War On Terror, Is KDF Fighting Wrong War?

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About two years ago, the Somalia parliament voted unanimously against Kenya Defense Forces in their country. They argued that KDF personnel are no longer needed in the country because the Somalia Army is strong enough to deal with Islamists causing havoc in the horn of Africa.

This prompted the world to come together and urged Kenya not to withdraw its forces in the country. They said that fragile peace and economic stability in Somalia is being experienced because the Kenyan Army is still active under the AU peacekeepers umbrella. And that terrorist, al-shabaab—affiliated with al-Qaeda, are on the run because of Kenya’s presence in Somalia.

Kenya was adamant that it would stay in Somalia until terrorism is no longer a threat in east Africa, and up to now, this stand has not been shaken by terrorism in the country.

The attacks targeting both civilians and security personnel have been the trend in Kenya in recent years, with most recent one being the attack on Kenyan military camp in Somalia where unknown number of KDF personnel lost there lives.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in his vocation in Mombasa, coastal region of Kenya, said that Kenya would not withdraw KDF from the horn of Africa until African Mission in Somalia is over. He later said that Kenyan security forces would make sure that those people behind the heinous crimes against Kenyans pay for every Kenyan bloodshed. In addition, that they will be hunted in all terrains, regions in day and night until the threat is eliminated.

But now Kenyans have began questioning why Kenya Defense Forces are still in Somalia, about two years since that fall of Kismayu from al-shabaab control! Reports from Somalia says that, a day before the Kenyan military camp was attacked, civilians living near that camp vanished. This means that people in Somalia are either assisting terrorists or they knew something before it happened.

For once, Kenyan intelligence system was got off-guard; the short question is, why? This story is just another story within a story. Damn!

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