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Youths – Waflay Post
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Tempted To Touch, Not Me!

Nairobi is full of people who could do anything for a reason or returns in investment. That is why we have cuties who thinks their facial appearance if the passport to whatever hidden in a man’s deep pocket.

They are hot and no doubt about that! However, not very person can be interested in their physical appearance for whatever reason. I learned to control what I see and what I feel for, and nothing can easily change my mind from what I think is right, if not wrong.

Today, a pretty girl came to me because she wanted something fixed. As a person who understands my profession and the code of my job, I did my usual best and handed over her then working electronic device.

I could feel her happiness because of how she thanked me several times. But nope, I was not interested in her empty appreciations; my work is always rewarded by a fee, not empty exaggerated and lovely voice. Oops! Not even rolling of those big beautiful eyes.

Damn! There are those day when I get big surprises from some of them. They come like ordinary clients but they ends up being a source of pure heartache and headache at the same time.

One thing is, I do not like seen my customers walking away with a frown on their faces but for these type of girls, they walk away disappointed because I do not fall for their trap. Like this lady who once told me to ask for something else as payment because she had no money.

Does beauty mean a direct ticket to having anything from a man? I like my money safe with me or with my special someone. I work hard for my close persons to be happy and I just do not care about someone else problems.

Well, let them worry not about their lifestyle. It is good for them to learn that not all men are tempted to touch.

Kenyan Youths, Tomorrow That Never Comes

For each electioneering period, I have always heard those vying for the top seat youths urging them to give them their vote with the excuse that they gonna come in the forefront in their manifesto. They say that the young people are the leaders of tomorrow and one would expect the youth to very much be integrated by the so-called candidates once they get in the office. But this has only turned to be a big joke since it seems that their tomorrow never comes to be.

Only recently, the executive in my country appointed several old political folks to chair certain government organizations but it was all clear that this action had a lot of biasing. The youths were indeed left out and what a disappointment it was as they made it clear in the social media. They went ahead and referred to the appointees as recycles of old politicians. The young people form the largest mass of the voters and at the same time are very vulnerable to political games by the influential politicians.

Even if young people are the leaders of tomorrow, one wonders when this will take effect in reality but not for the sake of the sweet talking tongue. It is only right that they are given their rightful opportunity to serve the people since may be we need a political change. It’s just like in the most stable companies that seek new recruits for employment but would go ahead and ask for a 10-year experience in the related work field. The question is, when any young person had the opportunity to work for those ten years and yet one is a fresher from college.

I think that our leaders ought to get out of the cocoon and be serious with the young people and time is now to avoid taking advantage of their weaknesses. The best that can be done is to focus on strengthening the young people politically.

Another life lost as a result of political involvement in misuse of the youth

It has been alleged that a prospective parliamentary candidate hired youths to go and seal off a building that has been having ownership wrangles for sometime now. But the sad thing is that the unemployed youths are very vulnerable and will do anything even illegal so long as money exchanging hands is characteristic.

It’s not clear what the youths were asked to do because when some were sealing off the building with iron sheets, others broke into different shops looting property and cash. The dead young man was shot by the police who came to save the situation as scores of others are in hospital nursing injuries. It’s the high time that the youths know that such politicians do not care about anyone but only their power-hungry dealings.

I think such politicians are just like mercenaries who are greedy enough to risk anyone’s life so long as they accomplish their evil missions. May God give the affected families during this very trying moment bearing in mind that this could have been avoided. This is not the first time that we are experiencing that a nasty incident involving the youths.

I think it’s the high time that the youths should follow a true leader who is loyal in heart and out to help better their lives. They may be unemployed but a good leader is one who is ready to change their destiny and show them the way of being financially stable. Being given hand-outs to cause harm to others is that last thing in the mind of a true leader since this is not cash that will last forever.

The youths ought to stand out with one voice of not allowing cheap politics to be used on them since this will eventually negatively affect their lives. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by money.

Are We Bringing Up The Next Generation of Indisciplined Leaders Of Tomorrow?

Is it true that our generation has the most manners-less children? I heard a man complaining that children are being treated with too much love, making them immune to communal knowledge and discipline.

Frankly speaking, I have witnessed cases where children as young as three years using adult language in the presence of their parents, however, instead of parents guiding them not to, they cheer them on in triumph.

Then at one time, I saw a parent engage in physical fight with a stranger because the person threatened her child and frightened it into crying like a little devilish maniac.

Well, the stranger reacted like that because it was the only way to stop the stream of insults from the little kid. Sad that the mother did not even try to identify where the problem was, she chose the easy way of solving the case— fighting off the stranger.

Believe it not, these are kind of children who would embarrass you with big, obscene, abusive language but they are untouchables in their protected lifestyle. To them, being superior in verbal attack is the way of life and they are just proud of having this ability.

I know of a small kid who was expelled from class for using an F-word to his teacher. Apparently, the teacher wanted him to perform some class duty but the little boy refused to do as he was directed to. Instead, the boy insulted his teacher. The matter was never solved because the parent to the little boy backed up the kid, choosing to let the child stay at home than to continue schooling.

Now you see? Some of us breeding the next generation that will be so hard to control. Life of a child should not be left in the mercy of the world. We as parents have to do whatever it takes to bring up children who would be disciplined leaders of tomorrow.

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High Risks That Expose Young People to Engage in Sexual Activities

The following are some of the risks that might lead to youths engaging is sexual activities.

Sexual permissive parental values

In this case; parents leave their children to do as they wish assuming that they are just children. Even if parents notice that their children have a romantic relationship with the opposite sex, they do not bother to question anything. So they children get involved to sexual activity since there are no principles or personal values and boundaries on whether they should not have sex.

During family get together gatherings

It is during these occasions that the adults have the opportunity to enjoy their drinks of beer and especially during the end of year (December) festivities. You may find that the young people may get access to such drinks—may be through stealing them. This can result to a child getting drunk and thus get exposed to unintended sexual activity.

There are also other instances where a child can be introduced to drugs may be through cakes that contain such substances and thus influencing a young person to engage in sex.

-There are parents who feel that since they are single, it is hard to raise a child alone and feels that a certain child is in an age where it’s hard to talk to them and difficult to have the child listen to you. They feel that it is a burden to bring up a child single handedly and so if such parents do not look for assistance may be from the child’s uncle may lead to the child getting involved to sexual activity.

-In case the young person have a history of sexual abuse. This may include persons who have sexually abused, those who may have unprotected sex and left to worry about the consequences to follow. This may also include young girls who get pressure from several men, which may be due to them being seductive, or their way of walking which convey something to these men.