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A Day at the Beach

on June 25, 2014

A couple of images taken on a weekend trip to Galveston, TX. These are a few pleasant memories from a relationship that soon fell apart. We had started a fashion blog where both of us were supposed to write and I was to be the editor. She never allowed any of my topics to be posted, and she refused to take my edits into consideration. After refusing the edits from the first few posts she then decided it was my duty to her to sit at my desk all day and wait for her to send me a rough draft of the next post and then within an hour of her sending it have it edited and sent back, at the time I was finishing college and searching for a job to start after graduation and did not have the free time to sit around and wait on her for an unpaid gig. Because of this she decided our friendship beyond our partnership even wasn’t salvageable. It was due to her actions that I started my own blog (many posts have now been moved over to my blog Glitter Kisses!).  My very first post there about 1950s pinup fashion and cosmetics gained me two paid jobs as an SEO article writer/editor.

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