Kindle Deals For March 28 2016

Clown Apocalypse


If you’ve read some of my book reviews, you can safely guess that one of my favorite Kindle horror authors is Tim Miller.  You might also have come across a review for the first book in the April Almighty series in which I was thoroughly creeped out to the point that I did not feel comfortable reading the book in public.  I imagine that Mr. Miller would appreciate knowing that his work has had an impact on at least one reader. Anyway, to make a long story short, I would now recommend anything from the April Almighty series or that world.  That includes the stand-alone novel Clown Apocalypse.    Clown Apocalypse is set after the events in April Reigns, in which formerly human turned clown Icy Kate (pictured on this nifty cover) joins her clown boyfriend to kill people and reproduce.  It is as squicky as it sounds, which is why I imagine many readers will be curious about reading this one.  In spite of being squicky, it’s a fun read (you know, if you have a strong stomach and don’t think too much about the events).  There’s only twelve reviews for this novel on Amazon, but overall the readers love it.  Its average is 4.8 out of five stars and the people that enjoyed it are asking for more.  A few people say it’s the weakest book in the series, which is a little unfair because it’s not actually part of the April Almight series even though it returns to that world.  You can read Clown Apocalypse without having read previous April Almighty books, although Tim Miller references events from two of the three novels so it would help if you do have the background knowledge.  It’s worth it, I promise.

If you’re at all curious about Clown Apocalypse, your time frame for getting it at .99 runs through Wednesday March 30th when it will increase to 2.99.



Sawfish is a novel about monsters and human relationships (which are both terrifying things here).  This marine biologist with an interest in gigantic sea creatures grows a ginormous sawfish in his laboratory and when realizing his mistake considers destroying it, but then out of revenge for being fired from his job he releases the terror into the nearest ocean where it attacks tourists and is a ginormous problem.  Everything would be fine for him because nobody suspects he is the one who released the ginormous sawfish except that one woman does fond out and starts blackmailing him.  He decides she has to die so he breaks into his former laboratory to create and release more ginormous sawfish.  After much bloodshed he turns around to be the hero and stop his creations.  His blackmailer knows what he’s up to and increases the pressure on him, forcing a final confrontation between him and her.  As it turns out, the ginormous sawfish are the least of his problems.  Just by using Amazon’s official description, I’m excited to read this one.  It’s getting good reviews as well, a solid 4.8 out of five stars from an average of thirteen reviewers.  The people who haven’t already read it are excited to read it and the people who have read it say it’s a fun, intense ride.  One person said the ending felt “abrupt” but nobody hated this one.  Fun fact: The author Rick Chessler has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and is a certified scuba diver, which boost the credibility of this novel.

Similar to the novel Clown Apocalypse, Sawfish is only available as a Kindle Countdown Deal at .99 until March 30th 2016 when it increases to 3.99.  You can also rent it with a Kindle Unlimited membership.

You’ll notice that in the past few book deal posts I’ve focused mostly on horror, science fiction, and/or action/adventure.  While I intend to mix it up in the future, the most intriguing (to me of course) novels are genre fiction.  Don’t worry, I won’t always promote very niche subgenres.

Kindle Deals For March 23 2016

Today we’re going to look at a collection (well, a “collection” of two) of sea monster horror novels.  It’s unofficially one of the hottest sub-genres of horror (unofficially because without mainstream horror novels dictating what’s hot, we readers have to consider what topics/sub-genres are being written most in) and the Kindle Countdown Deals are a great opportunity to jump in on it.



This novella (136 pages) doesn’t have a great official description on Amazon, but we’ll do the best we can with what we’re given.  The novel begins with a Navy boat, Desron 22, doing daily activities when it comes across a  cruise ship with all but one passenger dead.  The survivor talks of a giant sea monster attacking the cruise ship and the Navy members don’t believe him until they meet the monster for themselves.  According to this description, there may be more than one monster that is even scarier than the kraken and that would be where the real problems begin.  Having not read this novella for myself, I couldn’t give much more than this away.  Having read other sea creature horror novels, I expect this one will be a bloodbath and the ending will be a cliffhanger.   Kraken has 22 customer reviews that are mostly positive.  People have compared it to the classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and said it’s fun and fast-paced with lots of firepower.  Some reviewers are friends of the author (you know, so that if you read the reviews you can decide if those reviews are credible or not) but it sounds like most of the people who have enjoyed this novella are regular fans of the author’s other work. The few reviewers that didn’t like this book believe there was too much death and the plot was too similar to other sea creature horror media.  In spite of the negative reviews, Kraken sits at a solid 4.4 out of five stars.

