Are You Perkier as a Night Owl Rather Than a Daytime Rooster — Or is That For the Birds?

If you are a night owl, what is your favorite part about being one? Is it the lack of noise and distractions, that usually goes with the daytime rat race? Or… is it about being a bit rebellious, in a (somewhat) non-comforming way?

If you do take full-advantage of being up, when others typically are asleep, how do you celebrate your nights? Do you prefer to stay out all night-long, and be merry with friends? Or… do you prefer to stay up, watching a late show, or being creative, (in the wee-hours of the morning) after everyone else has gone to sleep?

What are the main reasons why you choose to be a night owl — and, would you say that, (for you), being a night owl, is something you have been conditioned to? Or, do you believe that it is something that is totally natural and innate?

How do you view the sunrise? Does it make you wonder about how backwards things may seem, if your sleep patterns ever get disrupted? Do you ever curse the sunlight, and delight in the moonlight? Would you prefer to gaze at the mesmerizing stars, anyday-of-the-week — rather than, taking-in a lovely sunrise? Do you do your best, creatively, at night-time, as opposed to, the quality of your productivity in the daytime?

Do you meditate easier, feeling closer to nature, when you take-in a beautiful, tranquil night?

What are your thoughts, regarding, loving the night, with all of it’s tranquility and other pluses? Would you ever choose to wake-up when the birds start chirping? Or… do you believe that going to sleep, with the sound of birds, is a far better choice, when it comes to sleep and the conditions, and perks, of being a night owl; rather than, being a daytime rooster? Or… do you think that all of this ‘nite owl’ stuff, is for the birds; and that, waking-up during the time when you see the sunrise, is far perkier, than going to sleep when it’s dawn? If so… what are your thoughts about that?

John Denver — and Living-On Through Social Media

Just came across John Denver’s (Musician/Band) Facebook page, which is run, by his Estate. At first, (for a split-second) it was a bit confusing, to see a Facebook page of the late celebrity. It was like: hey, who is operating the page? His ghost? (Of coarse, not.)  And then, it was obvious, that it’s operated by his Estate, when I seen that info listed on his profile page. Kinda strange; yet, cool, by living-on, through social media. Do you not, agree?

Now-then — What are your thoughts, or plans, for your Facebook account, that you would like to share? And, what are the options for our social media accounts, after we are no-longer?

Have you ever given much thought, to the future of those accounts, for when you are no-longer able to take care of them, yourself? It’s not something that we like to think about (I take it), of course — but, it’s pretty practical and smart to do, much like making a will (itself). Proactivity is always better, than procrastinating.

Have you addressed the situation, regarding the future of your social media accounts? And how interesting is it, that we all may live-in, through them, such as John Denver (for example) has?

John Denver was cool; and, so is making a will and arrangements (for people, in general) to keep the momentum going, and keeping alive one’s Facebook profile/account, for the future; or, perhaps, forever. (What do you think, about that?)

Are You a Camper Who is Happy and Not Afraid of the Dark — Or Are You (Kind of) Attatched to the Electrical Outlets?

Some people may now view the luxuries in life, such as electricity, to be a nessessity, in today’s day-in-age. Some people may view roughing-it, it be a comfort; especially, if one is a ‘happy camper.’ 

Losing electrical power in a power outage, can certainly prompt one to appreciate such a luxury (turned, necessity.) 

When the power goes out, at work, or at home, are you typically and proactively prepared? What are some good tips, for others, to prepare for such an inconvenience? Are you always the one who always knows what you’re doing, in such situations? 

What kind of interesting experiences have you had (with being, in the dark), presuming that you have experienced a power outage? What kinds of silly things have happened, during the lack of electricity? Do you tend to panic, for fear of the dark? Do you have practical common sense and stay focused on the situation, maintaining your poise and equanimity? Do you pray and meditate, in hopes of seeing the light; and truly appreciate and think about how fortunate we are, to be able to be living in a time when we have electricity? 

What do you think of roughin-it? Do you prefer to go camping, just to escape the buzzing of the florescent lights, just to replace it with the cool sounds of Nature?

Can you say that you find more comfort in camping, than you do in the convenience of home? Do you prefer to live modestly, than to live extravagantly? If so, if you had a million dollars — would you still like to live in a log cabin and be close to Nature, breathing fresh air and being a ‘happy camper’ — many miles away, from the hustle-and-bustle of the city? Or, are you attatched to the conveniences of city living; and find that the simplicity of natural living, may be (simply) for the birds? 



What Are Your Thoughts About Living a Remarkably Long Life?

Is living to the remarkable age of 100 years, a hope or a goal for yourself?  

Do you beleive that, one can hope all that they want; but, it is fundamentally (more so) essential and effective to properly take care of onesself and have a positive attitude and really good genes to live a long life?

