That Special Someone Will Just Come Along

What really determines the choice of spouses— girlfriend boy friend or that special someone in your life? Life baffles me every moment I take my lungful of gases and exhale some. I just cannot help wondering how God created a web and completed it, making sure that we all fall under someone in our lives.

I always believe that, there is not just one special someone in someone’s life but it also depends on the surrounding and personal discipline for one to be that special.

Like in my life story, I loved someone very much while I was still a young person. Unfortunately, I had to leave that place because we had to shift as whole family which gave me no choice but to let her go…. Just like that.

Oops! It only took me some days before I met with another special person. She meant a lot to me that I saw life as a lucky flower that always blooms in my feet. However, because of schooling, we never had that chance to explore each other’s life to the maximum. Okay, it ended parting ways because of lack of commitment to one another.

This story does not end there. It goes on and on until with special people popping up in different interval in my life. Something that makes me wonder if the surrounding plays an important role in meeting with someone you will love forever!

Sometimes I guess if I stayed far from my present location, I could be having another lover apart from my current one. One fact remains, my heart will always fall for someone else but my mind will dictate if I want to push on with the new one or stay with just one person in my life. I choose to love only one person and the rest are like the waters in the stream.

Have a lovely time

Enjoy Your Youthful Life, But Beware There are Consequences

Being a youthful person is in that age bracket where one thinks that this is the time to enjoy life at its fullest and with no limits. However, what many don’t think is the consequences that follow after whatever one engages in.

Look like for this case, a youth may result to drinking which first starts like fun and then one becomes addicted thus heavy drinking. There are those who cannot do without drinking alcohol in their day to day lives. The addiction is so much that some feel sick if they try to abruptly stop drinking.

At times to save the situation there are those who are taken to rehabilitation centers for them to rekindle their normal life. Even if  alcohol addicts get the assistance that they require to reform, this still takes some time for them to get well completely. So through this, they will lose a lot of their precious life and remember; time lost is never recovered.

On the other hand, you may find youths who think that enjoying life is well cemented by having many girlfriends and engaging in sexual activity. This may result into a young person having children that he will have to cater for later in life since they also have a right to education and getting other necessities.

This is something that can be avoided by keeping your mind sober you as a young person, and having something more worthy in life.

So I think as a youth, it’s important to sit down and consider whether a certain path has positive or negative effects. Listen to your elders for they have more experience in life and so it’s obvious that there is more to learn from them.

Remember, how you behave as a young person is a determinant of your future success and don’t wait to ever follow the path of ‘I WISH I KNEW’

Abortion As a Threat Facing Teenagers

an expectant mother

an expectant mother

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy.It can be induced or a due to medical advice for health related problems.Induced abortion can be safe or unsafe.Unsafe because it’s performed by unskilled person or in an environment lacking medical standards especially in the backstreet areas.

According to recent surveys,30%-40% of maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortions.

Factors leading to unsafe abortions:

-Stigma in the society.

-Lack of knowledge on the dangers involved.

Complications of unsafe abortion:

-Excessive bleeding which can eventually lead to lack of blood.

-Perforation of the uterus or intestines.This can in turn lead to sick abdomen which after all can be hard to treat.

-Infection due to failing to sterilize the equipments used.



-Blood clots in the uterus and this is a health problem.

Unintended pregnancy and contraception:

-Contraception is a sure method to avoid unwanted pregnancy.Other ways are:

-Abstinence is the best option but if you must then family planning method is good.

Family planning:

-Promotes woman’s health.

-Allows one to achieve desired spacing between children.

-Gives one freedom to improve their quality of life.

-Reduces maternal deaths which can be the case if no family planning is used.

But before using any family planning method,it’s good to ask for and receive correct information on those methods.

Why teenagers choose abortion:

They will ask themselves the following questions-

-Do I want this baby or can I afford to raise a child?

-How will this affect my life?

-Am I ready to be a mother?

-What about my education and will I complete schooling?

So teenager will prefer an abortion to be on the safe side of life.

When a teen gets pregnant,she asks herself these questions:

-Where she lives,her religion,her relationship with the parents,her peers or friends,her education,why she didn’t use contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is unavoidable though abstinence is the best option to stay safe.

It’s good for a teenager to stay informed on what to do to avoid unwanted pregnancy since your partner can opt to leave you when pregnancy occurs.So do this:

-Don’t give in to pressure.

-Learn to say NO to anything you feel uncomfortable with especially sex.

-Know what to do so as not to get pregnant.

-Understand the effectiveness of the different forms of family planning and this can be through getting advice from professionals in the medical department.

-Follow your own values and principles.


Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship?

Young people always find themselves in a relationship that may be unworthy to be in due to problems here and there.So it is important for those in a relationship to identify if the relationship is healthy or not.

Signs that your partner is not ready for marriage

1. If you find yourself working into his/her busy agenda. This raises a red flag if one of the partner is ever busy to even commit sometime to be with the lover.

2. He/she avoids anything when it comes to meeting the future in-laws.

3. If most of ones friends are single or very young than ones age.This is because companionship shapes ones way of life.

4. If he has no big picture plans for example how his family will be like so this shows that he is not ready for a wife.

So don’t commit to anyone who you see that you have no future together.

You should not also give in to your partner’s sexual demands.

Pressure to have sex can come from hormones,peer pressure especially from your friends,advertising in the media and continued nagging by ones partner.

Remaining abstinence is possible if you follow these steps to be on the safe side:

-Refusal shills-Say NO in a strong,firm voice.

-Protect yourself from peer pressure that is avoiding such friends who are out to influence your real self negatively.

-Be pressure proof-Say NO repeatedly to stress your point.This is okay since your partner will have no opportunity to make you say otherwise.

-Use strong body language that say NO and really show you mean it.

-Make you decisions known and stand by it meaning your partner should not make you to change for selfish benefits.

-Avoiding tempting situations such as avoid a topic concerning the sex subject.You can also move from the point where you are talking especially if it’s in an enclosure.


Tips for Serious Love Realtionship

Youths love relationships

Youths love relationships

Signs that he is serious about your relationship

1. He makes a point to check with you before making plans. This means that even if you don’t meet regularly.he makes sure that he consults you before embarking on going ahead with any plans.

2. He is concerned if he doesn’t get to hear from you all day.He can may be text, make a call to know how your entire has been like.

3. He assumes that you are his and can make this known by talking in between the lines. He can for example make such comments as wishing to get married by the end of the year and it’s obvious that he aims to take your relationship to the next level.

4. He makes a point of allowing you to accompany him to his favorite places.This means that he is letting you into his world.By doing this,you can get an opportunity to meet his family members.This also means that he trusts you to show areas where he always like to hang out.

5. His friends know you and can allow you to be a friend of his friends.

6. He comes over or checks on you when you are sick.

7. He is willing to take things slowly as you wish. This means that he does not force you to give in to his demands and respects the fact that you have boundaries.

8. He doesn’t fear meeting your friends or even your family members.This means that he is ready to accommodate all others in your life.

9. Do his actions go with his words?That is he means what he says and he says what he means.If he by any chance differs,then he is not serious with the relationship.

10. Have you met his family members? This is important for you to know the relationship is healthy being in it.

11.Is he comfortable when introducing you to his friends? It’s okay if he is ready to refer you to as his partner and not trying to hide who you are to him.

12. Are you planning for a future? You should both sit down and talk about such issues as-Your financial capability.

-Whether you will have a church wedding.

-The number of kids that you plan to have after getting married.

If you are hoping to have a future together then you should be planning for it.

13. Do you come before his friends or business.This means that God comes first and then you follow and then his other commitments follow suit.


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