Kraken is at .99 as a Kindle Countdown Deal until March 29th 2016 when the price returns to 2.99.  If you’re not sure whether it’s worth the purchase, this gives you time.  Also, Kraken is a Kindle Unlimited novella, so if you have your membership you can rent it for free.

I, Kaiju


This novella (161 pages) has an even shorter official description, but it’s more compelling than Kraken‘s short official description.  Here the monster is a frozen colossal squid-like thing removed from the Antarctic ice and tested in a government facility at Area 51.  That’s about all we know.  I am guessing that somehow this squid escapes and kills a bunch of people.  Amazon says that this is a sea creature horror novella, but there’s nothing that says where the bulk of the story takes place.  Area 51 is in a desert, but maybe this monstrous squid thing moves from place to place leaving a trail of bodies.  It’s all speculation at this point.  What I can tell you is that the average rating of I, Kaiju is 3.6 out of five stars, which seems disappointing but in context of only five reviews is a little misleading.  People like that the story is told from the squid’s point of view and has social implications about humanity, but other reviews say that the dialogue “dragged sometimes” and they would like it if this book was edited better.  I am curious to see what a colossal squid would say, which is why I will be renting a copy of this book with my Kindle Unlimited membership.

I, Kaiju will be priced at .99 until March 26th 2016 when it returns to 2.99, but as I mentioned above, it is also free to rent with a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Both Kraken and I, Kaiju are published by Severed Press, which is a small press horror publisher. Pardon the redundancy of the sentence.  Although these two novellas have been given mixed reviews by readers, I’ve heard good things overall about the quality of literature published by Severed Press.

Kindle Deals For March 11 2016

Kindle Countdown Deals



I have personally read this book and can say that it may not look promising just looking at its Amazon rating, but it’s a gory, fun creature novella.  Who doesn’t love mutated sea creatures gone very wrong?  In the beginning, a secret tactical team is assigned to do a clean sweep of a private research facility.  It’s a routine job, or so the team believes.  The research facility is abandoned; What could possibly go wrong?  Ha!  The facility is overrun by mutated lampreys, which as the cover shows, is a sea creature with prominent fang-like teeth.  The hero of the novel is surprisingly an unemployed, down-on-his-luck college instructor named Conrad Garfield.  He is familiar with normal lampreys and other sea creatures to a point, but with no military training he is in a dangerous position.  Of course he is separated from the team and left to fend for himself against vicious, hungry lampreys.  Does he succeed?  You’ll find out in 135 (give or take) short pages.  I told you it’s a novella!  One potential turn-off that I have to tell you up front is that this book is far-fetched (No, really?) and the writing is “uneven” and “implausible”.  Clearly it isn’t a novella for readers who want their adventure novels to make real-world sense.  While I view it that it’s a fun “beach read” (though you might not want to read it at the beach given its monsters), some readers may find these qualities too distracting to enjoy.  The positive reviews for Lampreys are generic, not particularly helpful if you want to know what makes this book a fun read.  The best thing I can say is that I would personally recommend it if you want a sea creature horror/adventure novel and can suspend your disbelief long enough to read it.

If you think this sounds like a fun novella but you aren’t sure you want to purchase it, you have a few days to decide.  Lampreys is available as a Kindle Countdown at .99 (from its original price of 3.99) until Monday 14th 2016.



A young woman named Nellie is a budding psychic medium with the ability to communicate with the long-dead (at first limited to her ancestors).  Her ability makes her a target of interest between spirit guardians and demonic entities who want her on their side.  Torn between worlds and good versus evil, Nellie has to learn quickly how to use her ability and avoid entities that would use her for bad purposes.  Amazon’s official description adds that she has to rescue her psychic “other half” to “reconnect their powers” and ward off the evil that’s becoming more active and threatening.  Neither the official description nor the customer reviews explain what “other half” means (for example, is it a doppleganger, a relative, a lover?), but it sounds like someone that compliments and boosts her own abilities.  We also don’t know for sure whether this book is for young adults or adults, whether it’s a superhero novel, mythological novel, or fairytale, and any other additional information.  The reader reviews are overwhelmingly positive, giving the book a five out of five star rating, but there are only four reviews and they’re brief snippets.  It sounds worth a try in spite of being not well explained.

