Yes, I Know it is Only Monday

freya hat
This picture of the cat has absoulutely nothing to do with anything at all as she has a blog to warble on all on her own. I just couldn’t find anything better for now.

Why the Wednesday Warblings?

I have decided that here on Blogjob I want to explore my tendency to want to write about anything and everything. I have created sites to write on for Sunday and Monday (have you seen the Catblog Cat’s contribution for today  yet?) and even if it seems a little silly to start Wednesday before Tuesday, the name appealed to me.,

What I Will Warble About

It is on this blog that I shall write about anything and everything just like I used to in the good old days when we all earned money on a certain other site. I never could keep to 400 characters anyway as for me, words drip from my fingers and into the keyboard incessantly.

I Shall Warble if I Want To!

This blog is my indulgence, my flight of fancy and if I decide to write a whole novel on it then I shall. I refuse to be restricted by any kind of convention here and poems and sonnets and songs and an outpouring of my thoughts may end up here. Why not? With writing you can create your own world and I have a space to write on.

And One Day When I am Very Old

One day, when I am very old, I shall put everything into a book and call it the “Book of Me” Hopefully, seeing as I cannot leave my children one, this will become famous and make the family fortune and if it doesn’t they can show it to their children and let them be inspired to write.

My Great Grandmother left me such a book. It is wonderful. I have  had such fun finding out about the things she wrote.  She used an old excersise book, but I shall use an online publisher and maybe also include her diary with my own efforts. Why not? What have I to use. See you Wednesdays for my treat to myself and hopefully also to you if you like what I write.