Was The EAC Community Formed For Business Only?

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 Map of African Countries of EAC  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The long wait… at the end, one more country goes down in Africa; I pity the East Africa Community because it is like a toothless bulldog. So many businesses minded plans, a good future for business ideas but nothing defensive when it comes to solving problem among the member states.

The presidents heading EAC member states are just greedy for power or maybe they do not care about live s of people in the area they have united… Damn! EAC region is just a name on papers but in reality every country is on its own.

I hate to say that citizens of these countries are already united. They work together because of love and humanity they feel about one another. This is why they always demand for other countries to intervene to save the political misunderstanding that has swindled peace and prosperity in Burundi.

The wish of the people of EAC community is to make this region a better place so that other African countries can follow-up into formation of a true African Union. The AU we have is a problem to itself… another organization that African countries needs to review if future is the main aim.

Every working organization should aim to guard the people from all forms misery. Whose interest does EAC serve?  Was it to make this region a play field for power thirsty leaders? By now I do think that the idea of coming up with EAC was to make sure that bad leaders have someone to lean on when things go ugly in their backyards.

I really do not like it how head of states in EAC countries are quiet when citizens of Burundi (a member state country) needs them.  Citizens in this region are calling for their leaders to act but nothing yet because I guess it was meant to be like this. It is like we are on our own… if it burns no one will come for us.

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