Skyview is reasonably priced at a regular 1.99, but until Monday 14th 2016 you can buy it for .99.  It’s also a KIndle Unlimited novel, which makes it free to rent for anyone with a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Apologies for this being a shorter post; there are a few interesting-looking Kindle Countdown Deal books such as the two I described, but there are considerably less appealing options for today.


Kindle Deals For March 2 2016

Kindle Daily Deals

Envy of Angels (A Sin du Jour Affair)

The setting of this fantasy comedy is a New York restaurant/catering company called Sin du Jour and the customers are various demons and entities.  Amazon’s official description is basically this and not helpful, so the rest of the summary is based on customer reviews.  The novel begins when two line cooks are hired to cater a post-treaty event held by two formerly warring demon tribes and follows the pair of chefs as they try to keep it together (themselves and the event).  Although it’s a 227 page book, many reviewers say it’s a quick, easy read and much shorter than a traditional novel (which is why the word “novella” is thrown around frequently).  Many of the reviews are highly positive about it, saying that it’s “fun” and “unique”.  It has a 4.7 out of five star average rating, which is good news.

Envy of Angels is only .99 for today and will return to 2.99 tomorrow.

The other Kindle Daily Deals are

Kindle Countdown Deals

Basement Dwellers


Who knew that good guys can bring about the apocalypse? In the post-apocalyptic zombie novel Basement Dwellers, a well-intentioned surgeon attempts to help the survivors of a massive car wreck through the use of experimental drugs and ends up zombifying them. One of the infected corpses is sent to the hospital morgue, leading to the mortician, the coroner, and the sheriff locked in the basement during a CDC quarantine. The surgeon meanwhile creates additional zombies as he uses the remaining subjects for an unzombifying cure. If the zombies aren’t enough of a problem, the CDC is ready to torch the hospital and stop the infection. There is only one review of this book and it’s a five star rating, so I won’t recommend basing your decision to read or avoid this based on reviews. Here you’ll have to decide for yourself.

If you are remotely interested in Basement Dwellers, now is the time to purchase it. The Countdown Deal price will be 1.99 until March 3rd 2016 when it increases by $1 to its original 2.99. This isn’t a significant leap, but it’s still a savings. You can also rent Basement Dwellers with your Kindle Unlimited membership.

Kindle Deals For March 1 2016

Kindle Countdown Deals

Dark Crossings (The Darking Book)

In this action adventure supernatural novel, twins Kale and Cross are experiments for “The Department” because of their supernatural abilities and Cross has had it.  He convinces Kale that they should escape so one night they try to break out.  Cross is shot and separated from Kale.  When Cross returns to consciousness, his memory of Kale and the night of their escape is wiped so he believes that Kale is dead. Kale remembers everything but he is threatened with death if he doesn’t allow “The Department” to keep experimenting on Cross, so he complies.  Ten years later when the two men are 24, Cross remembers everything that happened and he is not okay with it.   He is going to make it his life’s goal to escape “The Department” once more and reunite with his brother.  Dark Crossings is labeled as a young adult novel for ages 12 to 18 but don’t let that scare you away. The readers like that it’s “action-packed” and has many twists and turns right to the end. One reviewer says that it’s part of a series but can also read as a stand-alone novel. It only has six customer reviews at the moment, so this is one that you’ll have to read and decide for yourself if it’s worth the 4.8 out of five stars.

Dark Crossings is a Kindle Countdown Deal for .99 until March 5th 2016 when it returns to 2.99. It is also available to rent with a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Miscellaneous Deals

Kindle “Two For One” deals:

This Kindle “Two For One” deal is new to me, and you would not believe how happy I am to find it. There are categories for books that you can choose from and then you receive two complete Kindle books for a much better deal than if you bought them separately. The kicker is that you can’t mix and match your books; if you want one book from the historical romance subgenre and one book from the paranomal suspense subgenre, you have to buy them at their full price. Although you don’t have as many choices as turning to the Kindle Countdown Deals, this deal is excellent if you are new to a subgenre and want to read some books that exemplify it. One concerning thing: This deal is also elusive in that sometimes you can find it but other times you can’t. I’m mentioning it through this link so that you can find it much easier and so you know it’s legitimate.

