21 suggestions for true success and happiness

Before going into the details, first we have to be in accordance with the meaning of the word Sucessoe True Happiness. True success is not temporary or measured only by material gains; it is durable and can be assessed by a person’s quality of life. Consider the following definition and see if you agree:


True success éfazer what gets you excited and excited (ie do what attracts you, absorbs and holds irresistible and tirelessly his attention) when and where you want with the people of your choice, well, no stress, without financial problems and, where possible, to helping others achieve their dreams.


True success in any activity – whether as an employee, employer or entrepreneur – in this era where knowledge doubles every twelve months. It depends on the planning, perseverance and determination of the person! In other words, the real success is a matter of Save yourself Who knows!


And Happiness, is that a person who attains true success also conquers happiness? The reader / reader can draw their conclusions after hearing this explanation:


Happiness is not in the future and, yes, in achieving this. Not to be confused with the fun and pleasure, or the unlimited availability of material resources (like owning a lot of money) and the apparent absence of problems.


Happiness is independent of the economic situation of the person. It is a state of mind free from sorrow or suffering, for a sensitive person and eager for experience can not help but be sad or often feel pain in your life. She suffers from unhappy and wronged and rejoice in the blessed. The physical or mental suffering is part of human existence and the evolution of consciousness and can not eliminate it.


Happiness depends on one’s personality structure. It’s a feeling of fullness, not of inner emptiness to be filled. The psychological maturity, the correct and optimistic view of life, are essential in order to get this state of well-being.


The average person may have many possessions and a good amount of fun and enjoyment, but nonetheless is fundamentally bored and depressed, an unbearable state because the creature is incapable of feeling anything – joy or sorrow.


Happiness can therefore be understood as a life of balance, a state of well-being that radiates reaching other individuals and an inner satisfaction that are the result of rational choices that take the person to the intimate conviction of filling the meaning of life – which implies being harmonized or tuned to your mission or your life purpose.


True happiness is the indication that the person has found the solution to the problem of existence on Earth, a planet-school-hospital: the productive realization of their potential. It is full proof of success in the “art of living”. It is the greatest achievement of mankind.


To demonstrate that it is perfectly possible to achieve both the real success and be happy, technician mode, the light of science, not mysticism or involvement with sects or gurulatrias, we can mention Napoleon Hill, who dedicated over 20 years of his life interviewing and investigating big winners, and their lives in order to isolate and identify the reasons why so many and so few can achieve true success, let alone be happy.


Napoleon Hill, an American researcher (1883-1970), perhaps the most influential man in the area of ​​personal fulfillment of all time. He was advisor to Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US presidents. At the end of his exhaustive research made two very important conclusions:


(1) – If a person wanted to succeed in life she would have to overcome two major enemies: first beat yourself and then overcome the difficulties interposed in his way.


(2) – The characteristics of successful men and women could be implemented by the ordinary individual, as long as there a method or an appropriate strategy.

Are you sabotaging your pleasure without realizing it?

You want more pleasure, joy, and be more self-confident in your relationships and in your life, but despite efforts to improve still not sure how?

Read this text to understand what may be sabotaging your pleasure, your spontaneity and your self-confidence and that perhaps you’re not realizing.

Let’s start? Take a picture of yourself when you were 2 or 3 year olds. Look at this beautiful little girl, look how free, innocent and in love with life it was! She certainly did not care if your hip or your belly were to some extent!

Do you remember how you were curious? Remember the restless curiosity for life and the feelings that his little body could give you? Remember the huge erotic potential (Eros = Life) who enjoyed naturally, without guilt, without fear, devoid of shame?

Know that this is your true natural state of being; but over the process of education and socialization, it was being taught to turn away those feelings of pleasure and your body to suppress their natural curiosity and spontaneity; maybe I could feel the discomfort in adults when you searched for and played with the pleasurable sensations that your body could give you; perhaps not so subtle and have told him not to play because it was ugly or dirty, or simply drew their attention to your body so that you stop playing with it. Thus, subtly or overtly, it was being internalized this little girl a kind of shame that today you can not see clearly, but that is making you feel like you’re not pretty enough or good enough or smart enough, anyway, It is not enough to be yourself.

