Day 4 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Container Gardening

Sunday, 4.30.17

The 1:30pm seminar is about creating the perfect garden soil. Worms can help create this perfect soil. They eat dead stuff, while grubs eat roots and plants. You need good soil in order to create healthy plants. Use your food wastes in your compost to create organic food for plants.

Composting greens and browns involves stirring and watering the compost to make more oxygen.

Vermi-casting involves constantly feeding food wastes to the worms, and these worms will create the needed enzymes vial their manure. Worms live in the top organic sections of the dirt.

Kapa65 / Pixabay

The last seminar for this year’s Spring Garden Show is about creating a container garden.

  1. Aesthetics involves organizing your plants, based on size, color, texture, and shape to bring out certain colors and make your garden colorful.
  2. Container gardening is easier, lighter, and controlled. You can control the sun and shade location in a “filler, thriller, and spiller” combination.
  3. Choose container. Drain hole. Match size of container to plant roots, based on depth and width of the container. Fertilize in Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium combination.
  4. To plant organics, add time-release fertilizer before planting. It takes ornamentals around 3 to 4 weeks.
  5. Check frequently for moisture, dead flowers, cut out dead flowers and leaves, and look for pests and diseases.
  6. Fertilize regularly
  7. Integrated Pest Management involves using many methods, such as resistant plants, keep garden clean, using natural predators, and using the most nontoxic method.
  8. For more information, and 949-809-9760
  9. Use potting soil. Loosen plant’s roots before placing in the dirt. Make sure the container is low, if you are planting low plants.
  10. TIP: When you visit a nursery, notice were the plants are placed, whether in shady or sunny areas, which is an indication where you need to place such a plant in your home or yard.

Day 4 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Save Water with Succulents

Sunday, April 30, 2017

AnnieSpratt / Pixabay

I browsed around at different booths, and I noticed a sad sight. One booth was selling packaged ladybugs. I have never seen anything like that, and it made me feel depressed. They looked like imprisoned refugees in a fema camp being sold as insect slaves to benefit others’ needs. They belong in nature, free and happy, and not in some ladybug trafficking ring, sold for people’s gardens. I was dying to open all the packages and free them outside in the greenery surrounding the mall. But, instead, I expressed my disgust to the man at the booth, and the idiot just denied it or tried to legitimize the need to capture, package, and sell them to others at the garden show black market.

I also noticed that the 2nd place winner, Live/Work/Play model put up its red ribbon. I took a snapshot, even though I had already uploaded a video displaying the winners. I plan to do another video, just of the top three with their ribbons, before I leave the garden show.

At 11am, I decide to check out the seminar on saving water by using native micro irrigation, but only for the first 15 minutes because it was boring. Reginald Durant talked about backyard restoration techniques to preserve the environment with diversity of plants and wildlife. He also talked about creating a landscape design to save water via micro irrigation. Consider a habitat restoration and native plant garden. Fighting drought in southern California involves creating a green OC. Place some coastal plants for homes along the beach.

After 15 minutes, I decided to go check out the seminar on succulents, which will start at 11:30am. As I was sitting on one of the chairs, inside Seminar Room B, I glanced on a computer screen used for slideshows, and I noticed a beautiful scene with a lighthouse. It goes well with coastal native plants and props for beach homes. Yesterday, I was thinking about creating my own terrarium with fake plants and props, but decorating the scene into a coastal scene inside a clear sphere. I would include rocks, blue and white pebbles, sand, fake greenery, shrubs, and maybe little palm trees. I have a lighthouse that I can use as a prop. And, I might even add my toy Beetle with surfboard as a prop. It would be fun to create an art sculpture for a home décor table centerpiece.

Succulents store water and nutrients to endure drought and heat for a sustained period of time as a survival method. They open their pores at night when it is cool. They are found everywhere, except the Antarctic, which apparently lacks available water.

Southern California and Africa have the same climate and seasons, but reversed.

Cactus is a native plant of North and South America.