Kindle Daily Deals For February 28 2016

Kindle Countdown Deals

Extinction Edge (The Extinction Cycle)


I (or rather, Amazon first and then me second) made a mistake in reporting about the books from Nicholas Sanbury Smith’s The Extinction Cycle series that were on the Kindle Countdown Deals.  What I said in my post was that books 1, 3, and 4 were .99 for however many days.  I was getting mixed messages about the fifth book, a pre-order, and the second book was priced at its regular 1.99 and therefore not a Kindle Countdown Deal.  This was all based on information directly from Amazon’s website and I kind of have to trust them.  Well, now I need to correct a mistake that they and I have made.  Extinction Edge, the second book in The Extinction Cycle series, was intended to be on the Countdown Deals page.

This book picks up from the end of Extinction Horizon where Dr. Kate Lovato had released a bioweapon in a city that was overrun by Variants (former people infected with the Hemorrhage Virus that are now zombies that refuse to die).  The intention was that the bioweapon would kill the Variants, but instead of dying some of them were transformed into even worse creatures that could evolve.  The military team plans on carrying out Operation Liberty, which would kill the Variants once and for all if it would just work.  Dr. Lovato, who was more familiar with the Variants than Central Command, has to inform Master Sargeant Reed Beckham (leader of the Operation Liberty strike team) that Operation Liberty may not work as planned and could in fact be a trap.  Reader reviews are extremely spoiler-filled, so if you are unsure about this book and want more information, you may not want to read the reviews on Amazon.  Just a friendly heads-up, and also the reason I am sticking with getting information from the official description on Amazon.  The good news is that readers love this book.  It has a 4.8 out of five stars rating and everyone this far has given it three stars or greater.  The biggest complain is that Extinction Edge is repetitive in the sense that since the Variants won’t die no matter what, you know from the beginning how it’s going to end.  This is a fair argument given that there are five books in this series and clearly nothing major can be resolved by the second book, but the majority of the reviewers find the trial and error/”Why won’t they die?” the most exciting part of the novel. In other words, Extinction Edge may well be repetitive, but according to the bulk of the reviews, that is a good thing.

The one problem with purchasing Extinction Edge as a Kindle Countdown Deal is that your time frame is extremely limited.  It’ll be priced at .99 until Monday February 29th, when it’ll return to 1.99.  If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership you can rent the book for free, but if you’re at all interested in owning it then you have to decide to buy relatively soon.

Kindle Deals For February 26 2016

Kindle Countdown Deals

Books From “The Extinction Cycle” Series:


Nicholas Sansbury Smith has created an action-filled science fiction horror series worth following in “The Extinction Series”, and I say that as a non-fan of military-based settings and drawn-out writing.  Full disclosure: I have only purchased the first book, Extinction Horizon, and am putting the following four books on my To Be Read pile.  The series looks like this:

In Extinction Horizon, a medical research facility is infected by a strain of Ebola that turns its victims into zombies.  The infection spreads to everyday people and entire cities are overrun by Variants, the infected zombies.  The remaining four books are how a unit of the military is trying to kill the virus (eventually called the Hemorrhage Virus) and the Variants but it never seems to work.  We’ll have to read Extinction End, soon-to-be released on February 29th 2016, to see if the world can be saved.

Books from author Jeff Strand:

Jeff Strand used to be my go-to horror-comedy author.  While his newer anthology-style stories are hit or miss depending on how you like collections of short stories, some of his older work is actually amazing.



If you’re new to Jeff Strand’s writing, I highly recommend you start with Dweller, the caveat being that it is out-of-character for his usual writing style.  It’s the story of a person’s transition from boy to man told through his relationship with a bigfoot-esque creature that lives in the forest near his childhood home. There is a bit of Strand’s dark humor in the novel, such as the scene where the main character Toby Floren introduces a girlfriend to his bigfoot monster and it doesn’t end well.  I refuse to spoil it because it’s so worth reading.  Overall, Dweller is a coming-of-age novel and is more serious in tone.  Note that on this cover, Dread Central reviews it as “oddly poignant” because it is.  The ending is a tear-jerker, completely appropriate and not at all surprising but sad nonetheless.  Dweller has been reviewed very similarly to my little synopsis/opinion of it.  Some readers point out that it is in fact one of Strand’s more serious novels. They have called it “Amazing…A great read…A Beautiful story…Creepy…”  The reviewers that didn’t like it felt that it was geared towards high school readers instead of mature adults.  The negative reviews haven’t hurt Dweller‘s Amazon rating; it holds strong at a solid 4.5 out of five stars.