This deeply internalized shame is affecting your self confidence and self esteem, creating a departure from its true essence, but mainly is stealing your happiness, your creativity, your pleasure and the joy of being yourself.

Over the more than 25 years I’ve been working with body issues, nudity and sexuality, I found that only perceive the size of this shame and how much we are affected by it, when we can free ourselves from this invisible hand that imprisons us and rescue our natural and spontaneous sexuality repressed in that little girl; I have also observed many benefits to resurrect the natural and spontaneous sexuality, especially in women, it is they who still suffer a greater distance from the body and pleasure.

Here are some of the benefits:

1- increase self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence: only love what we actually know, the more you know, the greater your capacity to love and respect;

2- increasing orgasmic ability: dissolve the shame helps you become more present in your body, therefore, your orgasmic capacity increases significantly.

3- increase of intuition: intuition manifests through the sensations of the body and is encoded by the mind, the more you are present the nuances of the sensations of your body, the greater its ability to recognize and decode intuition;

4- improved self-esteem: many women base their self worth on external validation, causing fluctuate depending on the approval or disapproval of the people and situations around you; learn about their sexuality is to learn about yourself, it will set you free of this emotional roller coaster, will show you its real value and emotional potential, creative and energetic to reach their goals, which brings a significant improvement both in terms of intimate relationships as in professional relationships;

5- relationships intimate and pleasurable: when insecurities and shame are integrated and resignificados, you lose the fear of being authentic and spontaneous, paving the way for intimacy happen deeply and nurturing;

6- rekindle the passion and vibrancy in your sex life, take ownership of their sexuality and be 100% responsible for his pleasure and desire is vital for a happy sexual life,

7- dissolve insecurities in the flesh: today, women are bombarded with images of modified bodies through technological resources, placing an unattainable image of beauty, which generates much suffering and insecurities about their own body, know and practice techniques that help to love and respect your body at all stages of life is very important for happiness and self-esteem.

More information on how to rediscover their natural sensuality, joy of being yourself and rekindle the passion in your life.

What are the first 30 minutes of your day?

The first 30 minutes of your work day define your entire day. For most people, the first half hour of the day is that for settling into the office routine or store, have a cup of coffee, scour the internet and chat with colleagues.

I will not say here that you should stop drinking coffee or socializing with their co-workers. But I say it is much, much more advantageous leave these activities for later.

Want to know why?

One of the main things that differentiate successful salespeople from others is that they effectively use wisely the 30 minutes of the day. And that is highly beneficial to productivity.

For anyone who works in sales, it means one thing: start the day identifying at least three possible sales before doing anything else.

To start using this strategy at the beginning of your day, your goal should be to identify three people you want to reach in the morning. There is no better way to start a day than getting in touch with customers. If you are the type of person who arrives at Empesa early, your phone calls will end up going to voicemail. It’s okay!

In addition to starting the day’s work more productive, you will also get warmer and motivation to make other contacts throughout the day. This will help you to overcome a very common problem in sales: the initial reluctance to make the first contact of the day.

When creating these habits, it will increase the number of phone calls you make every day at a time, rather unproductively was using.

And then prepared to make overachieving the first 30 minutes of your day?

Important Tips for Getting into Mountain Bike

With each passing day the cycling mode Mountain Biking is gaining more followers and this happens because of the charm that this modality provides by allowing direct contact with nature by the cyclist as well as some positive characteristics that the Mountain Bike features when compared to other types sports related to cycling.

If you also have this desire to be part of this type, but has a certain fear for not knowing much about the Mountain Bike, we have listed below some tips that may help you clarify some points present in this mode and the reasons that make this mode a target as sought by cycling practitioners today.





