Time That The Youths Turn to Farming

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms...

This farming group in Kilimambogo, Kenya farms a small plot of kale (pictured here) as well as maize and other vegetables. They work hard to increase their meager incomes, but both the farm and their homes are on squatted government land, meaning they could have to move and abandon their farm with little notice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some time now there has been an influx of people moving from the rural areas to urban areas as they scramble for the few white collar jobs that are available. But then there has been complains of the current 8-4-4 system of learning that is not the original one that was introduced in 1985.It has not been easy as employers claim that fresh graduates do not really have the hands on experience that is required for them to be absorbed in the job market.

I think it’s the high time that youths cease being selective on the type of a job that they do. I remember when I was in primary and high school; we had the opportunity of doing some digging in the evenings. By then there was this mentality that being educated means being a nurse or a teacher just to mention a few and what other skills that were taught, no teacher ever told that whether they will ever be applicable in our after education life. But for those who couldn’t make it to proceed to secondary school, they have been able to apply the technical knowledge that they gained in school in subjects like Art and Craft that encompassed woodwork.

In Kenya, looking at the job market it’s not enough to absorb everyone hence the high rate of unemployment given that more and more young people are graduating day in day out. But there is a new venture in town which involves undertaking farming and there has seen a number of success stories of young people who are doing just fine in the farms.

So it doesn’t matter what your qualifications are in the academic field since white collar jobs are hard to come by, its only good to try your luck on anything including farming.


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