There is a time crunch for purchasing Dweller at .99.  On February 28th 2016 it will increase to its regular price of 3.99.  You can, however, read Dweller for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Wolf Hunt 2


In Wolf Hunt 2 we are reintroduced to hired thugs (and extremely, hilariously incompetent humans) George and Lou.  They were caught while hiding out in a shack in Costa Rica and their crime boss wants them to do one more thing for him-deliver a fourteen-year-old teenage werewolf girl to him so she can bite him.  George and Lou make a bunch of mistakes with her as well because they are incapable of learning from past mistake and somehow they end up making three additional werewolves mad at them. The interesting thing in reading reviews for this book is that readers like it except when they don’t and they aren’t sure how to rate it.  A reviewer named “Kaisersoze” made a great point when they addressed the middle of the book with “Wolf Hunt 2 stops being as funny, even when Strand seems to be trying for such a reaction. That said, he clearly knows he’s gone into darker territory, and does scale it back a little.”  I mentioned this reviewer because they clearly state what the major problem with Wolf Hunt 2 is and gives future readers a heads-up without spoiling any details.  Judging from this and other readers, Wolf Hunt 2 is still a good book, but it’s much darker than Wolf Hunt (?!) and may not be for everyone.  In spite of readers having mixed reactions, Wolf Hunt 2 is still rated a 4.3 out of five stars.

As with Dweller, there is a time crunch for purchasing Wolf Hunt 2 at .99.  It will return to its original price of 3.99 on February 28th 2016.  If you aren’t sure about buying it, you can still rent it with your Kindle Unlimited membership.

The other five Jeff Strand novels are:

Happy reading everyone!

Kindle Deals For February 24 2016

Kindle Daily Deals

Beyond Innocence


This is a historical romance set during the time that English criminals were being sent to Australia (the prisoner country). The female lead Electra Shipley was once a privileged Englishwoman but was imprisoned and sentenced to seven years of transportation to New South Wales, Australia.  She is determined to survive her sentence and return to her rich life in England, but along the way her plans change.  She marries the male lead William Radcliffe and they eventually fall in love.  The problem?  People on the ship loathe Electra and could harm her, leading to the couple trying to survive the prison colony in Australia and the people who want to hurt Electra.  This novel has overwhelmingly positive reviews and is currently rated 4.6 stars out of five.  Readers say it is well-researched and has the feel of a saga.  The only complaints are that it may not be as historically accurate as it could be and there are stereotypical character interactions. While it has been called “engrossing” and the synopsis suggests that this is a complex read, some readers argue that it’s a lighter read. Beyond Innocence may not be for all readers, but it sounds like a “beach read” and sometimes we might want something like that.

Beyond Innocence is available as a Kindle Daily Deal priced as 1.99 (down from its regular 3.99).  For those with a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can also rent the book for free.



Fans of time-travel paranormal romance novels may find this one interesting.  I had to purchase it myself even though it’s out of my genres because it’s been getting good reviews and this might be my only chance at trying it at a good price.  I will explain that later.  In Mariana the main character is Julia, a woman who buys a house that has always felt like it was meant for her. Julia realizes that the house is still occupied by its original owner Mariana. She learns that this is a time travel situation where she lives her present life but she is also transported to Mariana’s life. When Julia realizes that Mariana’s life threatens to overtake Julia’s own life in the present, she needs to figure out how to break the connection between her and Mariana. Readers say that there is a mix of the paranormal in that the connection between Julia and Mariana is a portal in the house and romance in that Julia-as-Mariana falls in love with a 16th century man and it’s a fun read. The book has received 4.4 stars out of five, which is a good sign.

There is a time crunch if you think you want to buy this book but are not sure.Mariana is a traditionally published novel, regularly priced at 16.99 as an e-book.  If you are interested, you can buy it at the Kindle Daily Deal price of 1.99.

Kindle Deals For February 17 2016

Before offering some (very late deals), I wanted to briefly explain how I write these reviews.  If I’ve read the book before, I will mention that somewhere in the review.  I might admit that I don’t remember much of the book and am basing some of my review on other’s synopsi or the official book description, but in those reviews I can talk most authoratatively.  For books that look interesting but are on my to-be-read list, I base everything in my review from the official book description or customer reviews.  Sometimes I have been greatly misled.  For example, if you read my review for The Girls From Alcyone and then read the book, what you read from me is nothing like the book.  This is because someone wrote a lacking synopsis and I went with it.  If I make any major errors as such, definitely let me know so I can read the book and correct it.