TIP 1 – Advantages compared to urban cycling


One of the main points that makes the Mountain Bike is much sought after by the people is your differential to be putting its practitioners in touch with nature.

Amidst cities filled with pollution of all kinds, no doubt people are looking for every day that passes a means of escape from this degrading routine and thus the practice of Mountain Bike comes in handy in such cases. This is because it only brings benefits to those who practice this modality as stress relief, the possibility to breathe clean air, not to mention the feeling of lightness and freedom that you have to ride the trails of Mountain Bike.

The Mountain Bike also end up expanding the world view with regard to the environment in which we live and this makes awareness and respect for nature will become even more expansive in the lives of those who practice this sport.




Due to this mode to present a more demanding in terms of physical preparation is important that you keep an eye on that detail.

This demand is mainly due to the route taken by the cyclist where he ends up performing erratically, with several climbs and steep descents without telling you encounter various obstacles in the middle of the track.

However to be practicing Mountain Bike it does not take a more specific training, but it is very important that you respect your limits and make it look simpler tracks with fewer obstacles. If possible, try warming up the muscles before you start pedaling and the most important is that you bring in your mind that the MTB is above all a practice that requires patience and also self-knowledge.




Even before starting the practice of Mountain Bike is necessary that you make the right choice of your bike. If you want to venture more radical trails surely you can not choose the simplest models because they will not be able to support the demand made by the path.

The bikes that are used in the Mountain Bike have essential specifications, ie, they have a more enhanced finish that is designed to support big impacts and also have speed to smooth the ride during practices this modality.

So you should stay tuned as this detail because it is investing in good equipment is beyond a matter of protection but also a factor that will provide you with comfort and quality at the time of pedaling.




In all sports that you may practice the safety factor is paramount and the realization of the Mountain Bike this would be no different. The use of some accessories such as helmet, gloves, goggles, shorts with internal fodder and lighter clothes and to draw attention are essential and can not miss when you are practicing this sport.

Also look always be aware of climate change so you can take precautions and bring a raincoat in case.

An accessory in particular that you can not fail to have are swimsuits, as in the practice of Mountain Bike is quite common you go through streams and beautiful waterfalls and stay without giving at least a swim at these sites is huge waste. So walk always prepared to make the most of the natural beauty that the Mountain Bike has to offer.




Walking either alone or in groups are good and relevant options, but for those people who are starting in this mode alone ride can become a great danger, because there is always the risk of occurring any injuries or any more serious accident and you being in someone else’s company certainly support that it can provide you will all the difference.

So it is recommended for beginners Mountain Bike riders who always walk in groups on average 3 people so that you can have greater security if any complications will happen during cycling.


It is very important that the rider make sure that your bike is 100% before heading out to do some trail Mountain Bike.

Check few points such as seat adjustment in relation to its weight, wheel check to see if they are secure, perform the verification of the marches to analyze its operation as well as verify the calibration of the tires are essential aspects that the Mountain biker Bike should be aware that if there is a problem like this on the bike it will take time to repair and therefore he will not risk any problems that may arise during cycling.

It is also worth mentioning that a periodic review is always welcome in these cases, as there are some parts on the bike that must undergo constant maintenance so that in this way can act properly and provide good performance for both bike and for the rider.




Always look for that can make a cleaning on your bike not to harm some existing parts in it that are sensitive and also to maintain the conservation of lubricating your bike. Not to mention that leaving the bike is always clean as well as a hygienic condition also an act necessary so that no external factor will directly affect the performance of the parts of your bike.

Wear safety footwear goes beyond prevention

One of the greatest pleasures that human beings have mostly is able to walk in various parts of the world and feel different essences that make up the human aura, from sightseeing in large avenues until you feel full of nature with its flora and enchanting wildlife. The sense of freedom can be ratified, with much emphasis, at times like these.

Since the Paleozoic old man practicing their hunting activities walking through the forests. Every trampled, it could feel what challenges given ground to be imposed and the entire ecosystem that rotated about that axis. This situation was intensified, it is important to other acts, as in the creation of society and development of various cultural traits the world.