  1. Diversity in shape, color, and size
  2. Resilience
  3. Adaptability
  4. They include trees, spines, flowers, aloes, Joshua Tree, and aloe trees.
  5. Stores water in trunk
  6. For cacti, all their water is stored in the trunk tissue. It has spines.
  7. Euphorbia has thorns, bold color, and sap.
  8. Yucca doesn’t need a lot of water. But you should water it a lot during its season, and they will dry out on its own.
  9. Cacti need full sun, but some cacti will wither in the sun and they need shade. Some cannot tolerate the heat, but need moisture, maybe placed next to a certain tree for shade and moisture.
  10. Soil should be porous. If the cactus is in a pot, then the pot needs drainage. Too much water can kill the cactus.
  11. For aesthetic purposes, consider placements of cactus in a mono carpet décor for a yard.
  12. Before growing a cactus, consider the season, use low nitrogen organic fertilizer, if it needs fertilizer. Over-fertilizing can kill any plant. Follow package instructions because it really doesn’t need much. It just needs to be done right.
  13. Pests include mealy bugs, snails, slugs, aphids, etc.
  14. When the leaves are growing fast, you plant will get mealy bugs. Use water/alcohol combo to wipe off the mealy bugs with a tissue.
  15. Horticulture oil is used to remove aphids. You also need to cut down on fertilizer because it is blooming too fast.
  16. Diseases occur to the wrong plant, placed at the wrong place. It will rot, have sooty mold, aloe cancer (mite), white scab, and rust (caused by fungus).
  17. Cultural aspects include etiolation, which is a thin pale growth caused by lack of light. Prepare the soil with hummus, perlite, and cactus mix. Plant on levels and slopes. Group and organize based on height, shape, color, texture, requirements similarities. Create embellishments by planting vertically and horizontally. Use cactus and succulent potting mix.
  18. Use shallow containers because cactus has shallow roots. It needs drainage. Add top dressing, such as rocks, glass, pottery, and seashells. They often look unusual and exotic.
  19. Using succulents indoors involves using a variety for embellishments and home décor. It also involves repotting. Indoor house plants need indoor sunlight, but not too much. They can get sunburned. They also need to be watered.
  20. Succulents as art form. Use succulents with wire and moss to create wreaths and other artistic décor items.
  21. Propagation involves offsets or pups by breaking pieces off and sticking them in the dirt to grow at different locations. This process will need a lot of watering until they get a root structure.
  22. Terracotta pot tends to lose water faster. Soft leaves are an indication that the plant needs water. The cell wall will also shrink.
  23. You can cut leaves and stick it in the ground. If the leaf is yellow, then it needs water. If leaf has red color, then it is a stressed plant. Maybe group plants that are similar so that it will have a support group to help it grow healthy.
  24. If you really suck in gardening, like me, just by artificial succulents.

Day 2 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Lighting for Home Decor

Friday, 4.29.17

Seminar Room A at 5pm

xegxef / Pixabay

skeeze / Pixabay

Then, at 5pm, I went to the last seminar for Friday, April 28th. It was all about using lighting for your garden in order to add a particular mood for a particular theme, party, or event. This idea is perfect for a weddings, wedding reception, or just spring and summer parties. Light can also be used to enhance colors in your yard. I noticed that some of the living space models, like the Chinese store, demonstrated these lighting techniques, making the garden and yard suddenly come alive with different rainbow colors over the plants. Again, this is perfect for events, where you want to create a show in order to entertain your guests with a decorative setting, almost like a theatrical stage setting.

Solar panels on the roof, transformers, and LED lights are more options. LED lights can create warm lighting and cool lighting. Such lighting has 1000 kilowatts per hour, and they are much dimmer than regular lighting because of lower wattage bulb. You might want to measure your yard in order to get the right length of wire for your space, such as distance of wire, consumption in yards, making sure your property is safe and secure, and well-lit yard with a pathway light and steps light. You might buy lights for aesthetics, such as down-light creates sunlight and moonlight themes as well as drama and shadow. Or, you might want to light up décor in order to bring it out more. Silhouette lighting creates shadows, soft lighting, and bright illuminating light.