Kindle Daily Deals    

My Lady of Deception


I purchased this book early today but have not read it yet.  I do look forward to it, though.  Amazon’s official description of the book says that this book was once part of a box set but is now a stand-alone novel.  Apparently the plot of the book is based on lies and secrets, mainly those of the female lead Georgina.  She is the daughter of a traitorous character known as “The Fox” (leader of a group of Irish radicals) and essentially her life is terrible because her father abuses her constantly.   She finally gets the chance to stand up to him (sort of) by concealing that part of her identity when she falls in love with the main male lead Adam, a capture of “The Fox” and someone she would be expected to hate.  Reviewers say that this book is too angsty from beginning to end and they felt conflicted about the romantic pairing.  Some reviewers say Georgina is an interesting heroine and they were on her side the entire journey, but other reviewers thought she was everyone’s doormat and made every wrong decision possible.  While the book is rated at 4.5 out of five stars and many readers enjoyed its mix of romance and suspense, at least one reviewer said that this is a darker book than most of author Christi Caldwell’s offerings.  I’ll be honest, I don’t normally care about UK European historical novels and romance novels are hit or miss (usually miss), but this one sounds like fun.  The genres I normally read in have less-than-stellar main characters and I swear the authors are trying to out-dark each other.  I can’t imagine a romance novel being as terrifying as what I normally read.  Heck, it might be somewhat of a reprieve.

My Lady of Deception is normally 3.99, but as a Kindle Daily Deal its special price is 1.99.  If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can rent this book for free as long as it’s a Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Deals For February 13th 2016

Kindle Countdown Deals

I’m going to do something unique today and post novels from one author that I can personally vouch for because I’ve read at least half of his work.  The author is Mark Lukens and he writes supernatural horror, mystery, and thriller novels (usually mixing subgenres).

Ancient Enemy


This novel is somewhat of a road trip novel, opening in New Mexico where a team of archaeologists are on a dig at a site of Anasazi ruins and while they are doing their business they meet a young Navajo boy named David.  David is injured and abandoned so the lead archaeologist Stella volunteers to care for him.  Around the time that the archaeologists meet David, something ancient and evil is released from the ruins and attacks the archaeologist team.  Stella and David survive the first attack by jumping into Stella’s car and heading to Colorado where they think they’ll be safe.  Along the way they are hijacked by a group of bank robbers and the group stops at a seemingly abandoned cabin to spend the night.  My knowledge of this novel get fuzzy from this point, but I promise you that nobody is safe and the entity that has tracked them down has a thing for *SPOILERS* hacking into corpses *SPOILERS*.  This was my introduction to Mark Lukens and I was impressed enough to keep reading books by him.  I should warn you that right now that he is not as prolific as other self-published authors.  All that said, I enjoyed Ancient Enemy and I can honestly recommend it as an exciting supernatural horror/thriller.

Ancient Enemy is a Kindle Countdown Deal for .99 until February 18th 2016 when it returns to its original price of 2.99. If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, however, you can rent this book for free.

Night Terrors


I did read this one as part of my Kindle Unlimited membership and I remember it sounded good, but I admit I don’t remember anything from it.  That doesn’t mean it was a bad book, just that for some reason it didn’t stay with me.  Night Terrors is labeled as a supernatural thriller.  The main character is a 25-year-old woman named Tara Simmons who is cursed with psychic abilities and night terrors, one that is recurring.  In her night terrors she meets an entity called the Shadow Man, who is more real than she wishes.  When she was sixteen the Shadow Man killed her parents and has been pursuing her ever since then.  Along the way the Shadow Man kills people around Tara to let her know that he’s getting closer, and she sees every one of the murders through his eyes.  His end goal is to kill her like he always wanted and Tara is scared, but she is ready to fight back and end the nightmare.  Does she succeed?  That’s the “thriller” part of this novel.     Readers have liked this book well enough, giving it an average of 4.4 out of five stars.  Most people did call it thrilling and “an enjoyable read”, although one user said it was not as good as Ancient Enemy.  Nobody gave it one star, although there is whispers that some people gave it two stars.  The reviews on the first page are overwhelming positive, however, so Night Terrors seems to be a winner for many others.

Night Terrors is a Kindle Countdown Deal for .99 until February 18th 2016 when it returns to 2.99.  As I said in my synopsis/review, it is also a Kindle Unlimited novel so you can rent it with a Kindle Unlimited membership.

The third Mark Luken novel is The Summoning, which is a supernatural mystery about a woman who summons a demon in a town that has a dark past, which may or may not be connected with the demon.  I have not read this book, but it sounds like a perfect fit for a supernatural horror buff.

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