Currently, the walk of a person reiterates the importance of the step to humans, because most of the activities are carried out through this mechanism, regardless of whether the person has his legs naturally or not. In many environments, particularly corporate, the presence of the term walk draws many meanings, that go from the position until zeal.

In many places where there is sharp objects work, many companies even not provide adequate tools for the execution of the operation, such as safety shoes. However, most receive the equipment, but come not to use it for low comfort, is creating a big noise that in most cases, generate strong sequels.

Walking is an exercise as common as eating.
By late afternoon, in large cities, it is common to see chocked full of crowded platform stations and many people walking from one side to the other, seeking to make the most different activities. A fictional language, feet thank you for being so used. But it is very sad and angry when they are exposed to risk.

Walking will always generate care for negative surprises do not occur. It needs attention and very firmly at the time of the activity. Every relief walked there many obstacles that can turn the action into a real headache.

Transpire security is the same thing as printing it.
It is common to see several people with sprains ankle, swollen feet. Most of these diseases are coming from serious flaws in the regions that the person walks. This can be seen in nature and especially on pavements of large cities, where there is no specific care.

However, most accidents occur in toil grounds. In large metallurgical enterprises it is common to see people who have had injuries in the foot because of objects that fell upon activity. Most of these cases occur because the employee is not using safety shoes right now.

Several companies consider this action (if taken by the employee) as an affront to company and can fire him for this attitude. There are cases of employees who lose lawsuits and disability entries in the INSS through this simple detail, no work safely and zeal.

Be detail equals act sparingly and intelligence.
In short, the human being is important to have the simple idea of ​​the importance of walking in your life. Many do not think of details that this action is. Take care of the legs, and especially of the feet is vital. For companies and several other venues is through the footprints of a person where it is observed the plainest predicates like zeal, posture and behavior.

How to avoid bicycle accidents?

For all those who ride bikes, whether professional or weekend cyclists, almost everyone has had some experience with the board his bicycle accident, right? Are those bumps when we are still children or major accidents involving the chaotic city traffic, no one is immune to such fatalities. But how can I avoid bicycle accidents? It is to answer this question we have created this article.


Meet the cyclist who are you

Before talking about issues related to the environment and the people around us it is important that you recognize what your profile as a cyclist. You use the bike to go daily to work or study? Uses for recreational activities on the weekend? Or use the bike once a year when it reaches the holidays? Knowing this is critical to determine what your risks and what should be more or less attentive.

It is also important to recognize what your limitations on the bike. Needless to say this to everyone, make a quiet reflection and think to yourself, as I ride my bike? I walk well on roads or in traffic? Only have confidence to walk in bike lanes? Or, just indoors? As is my way responsiveness to an obstacle? Having all this in mind it is important to avoid a situation where there is a possible reaction and the accident is inevitable.

Believe me, having the knowledge of what is able or not to make a confident manner is an important item for your safety. No use going to trail Road ground super confident with years of practice on the asphalt, are different things and you need to recognize their limitations in order to avoid more serious accidents.

With this in mind and the environment you often walking with her bike, it will be easier to understand what advice to best fit your profile as cyclist.

Safety equipment: for before and during an accident

We could not talk about prevention of accidents not to mention the safety equipment. Very Whoever thinks that safety equipment that is meant only to warn us of the biggest problems during an accident, they are also responsible for preventing many accidents occur.

Basically we should stick to these two types of safety equipment, those aimed at preventing accidents and those designed to prevent further injury when the accident is already inevitable.

In the first category we stress the importance of using signaling devices such as beacons vests, reference light on the bikes and even the use of “horns” to avoid collisions with pedestrians, for example. These equipments have recommended its use as a way to be better seen by other road elements, avoiding that old excuse of many for “tonight and I did not see you there.” Use a reflective vest and lights attached to his bike to avoid this type of situation, it costs little and can be what you need to avoid a serious accident.

