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BlogJob was created out of the desire to help provide a way for people to make a living, by just writing about the things they love the most. Depending on the amount of effort you put in and by taking advantage of the ad revenue-sharing program, affiliate marketing, business opportunities and the rewards program, it can be possible to make a living simply from blogging. Our plan is to be able to give back enough through the rewards program so you wouldn’t have to rely on any other method, but to make that hope a reality we need your help in return. In simple terms, the more revenue the website generates, the more we will be able to reward everyone for their efforts. Here are some of the things you can do to help us all grow and succeed together.

  • Posting as much unique and original content as possible will create a vibrant community and should help in preventing the site from receiving search engine penalties.
  • Sharing your posts with your friends on social media networks can bring visitors to your blog and may help improve overall search engine rankings, increasing advertising revenue for both you and us.
  • Partnering in a business opportunity will play a major role in the success of everyone involved, and can give you the ability to experience true financial freedom.

Thank you for your help. Now let’s get started learning how to use the site.

How to Earn Rewards