Or, do you believe that it does not (so much) what you do to try to live as long as possible; because, there are people who are not so focused on taking care of themselves, and they sometimes live longer than individuals who take better care of themselves?

It may all be relative; right? Some individuals can be more lax, than others; and can live (more, so) on the wild side and live longer, than those who are more focused on keeping fit.

If you lived to being 100 years old, what are your hopes and goals?

Do you currently, have a spunky constitution? And, do you tend to have a positive attitude and practice good, and healthy, physical maintenance? 

Do you know of someone, who has lived passed the age of 99? 

99 years of age, is a pretty great feat. However, it may very-well be, that quality is not as important as the quantity, regarding the whole scope of our lives and the age that we reach. 

There is something greatly remarkable though, about living 10 decades and viewing all of those sunsets and sunrises; effecting so many lives; and gaining all of the wisdom; and achieving so much experience, through all of those years. 

What are your thoughts, about those very blessed and fortunate (and/or) focused, responsible and proactive individuals? (Perhaps, you are one of them.)

What are the some of the cool things, of being so very mature; and (hopefully, young at heart?) 


Compliments – Smiles – Laughter- Yawns – and Ripple-Effects

Do you know at least 3 people, who can effortlessly and genuinely make you laugh?

Do you know of at least 3 people, who let you know how much you and your smile, means to them?

Do you know at least 3 people, who can make you smile and laugh on a regular basis? 

Do you give at least 3 whole-hearted compliments per day, to individuals who reflect something very heart-warming when they are complimented? That kind of appreciation, can be profoundly positive. Do you not agree? 

Also — Do you regularly make people smile, with the smile on your face? And when those people continue to smile (at someone else) — the individuals who are added to the group, smiles; therefore, you help to create a viral-ripple-effect, by being the start of something emotionally and physically positive? 

It’s quite a positive thing — to initiate such a great cause and effect; is it not?

Laughing; smiling; and yawning, may all prompt a contagious, viral-ripple-effect, cause and effect action; and they may effect the moods of others, by (perhaps) a sympathetic feedback of reflection or a reaction to an expression; reflex; or emotion. The responses, may be voluntarily a conscious choice of feedback; or, they may be a reflex by an unconscious desire to imitate. 

Do you ever sneeze, right after someone has done the same? Probably not; true? Sneezing, just does not fit into the group of: smiling, laughing, and yawning. However; it is funny, that it does not. Right? (And I do hope that I have put a smile on your face; as well as, made you laugh.) (Also, I am hopeful, that I have not bored you to yawning. That would probably make me shead a tear or 2. And, from my understanding  — those may have the same ripple-effect, as described in this perspective about emotional responses and reflexes.)

What are your thoughts, about the whole world smiling and laughing; all by a ripple-effect caused by one happy person? Could you imagine, that being possible? Hypothetically, wouldn’t it be cool? To be a part of that kind of powerful sympathetic response (cause and effect)? That response, not necessarily at an automatic one-time event; but rather, a habitual feed of happiness (like daily, reflective rays of sunshine) that prompts everyone to smile and feel happy doing so.

SMILE! – SRF POSTER by sharonrhea
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Are You Satified With Mundane Thinking — Or Do You Dig Having an Open Mind and Being Inquisitive?

Are you satisfied with complacency? Or, are you inspired with a thirst for knowledge and intellectual development?
If we take things at face value, never delving into or analysing why or what makes things happen, we don’t get the whole picture or understanding of the dynamics and nature of things. If we see a clock, and just pay attention to the fact that it works and not how and what makes it tick, we short ourselves at an intellectual level, because, we (in that case) are not excersizing our minds, to knowing how things work, so that the knowledge of finding out how they work, can lead us towards furthur advancement, intellectually and technically, through asking questions and pondering ‘what if’ — ‘how come?’ — and thereby, allowing us to conclude and gain knowledge for the advancement. 
As adults, we are so very conditioned to how things are, without questioning. We tend to lose the inquisitiveness that we may have had, when we were younger. The inquisitiveness of asking how the world works; and addressing inconsistencies, and marveling at the remarkableness of life, is something that we may tend to do a lot at an early age.
The wisdom of wise men, may depend upon their age; and it may also depend upon thier passion and application of their inquisitiveness, at a younger age.
A wise man may be naturally insightful, as well; however, the receptiveness of an open mind may be very key in the factors involved in being a wise man, of course. Common sense/common knowledge is essential. However — what is common, may sometimes not be enough. A thirsty mind for beyond what is commonly known, is key towards developing the advancements of the future.
Are you someone who digs exploring and finding out how things are put together and tick? Do you also like to analyze situations and delve deeper into the nature of things? If so, what do you think about the choice to think and explore; vs. the choice to be content through acceptence and complacency, when it comes to understanding and development? 