The second type of safety equipment is no less important because it prevents you to suffer more serious injuries when an accident can not be avoided. Thus, the use of at least the helmet is critical because we never know when we may suffer an accident at our path, no matter how routine and commonplace that it appears. Do not leave without a helmet and think of other equipment according to your needs, some activities such as mountain biking, may require a greater number of equipment to maintain their integrity assured.

Demonstrate your intentions

A common cause of traffic accidents is the lack of communication between those involved, either by passing an intersection, change lanes or stop abruptly. You need to always indicate what your intentions are to make a change in his career.

So if will turn, signals to the arm its intention, look and go where you want to go. Will cross a road, make sure that there are no obstacles, indicate your intention to stop or turn around and go straight. Will enter or exit a bike lane? The procedure is the same, indicate your intentions always to avoid catching someone off guard and use the horn or “bell” where necessary, better a little noise nuisance than an accident.

Keep your distance

There is a great attempt to educate the city traffic in relation to the space for bikes on public roads. In doubt whether or not people take this stance, assume a defensive posture aiming to keep distance from other vehicles. It is often not possible to maintain the 1.5 meters that is combined, but seek to adopt a defensive measure on the visa transit between cars and buses, it is the less representative in the circulating path.

Whenever possible, walk by existing bike paths and when you can not, look for options with lower flow of vehicles to get around. This will prevent your exposure in very crowded highways, for example.

Another important aspect to travel on through the traffic of big cities is to notice how you are used to share space with cars, motorcycles and trucks. If you already have experience and are better accustomed to the routine of this environment, the better. But if you are novice, go slowly, start with the quiet streets and go gaining confidence as will finding its way in traffic. As we said at the beginning of the text, know your limitations is critical.

Remember that traffic the bike is also a vehicle, give preference to pedestrians, not stick red lights and be careful in conversions and overtaking.

Recognize the environment and your equipment

When venturing out on your bike in a new environment is interesting that you keep in mind what kind of terrain you will encounter.

Of course it is possible to make a smooth track with your everyday bike, but consider doing a more intense trail can be a bad idea. There are differences in bicycles designed the road, the trails or everyday use, having limitations and equipment specially designed for its function. Thus, out with an unprepared equipment for extreme path can be a bad presagio to accidents.

Always check what is the environment that must transpose and have the appropriate equipment for this type of contract, avoiding possible accidents or breakage of your equipment.

Keep maintenance days

Another cause of accidents can be much closer than you think it is in your own bike! Is always an eye on the condition of your bike, it is in full operation, if the components are in good condition and if everything is on track.

A problem in his bike during a ride might end up in serious accident depending on the situation where you are. Make a review whenever possible and keep an eye out whenever something seems strange, seek expert help.


Avoid accidents while using your bike is an ongoing task and one that requires our attention at all times. We can not neglect our safety and it is best to be aware of all the possible signs so that no accident occurs.

Understand what your strengths and limitations as a cyclist, use wisely and efficiently safety equipment, adopt defensive postures in traffic signals and display all his actions while on the conduct of their bike and always try to know your equipment and where will walk with all this you will be further away from a possible accident.

Your safety is a task built daily, when all we must remain ever vigilant to prevent the worst might happen. It is crucial to always be aware and appreciate the good relationship between all individuals present in the traffic of our cities.

Email Marketing

An important factor to consider is the use of cell phones and mobile devices at work, and as a result, of course, reading email.

Many companies started to provide their mobile devices employees last generation, seeking greater mobility, but focused on results, a workforce in motion able to respond to customer needs, collaborate with peers, develop even off-site activities work, and, in general, to keep all “connected” reviewers.

Calm, the subject seems complex, it is not, but it is worth reflecting on the subject. We offer valuable tips for the success of your email marketing.

What is 3G and 4G technology?


