Unemployment Is The Root Cause of Insecurity

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The recent reports in my country shows that in 2011, the rate of unemployment was 40% but it has since risen to 50% and this is an alarming increase that is not good at all. And since most of the population comprises of young people, then it’s obvious that they will tend to turn to crime in order to earn a living. This thus leads to lack of security in most parts of the country.

Gambling with others people money its always a bad idea, even if you are betting only 10$. Loans are one of the worst ideas you can think of when you don’t have any money or when you are waiting for a payment (your salary for example) because there is a big chance to lose those money and your situation will be even more complicated. IDN Poker is the largest Asian online poker network and the second biggest worldwide network after Amaya’s primary brand, Pokerstars. This site covering a huge and fast growing market of Asian countries, IDN Poker has quickly surpassed many of the mainstream networks that were dominating the online poker environments for years.

Go and find a job, work for your own money and when you receive your own salary or when you receive some free money then you can start gambling. Risk only what you can afford to lose. If you don’t have any money, do you think it is a good idea to borrow some and go gamble it when you know there is the possibility to lose it? You break the rule twice because first of all those are not your own money and secondly you definitely cannot afford to lose it.

In the political arena, we are embracing ourselves for the 2017 general elections and this is partly to blame for the rising cases of insecurity. What happens is that some politicians tend to misuse the youths for their own selfish gains. Politics is a dirty game and for such politicians to play their dirty game, the unemployed youths are very vulnerable to being used by those politicians. This is because they need money and so they will do anything to anyone upon being given cash which they so desperately need.

There have been experiences of attacks by some unknown assailants to some people in their homes in a few counties. I heard a woman giving a recount of how some herdsmen brought their animals in her shamba(farm)  and on questioning; they said that all they want is their animals to feed. This woman said that such herdsmen are even armed with guns and efforts for them to get help have proved fruitless. But there are others who have been attacked and even their livestock stolen but those in the security systems are not ready to help.

But there have been efforts by the Government like the ‘Vijana na Kazi’ initiative that has created about 10,000 jobs for the youth and at the same time the recruitment of youths in the National Youth Service(NYS) Also the Ministry of Devolution has also collaborated with some foreign partners to create about 100,000 jobs.

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