Write Well and be Boring?

A Short Sentence

My aim is to write well. I know the pitfalls associated with my own writing. I have a problem with sentences. Most people write long sentences. Long ago someone told me that good writing had short sentences. They compounded my problem.

Yes, good writing has short sentences, but excellent writing has a mixture of short and long. I can do short fine. I can’t get long worked in. It makes my writing jerky. I forget about transitions. My pieces are written telegraph style.

I could opt for the excuse “this is my style.” I could say it is a quirk of my writing. I can justify a thousand ways. Longer sentences frighten me. I can’t use them.

Where die my fear come from? How did I get into this state? I will tell you.

Grammar Checker Addiction

I have become addicted to grammar checkers. There are many of them on the Internet. They have their uses, but they can also frighten you.

Begin with Hemmingway. I love Hemmingway. Every article I write submits to Hemmingway.

I have now massacred several good pieces using Hemmingway.  I believe the mechanical writer is right. Hemmingway cannot read. It’s for removing adverbs and the passive voice. You can write straight into Hemmingway and edit your work as you go. That’s useful. It also means losing the places where a long sentence works.

The Detailed Editors

Next, I flip the piece accross to Prowriter. Like Hemmingway I can use it for free. It looks at my writing in detail.  I remove every new problem.” Then it’s accross to Autocrit.  I work on my piece removing every word human editors dislike. I am learning a lot, but I suspect my writing is suffering from over-correction.

Machines can’t Read in Context

All grammar editors you find online are machines. They can’t read. They pick up problems, but don’t have a sense of your style. They don’t know your audience. Good writing is not great grammar and spelling. It contains elements a machine can’t identify.

Back to Basics

Perhaps it’s better to stick to AftertheDeadline? I can use that to edit out basic mistakes. I can publish anyway. It turns out a lot of these online editors disapprove of  famous writers. Find your favourite author and put a paragraph or two in the editor. You will see what I mean. I want to be famous. Is Hemmingway stopping me? Do ProWriter and Autocrit sacrifice good writing to perfect grammar rules? Will they stop me from being a famous author?

Plagiarism Check

I finish by checking plagiarism with SmallSEOtools. There might be  plagiarism in somewhere. I hear things. I read things. My pieces are written from scratch but I am still afraid.

Perfect is Boring?

The question is, do I, by using all the online help, make my writing boring and stilted? Have I lost my author character? Is it sacrificed to my desire to write a perfect article with perfect grammar.


This piece will not be perfect. I am tired. It has taken half a morning to write where once I would simply type and publish. Are grammar checkers my friend. Are they the enemy? I don’t know because now I can’t hear what I sound like when I read back out loud, and I don’t trust my head. I’ve hit the send button and given up for today. What I write is what you will get.


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