Aluminum lighting is cheaper than brass/copper lighting.

If you want to light palm trees, then consider spotlights. But don’t place these spotlights in the grass.

Use a transformer to light up certain groups of plants or décor in your yard. You can also dim certain groups differently to create different effects for each group. You only pay for what you use, when using transformers.

Day 4 of Spring Garden Show 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

As I get reading today, on the 4th and the last day of this year’s Spring Garden Show event, I go upstairs to get something, and something else got my attention on my bed. I thought it was a tag from something I recently bought. I went to pick it up and throw it away. I notice that it was an unused sample perfume of OUI by Parfums Lancome Paris. I decided to open and use the sample content so I can throw it away. But what really seemed interest is the message on the other side, in which I took it as a message for today because I don’t know why it was lying on my bed at that time as well as something prompting me to go upstairs to get something else in order to notice this sample perfume on the bed. Well, the message states “SAY YES” to the get-fresh scent. Break loose. Live a little. Sparkle in an instant with a brilliant burst of Clementine and Water Lily. An intimate touch of frosted Musk. Wear it and feel fresh, full of life, totally free!”

As I read this sample perfume’s ad campaign message, I suddenly felt that I received Spiritual inspiration, like it was meant for me to see this at this particular time. I also notice that I am currently wearing my metallic leggings, neon blouses and accessories, and my denim jacket with colorful iron-on patches, shiny pins, studs and gems. So, I did feel that I was sparkling today, and I got dressed an hour before I read this message. I feel that this is a sign of some kind, and I am hoping it is a positive sign.

I also noticed that during all four days of this Spring Garden Show event, I have been wearing my artwork to promote myself, which includes my loomed knit items and decorated denim jacket, as well as promoting my creative skills as an artist, photographer, graphic designer, novelist, and creative writer.

I did another video because the second place outdoor living space model had its red ribbon on its description card. But I did a video of the top 3 winners with their ribbons to remind people following my videos which home décor style each were.

At 4pm, I went to Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of moist food and almost out of litter. I also bought some veggies and fruits for detox juices. I came home at 5pm, ate my dinner, relaxed, and made a cup of Turkish coffee with pomegranate-flavored Turkish delight.  I also ate a slice of watermelon to quench my thirst.

Attending the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza mall was an interesting 4-day break, almost like a mini vacation for a change from my routine of working on my graphic novel. Now, I need to work on my graphic novel, hopefully to do 2-3 pages per day of good work without messing up.

At around 10:30pm, after uploading another video, I decided to watch the meditation video about cleaning process, which is the second one of three for this weekend. The second meditation was similar to the first medication, and I felt sleepy, like I was about to fall asleep. It felt peaceful and quiet, as I meditated on the silence. I feel tired now, and I need to go to sleep.

Sunday, April 30, 2017 video

The 8 of Pentacles card has to do with working hard on a routine project, and it sometimes feels tedious.

The 7 of Wands card indicates that you feel you have a lot of obstacles. You might become frustrated. Lots of issues will get on your nerves.

The 4 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates letting go of whatever you are doing, change your perspective, and just do something different or even doing it differently. Something negative leaves, and you will find better ways of handling things.

These three cards add up to 19, and the number 19 reduces to 1. The number 1 means leader, power, authority, taking charge and action, and making right decisions.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I woke up at 6am, but stayed in bed until 6:30am. Then, I got up to get ready. I decided to turn on the computer to check on things before I leave. When my computer came on, I noticed the time was 8:19am. Wow, same thing happened, two days in a row, but it was the TV box time on Friday morning.

At Crystal Court, I checked out some seminars, bought a Macchiato from Pacific Whey Café, ate my own snacks that I brought along, and bought two items on sale from that interesting modern store, Emmo. I have been interested in buying something like this for a while now, but the other one I saw didn’t look secure. I connected with some people as well as chatted with some recent familiar people. I returned home around 6pm.

While walking back and forth at the Spring Garden Show event, I found a $10 bill on the floor.

