They Are Our Leaders Whom We Follow, But!

We as the voters have confidence with the leaders that we elect to represent us in the national government. But then it’s not in anyone’s national interest for any leader to just misuse the trust that he/she enjoys. It’s uncalled for any leader to always operate with some sort of political manipulation.

A few days ago, a politician was caught on video inciting youths to react to anyone who will give negative criticism concerning the youth projects. It was an unbecoming behavior on the part of this politician to encourage the young people to be on the look out of any criticism without bothering to ponder what may really follow. To make the matters worse, they were even given weapons to do the ‘necessary’ telling them that they were his constituency soldiers.

Leaders should be a good example but should not in anyway mislead their followers. Looking by the behavior of this politician is an example of divisive politics which is a way of creating disharmony amongst the people. Then I think the best that we can do as voters is to be on the lookout of leaders who have no sense of direction.

Any form of government affair is subject to criticism may it be positive or negative as this is the only way to know whether there is the citizens’ full support. Criticism enables one to know what measures to take in order to make upward achievements. I think it’s not a good thing where people will always agree with a leader due to the fear of what are the consequences if one differs with the elected leader.

A leader is supposed to be someone who is ready to serve ones country with integrity that his/her post has mandated one to do so. But more so the voters ought to be more vigilant when electing their preferred candidates in order to ensure that they get the best leaders.

Chances are there for the youth if only….

English: Youths playing the Red Rover game.

English: Youths playing the Red Rover game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The youths have always been told that they are the leaders of tomorrow though it seems to be a political lie since that never comes to maturity. But the youths ought to wake up from their little slumber and be determinants of their own future but not allow politicians to manipulate their political capability who insist that they should wait for tomorrow that never comes. This is due to the fact that the older generation is not ready to let go leadership so the youths are only left with the option of pushing through on their own and grab the opportunity that comes along.

First the youths ought to adopt the spirit of oneness. This means that they should work together towards achieving a common goal. So something that has the support of everyone cannot easily be defeated. This is very much possible by having forums that focus on enlightening the youths politically.

Then they should also have a vision meaning the youths can make up their mind to be the controller of their political ideas. This is possible in that the youths represent a large number of the voter population thus having the capability to decide who should be their political leader.

Then something else, the youths need to come to self-realization. This means that they have to recognize that they have a role to play in politics. Furthermore they need to know that their voices should be heard as it’s the only way to ensure that they accomplish their agenda.

There are other participatory channels like the issue of tenders brought forward by the national government. This means that the youths should apply for such tenders since its one way serve the people.

So the time is now, the only thing that the youth require it to have a commitment to make changes in the present political arena.

Kenyan Youths, Tomorrow That Never Comes

For each electioneering period, I have always heard those vying for the top seat youths urging them to give them their vote with the excuse that they gonna come in the forefront in their manifesto. They say that the young people are the leaders of tomorrow and one would expect the youth to very much be integrated by the so-called candidates once they get in the office. But this has only turned to be a big joke since it seems that their tomorrow never comes to be.

Only recently, the executive in my country appointed several old political folks to chair certain government organizations but it was all clear that this action had a lot of biasing. The youths were indeed left out and what a disappointment it was as they made it clear in the social media. They went ahead and referred to the appointees as recycles of old politicians. The young people form the largest mass of the voters and at the same time are very vulnerable to political games by the influential politicians.

Even if young people are the leaders of tomorrow, one wonders when this will take effect in reality but not for the sake of the sweet talking tongue. It is only right that they are given their rightful opportunity to serve the people since may be we need a political change. It’s just like in the most stable companies that seek new recruits for employment but would go ahead and ask for a 10-year experience in the related work field. The question is, when any young person had the opportunity to work for those ten years and yet one is a fresher from college.

I think that our leaders ought to get out of the cocoon and be serious with the young people and time is now to avoid taking advantage of their weaknesses. The best that can be done is to focus on strengthening the young people politically.