Kings – Queens – Lions – Mice and Lambs – Apples and Oranges

Entitlement – We are all entitled to the easy chair of our choice; are we not? Some people may subconsciously deny this kind of entitlement; and others, may embrace it. 

Perhaps, we are conditioned by our parents regarding what we are entitled to; or maybe, society (in general) conditions us.

Some people may become like children, who do not get their way if the finer things in life are not available to them; while others, may maintain a healthy maturity when they understand that not everyone can have their way all of the time, especially, regarding, people who have power; financial, or otherwise. 

Do you know people, who seem to act like they are entitled to everything; and others, who are modest in that sense? Do you beleive, that the lions are entitled to their power because that is the way things are in nature; as well as, the mice and lambs are humbler because that’s how nature intended it? Or, do you believe that it is silly, to compare ‘apples and oranges’ that way?

Having a humble disposition, may make one likeable and relateable (like, an ‘everyday Joe’); and on the other side of the coin —  being of a more dignified disposition, may result in having others put you on a pedestal and cater to your every need; as if you are a king or queen. (That does not mean humbleness does not get respected, or dignified does not get liked; the above mentioned, is simply a typical tendency.)

Would you like to be a king (or queen) for one day, where you get everything that you want, because you are king (or queen)? Or, are you rich in spirit and prefer modest living; and you know what the maxim is? That maxim being, that “an extreme of anything, can be poison.” 

Living the life of luxury, isn’t necessarily a bad thing; true? (I mean) that, as long as one’s ego doesn’t get others annoyed; right?

Have You Ever Tried ColorQuiz — How Fun and Enlightening?

Have you ever thought about colors and how they make you feel? There may be a great science to it. Some colors, we can resist; and others, we are are drawn to. And… Everyone has a favorite; true?

Have you tried the free personality test, that is quick, easy, and fun? It’s a very cool and resourceful way, to get find out (a general overview) of your life issues; stress sources; and other insightful information about you current situation and objectives. You may think that you already know, what your issues are, or what your objectives are. And that may very-well be. However — the ColorQuiz personality test, may be an amazingly accurate way to get deeper knowledge of your real situation; all by, choosing a bunch of colored squares. Pretty simple. And so, enlightening. 

Whenever I take the test, I tend to be very amazed at the accuracy. It is, for myself, almost like seeing a psychic/shrink; though, it is not intended to be like that.

(More ColorQuiz information.)

Have you ever taken the ColorQuiz? If so — What are your thoughts about it; and do you dig the accuracy of the test — or, do you feel otherwise? Is the test, something that you would recommend? Do you feel that the results tend to be spot-on, as well? Do you say  “wow,” when you see your ColorQuiz test results?

The test, is something that I tend to go back to; especially, if I would like to gain some insight into my current situation. The results of the test can be so enlightening. So… Why not give it a try? It really is quick, fun, and resourceful. 

Want to get a free personality test in five minutes? Want it to be easy, fun,and accurate?  Then visit ColorQuiz.comright now!

Do You Prefer to Sleep On the Ground — Or On a Cushy Mattress?

Do you prefer to sleep on the firm ground, rather than a soft bed? Or — Is the sleeping on the ground, even a thinkable option?

Perhaps, you love that your mattress is above the ground and allows you to dangle your feet over the edge of the bed, and sometimes, you take the opportunity to let your leg over the side of your bed, while your foot anchors you by touching the ground. There may be a great comfort in touching the ground, with your foot. (Have you ever done that; or, given thought to the oddness, yet pleasantness of such a relaxed and/or sleep position?) Maybe, touching the ground with one’s foot while on a bed, is an innately natural thing to do; at a subconscious level, for electro-magnetic grounding purposes. (Kind of like, putting your toes in the sand at the beach.

In the olden days, sleeping on the ground was prettymuch the way to sleep. There may be some good benefits to sleeping that way; even better, than sleeping comfy, on a luxurious bed.

Do you believe the best way to sleep, is on a good mattress and away from the ground? Or, do you think that directly on the ground, is a perfectly natural and healthier way to sleep, just like our ancestors did long ago? (Can you even imagine, sleeping, without your bed contouring your body and only having your pillow for the cushy support?; I can’t. However, from what I have gathered, there are many people who prefer to sleep that way.

If you do sleep on the ground, have you ever given thought to positive and negative ions or how the ground may effect your energy through electro-magnetism?

Perhaps, sleeping on the ground and it’s positive effects are already common sense to you. Have you had a good experience with non-mattress sleeping? Or — Is sleeping on something cushy, a preference for yourself?