Last week, someone in yoga class gave me a link to check out free three-day meditation videos for this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It is led by Kamlesh D. Patel. I meditated with the video for 40 minutes, emptying my mind and just not focusing on anything. I let thoughts flow in and out, but I brushed it out, clearing my thoughts. My body felt light, as if it was floating, even though I was sitting upright at my computer. I meditated on the silence, and I almost fell asleep. My body felt more relaxed because it is usually tense. I felt my body, especially my limbs felt limp and light.

Saturday, April 29, 2017 video

The 5 of Wands card has to do with small conflicts between two situations, ideas, or interests.

Knight of Pentacles card has to do with being stationery and inactive, not sure what to do next.

The Temperance card, 14th card, indicates balance and duality. It has to do seeing the big picture, and continue toward a particular situation. You will move forward anyway, hoping for the best.

These three cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationship, cooperation, relating with others, and connecting with others. You will make progress.

Day 2 of Spring Garden Show 2017


Friday, April 28, 2017

I woke up at 6am to get ready for Day 2 of the 2017 Spring Garden Show. I remember from the schedule of seminars that the first seminar I wanted to attend will start at 11am. So, I wasn’t in a hurry to get ready. I meditated on the couch for a while. When I got up from the couch, I noticed that the time was 8:19am, which is my birthdate numbers. It is one of those numerical signs, like 11:11 and 1:11. I blogged some of the Day 1 seminars into Word, but I haven’t posted any. I will probably post Day 1 seminar summaries tonight, and finish off the rest at a later time, maybe even during the first week of May. I did browse through the May 2017 issue of C Magazine, and I noticed a lot of disturbing political ideas being promoted. But I also noticed some interesting fashions. I will probably blog about them in May.

I got some interesting recipes from seminars that I attended, in which I was able to sample these recipes. I also exchanged two business cards. Many women liked my tricolor beige hat that had I loomed with chenille yarn. I also wore that spaghetti-string scarf that I had loomed mostly with that same yarn, but I had also added the tricolor plumberry chenille yard at the end so that I would be able to also wear this string scarf with the plumberry hat and accessories that I had loomed. So, I was mostly promoting my creative skills, which is mostly my looming, writing, and graphic design. Many females also liked my leggings, which had doggy pictures. I also wore my OBEY t-shirt with a graphic drawing of a dog’s face, and the word ADOPT is written underneath. Although I sampled an espresso at Sur La Table, I didn’t feel like buy a cappuccino. Instead, I bought a Toxins Flush drink, which is a green drink at Necter. I have always wanted to try that juicing bar because there is one across the street from my townhouse, but I keep forgetting to go there to buy a drink. That green juice was good. I would like to try the other flavors at the one by my house. I hope it is still there because I even forgot there was one at UTC. Maybe I will take breaks, once a week, and ride my Huffy to the UTC area for on cup of detox juice for fun. I took some snapshots for a 2nd video, although I still haven’t uploaded the first video. I noticed that most of these seminars are for yard décor and backyard parties.

At 6pm, I went to the other side of the mall to check out Nordstrom’s remodeling. The Nordstrom Café is now on the first floor, and it has a new look, which some chairs and tables, like a mini café, which is similar to the Spectrum Center’s Nordstrom Café. They are still remodeling the inside of the Nordstrom department store, but I think they are finished with the outside of the building. Many stores are undergoing a lot of changes and remodeling.

Friday, 4.28.17 video

The Wheel of Fortune card is in reverse, which indicates that everything is becoming clearer for you, and you will soon be transitioning into a positive time as well as everything will come together and make sense. A door will open for you.

Knight of Swords card is also in reverse, which indicates that you will gain an understanding that will lead you to a long term opportunity. Look at the big picture, and someone will bring up something that will make sense and it will give you strength. You are knowledgeable, which gives you power and strength. Everything makes sense, which helps you pursue the right thing in your life.

The Tower card is in reverse, which indicates you will put all your energy to build something and take action toward a certain direction.

These 3 cards add up to 9, which has to do with spirituality and completion.

Day 1 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Spring and Summer Grilling Ideas

Thursday, 4.27.17

For this seminar summary, I decided to veganize the demonstration. Vegan burgers are much better anyway.

