatigue does occur.

I spend approximately 14 hours a day working on a computer, that includes workplace hours and hours spent at home. I don’t know if I will be able to reduce my hours spent on the computer. I mean at my workplace I need to work on a computer, and when I get back home I like to spend time writing and blogging. I guess I will take little breaks when I work on the computer at home. I will be buying an antiglare screen protector for my personal laptop and office monitor. I have come across few antiglare screen protectors with online sellers. I will also check this weekend with opticians if I find a good antiglare screen protector.

Do you use an antiglare screen protector for your laptop or computer monitor?

What antiglare screen protector brand should I be buying?

The best time to delete files to make space on your smartphone

Well, this morning when I tried to send a message to my friend, the screen on my smartphone displayed an alert that read “Delete files to make space” Well, since I have been using my smartphone, I have not deleted messages in my inbox or outbox. I had exhausted all the available space on my smartphone and, now it was time to delete unwanted files. You need to spend few hours in a day deleting files to make sufficient space on your smartphone or else every time you need to keep deleting to make space for sending and receiving information on the smatphone.

Also, smartphones tend to get sluggish and irresponsive when you use the entire space available. 64 GB of space has been utilized on my smartphone, and so, the message to make space kept flashing. You cannot receive or send mail or messages when you have utilized all the available on your smartphone.

The best time to delete files to make space on your smartphone is weekends. Well, you can delete all files with a single click, however most of us have important files we need to keep, and so manually selecting and deleting files is a safe option. Deleting files to make space is boring, so you need to prepare yourself. Music helps immensely when you sit down to deleting files.

Play your favorite record and you will realize you get into the rhythm of deleting files quickly. You may be tempted to give up… be brave and go the distance. Remember no pain…no gain.   I have deleted few files on my smartphone, however, I will do the chunk of deleting this weekend. I will miss out few activities this weekend, but then I have to go about making space on my smartphone.

How do you go about deleting files to make space on your smartphone.

Why do some women suffer silently?

Some women bear it all and suffer silently. Why?

In my neighborhood there is this woman that is going through hell. It’s the same story every night. Her husband comes home drunk and then begins shouting and abusing her. The entire neighborhood knows this man does not treat his wife right. Being their personal matter nobody intervenes. I’ve noticed, their little daughter comes out and begins plucking flowers of their garden when her dad starts abusing her mom. This woman is being abused verbally and physically every day, but yet she manages to have a smile on her face. I do not understand why the woman is keeping it all within. If she wants to she can lodge a complaint with local authorities, however, she takes all the pain and suffering in her stride.

I bump into her often while returning from groceries, and every time she smiles and talks courteously. Everybody knows she is going through an abusive relationship, but she never shows it. This woman suffers silently. She takes all that abuse her husband throws at her. I haven’t come across many women like her. I believe it’s her little daughter that gives her the strength to carry on. Some women continue to dwell in the realms of a harsh relationship for the sake of others. They sacrifice their life so that it makes somebody else happy.

Whether this is foolish or wise I do not know, but I know for a fact that this woman is torn apart inside, she just doesn’t let it show. I feel sad when women suffer silently, it hurts me. Women should bring it all out, speak about their abusive relationship rather than suppress feelings. If you do not raise your voice against verbal or physical abuse, it will continue. The road to freedom always lies within.

Why do some women suffer silently?

The couch is the best place to relax after a tiring day in the sun

On days when I feel drained physically, I come home and park myself on the couch. Before I lie on the couch, I turn on the fan. All the fatigue seems to vanish when I lie on a couch with the ceiling fan turned on at high speed. The peaceful feeling you get when you close your eyes and rest on the couch is like no other. It feels like new life comes over when you relax on a couch after a tiring day. When the sun is shining down and temperatures soar high a person is likely to feel the heat. When you move around in the sun, it can drain your energy levels.

You become exhausted and tired when you return home. In times like these, I just like to lie on the couch and close my eyes as the breeze of my fan blows on my face. It’s a blissful feeling when the first gush of breeze hits your face as you lie on the couch with your eyes closed. Most times I fall asleep on the couch after a tiring day in the sun. Those short spells of sleep or that short nap on the couch makes a huge difference. Yeah, a nap on the couch is like an extended version of a power nap.

The couch may not be the most comfortable place to sit for long hours, however when you return home tired; there is no better place to rest than the couch. I love to close my eyes and sit on the couch feeling the breeze of the ceiling fan. 20 minutes of sleep on the couch helps get rid of all the tiredness and fatigue. You wake up energized ready to take on the sun again.

Where do you relax after a tiring day in the sun?

Why students disliked sitting on the first bench and second bench during History class in school

When I was in school, our principal had started a rotational system. Every week students had to change their bench. Not many students liked changing benches every time. As such students disliked the first bench, because under the teacher’s nose any sort of mischief was not tolerated. I mean students on the first bench never escaped the teacher’s eye. However, the real truth about why 7th grade students dreaded the first bench was because of our History teacher.

One would assume our history teacher in school was strict. Well, he was not. Our History teacher was a calm and helpful person. However, every time he would speak to explain a chapter, saliva from his mouth would fall on students sitting on the first bench and second bench. Yes, students on the first bench and second bench were living their worst nightmare. To this day we are not sure if our history teacher was aware of the fact that little droplets of saliva flew out of his mouth as he spoke. After history class, students would have a laugh as the first benchers would get wet with saliva.

Little droplets of saliva would fly and land on either the first bench or second bench or on students sitting on the first or second bench. Just before history class, students sitting on the first and second bench would be warned of “showers of blessing” by students sitting behind. I guess when some people speak; little droplets of saliva do leave their mouth. Some individuals that speak with their mouth wide open have the tendency of releasing little droplets of saliva from their mouth as they speak. It is embarrassing, but there’s not much they can do about it.

Now, when school friends meet during reunions, we remember history class and have a hearty laugh.

Were you in the line of fire every time someone opened his/her mouth to speak?