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Big Beautiful Yoga

After my first day of adding yoga into my workout routine I was inspired by some images of other plus size women becoming happier and healthier through the practice.  One yoga pose reminded me of a piece of art work my poetry professor had done and had hanging in her office, it was of a woman (proportionately sized) meditating under the light of a full moon.  My professor at one point in class told us of how she was bullied for her weight even to this day as 40+ year old.  To be honest I rarely see what a person looks like physically because I focus more on their words and the energy about them, but her words struck me and I saw her, I saw the shape of her body and realized it was curvier than I realized.  I sketched a figure with the same curves in the lotus position.

The Lotus position is most commonly used for meditation practices. The position is also useful for proper breathing, especially after working out. When I attended martial arts for eight years every session ended with meditation in the lotus position. The legs are crossed (if possible feet resting on the opposite thighs, if not just one leg crossed on top of the other crossed) the back is straight and there are three positions for the hands a) stretched upward as in the sketch b) out to the sides with the pinky, ring, and middle fingers spread with the pointer and thumb tips touching or the final position c) wrists resting on the knees. We would breathe in deeply and hold for three beats then release slowly as we did so we would imagine all of the energy still left over from class coming up our spine from the root chakra (located at the tailbone) and up through the crown chakra (located just above the head).

There are more images in the Big Beautiful Yoga series posted on my instragram. I’ve had requests to make these in to purchasable items such as t-shirts, bags, postcards, etc. and they will be soon. I had to purchase a new SD card for my camera yesterday and I am in the process of taking better photographs and cleaning up the lines.

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Dreaming of Nightmares

From the RV Park series, I wanted to play around with my angles and this shot was stunning and erie so its a “must share” type of photograph.

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Sunset for Selene

From the same RV park a capture of the sun setting behind the trees. This photograph came out true to color.

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Fire of Helios

From a series of photographs I took while visiting a friend in an RV park, the sky was actually very blue but for some reason my digital camera picked up a lot more orange than there was, but I loved the effect it had.

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Written in the Cards

First prop shoot I’ve done (from last year) my personal meditation journal that I ought to use more often, my purple saree, silk roses, and my art art nouveau tarot deck.

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The Whimsy Tree

For the Facebook group 120/365, a two minute drawing of a spiral tree and blooming flowers.

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One of my dreams for my amateur photography hobby was to catch one of my favorite creatures in perfect stillness but butterflies don’t stay still for long. I was visiting the zoo with a friend when this one fluttered by and landed on the flowers and spread her wings just long enough for me to get a single picture.

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A Day at the Beach

A couple of images taken on a weekend trip to Galveston, TX. These are a few pleasant memories from a relationship that soon fell apart. We had started a fashion blog where both of us were supposed to write and I was to be the editor. She never allowed any of my topics to be posted, and she refused to take my edits into consideration. After refusing the edits from the first few posts she then decided it was my duty to her to sit at my desk all day and wait for her to send me a rough draft of the next post and then within an hour of her sending it have it edited and sent back, at the time I was finishing college and searching for a job to start after graduation and did not have the free time to sit around and wait on her for an unpaid gig. Because of this she decided our friendship beyond our partnership even wasn’t salvageable. It was due to her actions that I started my own blog (many posts have now been moved over to my blog Glitter Kisses!).  My very first post there about 1950s pinup fashion and cosmetics gained me two paid jobs as an SEO article writer/editor.

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Out for a Walk

These pictures were taken when the small nature park up the street from my parents’s house used to have more nature and was safe from crime. The park is no longer a place one would want to visit as there are druggie filled apartments surrounding it now. Makes me sad that such a beautiful little spot was taken over in such a way.

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Vintage Roses


I captured some timeless roses just after a rain, these flowers were in the “mall” area of Sam Houston State University’s campus.  I later edited them by dulling the colors and adding a faded black and white filter over them to produce a vintage feel.


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