The last seminar on Thursday was in the William Sonoma store. The instore chef demonstrated some grilling ideas for outdoor yard parties and picnics. You will need a Smoking Gun, French Onion seasoning, maple mesquite, honey mustard, egg-substitute, and vegan burger.

When grilling your vegan burger, don’t flip it until the end just to get grill marks on the burger. You can also use an ice cream scooper to make small burger patties or sliders. Pat it lightly, all around, in a circular form, but don’t make it flat. Place it on an oiled pan, and grill it over medium heat. Chop onion into small pieces and add into the pan. Also add barbeque sauce.

Day 1 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Use California Natives in your Garden

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A native garden is sustainable because the plants can regenerate themselves with help of gardeners nourishing these plants. When the right plants are grown, the locals will naturally invite themselves into your garden to further help your garden thrive.

  1. Know where you live
  2. Build living soil
  3. Work by the water
  4. Be bug friendly
  5. Invite natives
  6. Beautify your garden

Mediterranean climate includes California, Central Chile, Western Cape, SW Australia, and Mediterranean Basin, and all these areas tend to be along the coast, with tropical weather.

Orange County, California’s best gardening months tend to be from October 1st to just before summertime.

The soil food web involves fungal networks that connect plants with soil nutrients. Such connections include bacteria, fungal filaments, protozoa, and predators.

To enhance your soil, use compost with three inches of mulch. To protect the soil from compaction, don’t walk over the soil when it is wet.

Compost is used in the soil with mulch. Organic compost includes tree, leaves, and bark mulch. Inorganic mulch includes gravel and pebbles. Native plants need a handful of compost for each plant.

Often check your plant for common plant distress symptoms, such as dead spots, wilting, few leaves, very small leaves, and light green or yellow leaves. These symptoms occur because of overwatering, but sometimes drought can cause these symptoms.

Two ways to conserve water in your garden involves growing native plants and using efficient watering methods, such as drip irrigation and rotators. Other methods include using rain barrels, cisterns,  and tanks in swales, contours, and rain gardens in order to create healthy soil.

A rain garden is the flat bottom area at a particular spot in your garden.

Hydrozone involves matching water method to certain plants, which is good for most native plants. Hydrozone has to do with grouping similar plants by similar water usage.

Drip irrigation is OK for some native plants.

Turf and High edible plants require 70-90% water, which is very high. Fruit and Mediterranean area require 40-60% water, which is moderate. Native plants require 10-30% water, which is low.

Some native plants in Orange County include Autumn Sage, Buckwheat, Mexican Petunia, Pine Muhly, and Damiianita. They have important traits, such as extensive roots, solar tracking, and waxy/white/gray hairy leaves. White and Cleveland Sage use low water, and it grows with other similar native plants in October 1st.

Placement is important when designing your native plant garden because dry plants should be placed on top areas, while the water plants are placed at the bottom areas, of I guess, a slightly slanted land. You should match soil to plant, or place the plant in a pot. Other native plants include Southern Oak Woodland, Chaparral, Coastal Sage Schrub, and Brahea Palm. So, remember to plant the “right plant, in the right place, at the right time” is the secret to growing healthy plants.

Invasive plants, such as Pampass Grass, Mexican Feathergrass, and Vinca Major, will destroy your yard. Areas with Vinca Major tend to be a dead zone because nothing can live in that section. This plant will kill any animal that eats it.

Some beneficial insects include ladybug and its larvae, green lacewing and its larvae, and mealybug destroyer. Moreover, bluebirds, grosbeaks, nuthatchers, oriole, sparrows, swallows, warblers, and woodpeckers eat insects. Since bugs will attract birds, it is important to expand your bird habitat with milkweed, buckwheat, butterfly puddler, and California lilac in order to invite more birds and keep them happy.

