When Cowards Think An Act Of Terror is a Show Of Bravery

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attack...

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attacked by terrorists with grenades (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is dominated by brilliant minds whose positive impacts have left legacies in terms of technology, innovations and other things usable to man. However we have other people who lead a negative kind of lifestyle. They do not value humanity and there are only in existence to cause pain and suffering to other people. Such people’s legacy is nothing but an absurd belief in hurting, killing and maiming innocent people in order to settle religious and political scores. A terrorist is the name given to such an individual! The nonreligious lot that shamelessly does nasty things known to man and later hides in a religious group when targeted by those who value humanity.

Understanding Terrorism

The word terror is an English word that means ‘extreme fear.’  In recent past, we have heard and witnessed series of terror activities in Kenya and all round the world. But the question remains, what is that thing that they want?

It happens that real terrorists are not ready to die, just yet, for what they believe in. That is the reason why they use useless bodies that are radicalized to think that terrorism is the perfect course to reach for heavenly or Godly rewards. But the end results is simple, a fool dies while surviving a greedy master.

Think about this. When a brave soldier goes to war, he or she faces equal forces waiting at the other end. But when a terror goes to the war zone, nope! A peace zone and kills innocent people, I wonder how he or she should see self. Of course, that is not bravery because no one is equally armed. Oops! Only a coward hides under the light while committed to the forces of evil.

Youth Radicalization

In Kenya, known terrorists take advantage of an unemployment situation in the country by promising recruits with a good job, salaries and other riches; this is how educated fellows find themselves in the middle of a terrorist group.

Other persons targeted are naïve youths who do not understand religious life that much; this includes school children who always value the teachings of their teachers— radical religious teachers. This is why in many occasions; you will find converts being the most notorious terrorists.

In other reasons, youths like being part of the mighty change. This is how ISIS is spreading all over the world. To them being in the spot-light is something worth dying for. And they cowardly do this, not believing in terrorism but because they want to leave a mark in history— even when it means a negative legacy.

Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.

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