“3G technology improves data transmission and voice, offering greater connection speeds, as well as other features such as video calls, television signal transmission, among other services. But to really understand law as 3G works, we need to tell you a little the history of the cell phone. Come on! ” source: tecmundo.com.br


In a very simple way we can say that 4G is an evolution of 3G.

Speed ​​and stability is what we want.

“When we talk about theoretical speed, we can reach glaring differences between 3G and 4G technologies. While the older standard reaches a maximum at 21 Mbps (in the most advanced networks 3G Plus), the most modern can be between 50 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps. And the response time also improved, falling from 50 milliseconds for the band 20-40 milliseconds. ” source: tecmundo.com.br

And today, in February 2015, operators have begun talking about 5G. The mobile phone today has its placeholder in the lives of professionals and Internet users.

How to develop an email marketing campaign, to succeed with mobile devices.

1 – The campaign should be light.

A campaign should be light, one must consider that despite technological advances, the connection of mobile devices is still slow and intermittent in many regions. Send a heavy campaign is difficult to read the download.

2 – Avoid heavy images.

Avoid heavy images into your email marketing campaign. Place few images or light images. Have you received a heavy image on cell phone? Or attempted to view an image with high resolution on the mobile? Irritates the user and often deletes it as difficult downloading and reading the other emails.

3 – The important issue factor.

The subject is one of the fundamental points of the success of an email marketing campaign. It was already important, now more than ever, the user makes a preview on the subject. He decides to continue reading or not the contents of email marketing, will depend on the subject!

4 – Abuse of the text, cohesive and objective.

Email marketing campaigns with just texts, are excellent, easy to read, and reduces the appearance of propaganda. A text and draw up, a cover letter, a sales letter is excellent.

Use cohesive texts and objectives. Worth it!

Dogs train

Training can be initiated at any age, the sooner the better. You can start training your dog as soon as he get used to their new home. Older dogs can also be trained, although some may be less interested or slower to learn than a younger dog.

Done properly, training will be fun, both for you and for your dog as well as exercise your brain and it strengthen the good relationship between you.

Positive rewards

In order to be effective and best results, all training should be based around the positive rewards. Training with positive reward works because if you reward your dog with something he likes, so he does what you ask, it will be much more likely to do it again.

Rewards can be anything that your dog really like and may include: food, a favorite toy, some kind of joke or receiving a pat. However, treats will usually work best – try small pieces of dried liver, sausage, chicken or cheese, for maximum utilization. If you are using food, you will need to reduce the daily meals of your dog or have a meal divided into small portions, to prevent your dog gains weight.

Always combine a reward with verbal praise, such as “Good boy.” When teaching a new command, you need to reward your dog every time he does what you ask properly. Once he took the command, it is a good idea to change the way of reward, so it can do more for this. Always verbally praise your dog every time, even if he is not rewarded with treats.


Punishment should never be used in training. If you punish your dog, you will only learn to fear you and eventually learn to be aggressive. It will be suspicious of you and your relationship could end up completely.

Avoid punishment in training (and in everyday life), trying the following – it will be much more effective and can improve your relationship with your dog:

Reward all commands well executed, so that your dog feel happy to do it again.
Ignore unwanted behavior, for your dog to be less likely to make in the future.
Avoid awakening unwanted behaviors.
It is much easier to train a dog to do something you do not mind, than train it to completely stop doing something you do not like. For example, if your dog jumps on people, teach him the command “sit” and train this command when you find with others. If he is rewarded with treats and attention, each time he sits down, he’ll soon be doing this automatically when other people approach rather than skip them!

Success in your aquarium

A balanced aquarium is an environment to maintain healthy fish, living in harmony, possibly mating and breeding. A healthy aquarium should stay looking good without relying on severe maintenance.

Many people think that an aquarium is a simple glass box filled with water and some fish, when in fact, an aquarium is a biologically complex and fascinating system. Complex biological and basically simple activity to maintain and much less work than any other pet.

Have a beautiful and balanced aquarium is not too difficult and not demand too much work. Basically it depends on some basic knowledge about the biology and needs of the aquatics and a little common sense.