Blackfoot Daisy always blooms, and it attracts butterflies. Bladderpod and Canyon Snow grow in the shade. Gooseberry and Currant grow in the shade as well as during the morning sun hours. Some desert plants include Desert Mallow, Indian Mallow, California Fuchsia, Canyon Prince Wild Rye, Palo Verde, Dasylirion Wheeleri, and Desert Spoon. The Dudleyas are succulents, while the Catalina Silverlace plant has lacy foliage that looks like a fern.

The carpet-like plants include Margarita BOP, Silver Carpet, Dwarf Mexican Petunia, Island Bush Poppy, and Sugar Bush.

Small trees include Catalina Cherry, Manzanita, Western Redbud, Desert Willow, Toyon, Vitis Californica, Wooly Blue Curls, Lilac Verbena, and Baja Fairy Duster. The Western Redbud grows in the morning sun hours, while the Toyon provides food for the birds. The Vitis Californica provides native grapes for the birds, but these grapes tend to be grainy grapes, which is too grainy for people to eat.

Day 1 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Create a Bird Habitat in your backyard

Creating a bird habitat in your yard involves 5 easy steps.

  1. Sample different birdfeed-free bird food to find which one works best.
  2. Continue to offer what works for your bird guests.
  3. Consider 12 elements of thoughtful feeding station.
  4. Improve your habitat
  5. Be seasonally savvy

The shape of the bird’s beak tells a lot about a bird’s preferred food. Birds with a long beak prefer insects, fruit, nectar, and grape jelly because they tend to have a sweet tooth. Birds with a small beak prefer to eat small seeds.

There are a variety of birdfeeders, which include tray feeder, hanging feeder, foundational feeder, fat feeder, finch feeder, and nectar, jelly, and fruit feeder. There are also other must-have accessories for your bird habitat, such as snacks/specialty/convenience feeder, water source, perch branch, vertical landing spots, thoughtful feeder placement, multiple feeding stations, and a station-free feeder to keep off squirrels, raccoons, and outdoor cats, although these animals never bothered me because I put out the birdseeds for all wildlife. Anyway, it is important to move the feeders to different areas because birds can transfer diseases to other birds. Moving water is also important. Try to wash and change the water on a daily basis so that the birds cannot transfer diseases to each other.

For more information about bird-feeding, he suggests the book, The Joy of Bird Feeding by Jim Carpenter.

Day 1 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Summer Cocktails and Infused Water Drinks

At 2pm, I attended a Summer Cocktails seminar at William-Sonoma. While inside the store, I sampled coffee from a Breville Drip Coffee machine.

The store chef used a Breville Smoker tool to smoke tequila with some mesquite, which is used to infuse flavor in the tequila. But he made a virgin mango-passion fruit margarita drink in a blender. First, place cubed mango into the blender. Add ½ of a bottle of mango syrup, some ice, and tequila, and then blend into smoothie form. Then, add some lime juice from a lime. Pour mixture into a margarita glass and add a half shot of Contreau on top. Then, add on slice of lime on top for garnish and extra flavor.

Virgin Bloody Mary drink:   Inside a blender, place ice, juice from one lime, pint of vodka, and half a bottle of Bloody Mary, and blend mixture. Then, pour ice into a glass and add celery stalk. Pour Bloody Mary mixture into the glass. Add a slice of lime for garnish on top. Or, for added flavor, add some lemon juice from a lemon.

The group at the seminar sampled the virgin version for these cocktail drinks.


Water infused with Pineapple, Lime, and Mint

Place ¼ of ice into glass container or jar. Add slices of grapefruit to the sides of the jar. Add another layer of ice, and then add lime slices to the sides of the jar. Add another layer of ice, before adding grapefruit slices and lime slices to the sides. Add a batch of mint on top, and top it with more ice. Pour water into the glass container or jar, and fil all the way to the top. Add the top part of a pineapple on top of the jar for decoration.

Water infused with Pineapple, Blackberries, and Mint

Repeat the same steps, but use ice, pineapple, blackberries and mint.

I tasted a sample from the pineapple, blackberry, and mint, but it tasted like water, and I didn’t taste any of the fruit or mint. So, it should be left out for at least an hour so that there will be fruity and mint flavor in the cold water.