Unemployment Is The Root Cause of Insecurity

Salem Oregon youths

youth unemployment  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The recent reports in my country shows that in 2011, the rate of unemployment was 40% but it has since risen to 50% and this is an alarming increase that is not good at all. And since most of the population comprises of young people, then it’s obvious that they will tend to turn to crime in order to earn a living. This thus leads to lack of security in most parts of the country. Whether they’re an employer or potential employee, anyone with employment sponsored immigration questions is welcome to get in touch with our firm, which is based in the city of Las Vegas, to make a consultation appointment with one of our experienced attorneys, Click on site for for details about employment immigration. Our Louisiana Speeding Ticket Attorneys have successfully defended over 1,000 clients facing speeding charges in Louisiana. Contact us immediately if you or someone you know has been charged with a speeding violation. You need the support of a legal team who is experienced with Louisiana laws, procedures, evidence and sentencing. You can get more information about Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA from

Gambling with others people money its always a bad idea, even if you are betting only 10$. Loans are one of the worst ideas you can think of when you don’t have any money or when you are waiting for a payment (your salary for example) because there is a big chance to lose those money and your situation will be even more complicated. IDN Poker is the largest Asian online poker network and the second biggest worldwide network after Amaya’s primary brand, Pokerstars. This site covering a huge and fast growing market of Asian countries, IDN Poker has quickly surpassed many of the mainstream networks that were dominating the online poker environments for years.

Go and find a job, work for your own money and when you receive your own salary or when you receive some free money then you can start gambling. Risk only what you can afford to lose. If you don’t have any money, do you think it is a good idea to borrow some and go gamble it when you know there is the possibility to lose it? You break the rule twice because first of all those are not your own money and secondly you definitely cannot afford to lose it.

In the political arena, we are embracing ourselves for the 2017 general elections and this is partly to blame for the rising cases of insecurity. What happens is that some politicians tend to misuse the youths for their own selfish gains. Politics is a dirty game and for such politicians to play their dirty game, the unemployed youths are very vulnerable to being used by those politicians. This is because they need money and so they will do anything to anyone upon being given cash which they so desperately need.

There have been experiences of attacks by some unknown assailants to some people in their homes in a few counties. I heard a woman giving a recount of how some herdsmen brought their animals in her shamba(farm)  and on questioning; they said that all they want is their animals to feed. This woman said that such herdsmen are even armed with guns and efforts for them to get help have proved fruitless. But there are others who have been attacked and even their livestock stolen but those in the security systems are not ready to help.

But there have been efforts by the Government like the ‘Vijana na Kazi’ initiative that has created about 10,000 jobs for the youth and at the same time the recruitment of youths in the National Youth Service(NYS) Also the Ministry of Devolution has also collaborated with some foreign partners to create about 100,000 jobs.

Relationships Among The Youths

English: A young woman and man embracing while...

English: A young woman and man embracing while outdoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As young people grow,they face new questions related to sex and sexuality.This is because they are in the growth age bracket and are yet to understand changes that they experience in their bodies.So it is important for the young people to accept responsibility for their actions.

They should realize that there is time for uncertainties and a time to become a person that they have always wanted to be.This means that each individual should have set their own goals in life and fight towards achieving them. Young people especially those in college are trying to establish an equal relationship with their parents so that they can win their trust.And if their parent trust them,it’s obvious they become part and parcel of sharing progress in the family meaning that they are directly involved in the family’s affair.

Young people should also know that an intimate relationship is not an essential part of life but there is also time for everything.One should also take time and consider whether you are ready for an intimate relationship.It’s good to know what to expect when getting involved in such a relationship.

In college,young people meet all sorts of friends most of whom they don’t know anything concerning their personal history.This means they should be careful to jump into relationships that may not be healthy or beneficial in any way. It’s worth noting that friendship begins quickly but it should be a gradual process to fully trust anyone.Remember this is part of physical and mental development.

So this is where parents have a role to play in the life of their young people.This means that they need guidance and this is supported by the fact that every parent wants what is best for their children and thus want them to be in a healthy relationship.Young people should in turn be ready to listen to their parents advice since they have relationship experiences.

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