1. Be patient

Buy an aquarium, mount it and fill it with fish all in the same day, it is the most common mistake. Ideally ride it and leave the equipment (filtration, lighting and heating) running for about 30 days, and only then begin to populate it. This period is important so that there is formation of beneficial flora (biology), transformation of nitrogen compounds and stabilization of biochemical transformations of the water, reducing the risk to fish.

2. Prevention is better than cure

Do the recommended and obey the requirements of the species you want to keep, it’s a good start.

Daily management and simple journals can promote the health of your aquarium.

a) Perform Water Partial Exchanges regularly;

b) Feed your fish in small doses; enough to be consumed in a few minutes;

c) regularly Swap Refill  of your filtration equipment.

d) Do not superpovoe the aquarium and make sure that the species you want to keep are compatible.

e) Experiment (pH, for example) regularly to ensure that the parameters are according to the requirements of the species. The aquarium water has a natural tendency to become acidic due to nitric acid production (nitrates) from the nitrogen cycle.

f) Use heating equipment with thermostat. Temperature fluctuations are very harmful.

3. Use water supply network (treated) conditioned with quality products

The water supply network contains substances (used during treatment) that are toxic to fish (chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals). Products such as these substances counteract Protect Water and improve the maintenance condition, reducing stress and protecting the mucus of the fish skin and mucous membranes.

4. Choose fish according to the capacity and capability of your aquarium.

Choose fish that are compatible with each other and are compatible to the volume and type of your aquarium is a factor of utmost importance. Fish have minimum space requirements, quality and water features and peculiarities of adult size and temperament, to be respected.

5. Buy only Qualified Stores.

Unfortunately, many aquarium shops are ill-equipped to serve you properly. Make sure that professionals in the store have knowledge of biology and techniques necessary to maintain and to solve problems that may arise in aquariums. Always worth spending a little more for fish and quality services.

10 fruits that your dog can eat

The following is a list of 10 fruits that your dog can eat, however, is ALWAYS good to consult a vet who knows the history of your pet, only he has to decide whether it is feasible to introduce these foods in your pet’s diet or not.

Each animal reacts in a way, may be hypersensitive to some of these foods, however “allowed” it to be.

Always without exaggeration.

1 – Banana: The banana should be served peeled and in small quantities. It is a food rich in potassium, vitamins A and C and fiber. Excellent for maintaining the immune system.

2 – Cashew: Rich in vitamin C and iron. Helps the immune system of the animal. Some animals not well accept the cashew by “tying” the mouth, and there are dogs that love. Remember to remove the nut.

3 – Persimmon: Persimmon is a source of vitamin C and E, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and fibers. In general dogs love, as a sweet food and has high palatability.

4 – Guava: Too vitamin A, B and C, iron and phosphorus, also a source of carbohydrates. It can be provided in shell because it helps in proper functioning of the intestine.

5 – Kiwi: addition of vitamin C, is rich in fibers and magnesium. By being slightly acid food offering with extreme caution and always crusts removed it can cause irritability in the oral mucosa.

6 – Apple: It’s a very common fruit and highly nutritious, rich in vitamins B, C and E, however have to remove the stem and seeds because they release hydrogen cyanide and this is toxic!

7 – Papaya: Source A and vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and fiber. High palatability. Offer without the shell. Aids digestion, so avoid giving in large quantities in order not to give your dog diarrhea.

8 – Mango: Rich in fiber and vitamin C. Remove the peel and always without the core so that your pet does not choke!

9 – Strawberry: A good source of vitamin A, C and B complex Being a food offering little acid in small amounts. A food palatability is generally well accepted by the dogs!

10 – Pears: It’s a very sweet and good fruit palatability. Rich in vitamin A and C. however have to remove the stem and seeds because they release hydrogen cyanide and this is toxic!

These fruits can serve well as healthy snacks or even to replace those snacks that give when they behave well!