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We ought to change general perception that what matters is the money that we get

English: Space filling model of the alcohol mo...

Space filling model of the alcohol molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been for quite sometime since the president issued a directive to county commissioners and other leaders to take up the fight of curbing the manufacture and consumption of second-generation alcohol.They are largely blamed for numerous deaths of the young people due to irresponsible use of the lethal ethanol which is not fit for human consumption.But this fight has not been without irregularities with even some police complaining that you close a  bar in this illegal business today but you still find it fully operational the next day with orders from above which cannot be questioned.

The sad side is the same leaders who are supposed to in the forefront in ensuring that this alcohol is completely eliminated from our midst have interests here where some even own bars selling the same illegal brews.So they prefer to continue pocketing the proceeds from this alcohol even when they are supposed to make sure this alcohol is off the market to at least save our young people.

The media on the other hand has really done a commendable job because this is where the listeners call to relay info where the poison is still being sold.The spirit of the presenters to save the situation is evident day in day out as they urge people to be on the look out for individuals who are out to do more harm than good as far as the lives of the young people are concerned.

But the question is for those who are still adamant on going on to sell theses illegal brews,for how long do you want the wives,the mothers and the children of the men who go down by drinking your bad alcohol to go on crying.I think this should be the time that you sanely own up your mistakes and make right the mess that you have made quite a number of people go through.Let this no longer be about the lump-sum money that you are making because you can still venture into other businesses and still prosper.

The Internet Never Forgets, Kenyan Youths Should Remember This..

Some young people in Kenya do not understand life than much. This is one reason why we have youths who do nasty things when they are in freedom and forget that the world is watching.

According to the recent revelation of what goes on behind the doors of higher learning institutions, it has been confirmed that majority of students do not take life seriously. This has led to an increase in number of youths who like partying more than what they are supposed to in Kenya universities.

It is sad that these youth future leaders have no time for education—- being involved in orgies, doing drugs, smoking and drinking hard stuffs are things that drive their ‘little minds’.

Apparently, youths do not have time to think of their future. And in this era of the internet, it is possible for great people to lose t future employment chances just because they did nasty things while they had time— and forgot that the internet never forgets.

Many pictures and videos are on the web, confirming that the dark world is effectively consuming the light from the society. What people do during those freedom hours makes the difference in their life, but remains as the haunting memories for those who change, reform and be great again.

In the era of vetting for top jobs, people lose golden chances just because of personal background activities which are freshly found on the internet.

There are those who have lost their jobs just because of a social media post… now, what if some one do a background check and find the potential employee being in the center stage of the orgy ring? Definitely, the person will be red-marked and terminated from the list.

Life is all about what goes around, coming around to either hurt or entertain the victim. Youths, especially, university students have all the time they need to do great things and become the world’s greatest in future. However, if they choose to make the worst out of their freedom, then the future is waiting for them— full of regrets and painful experiences. Karma tells us so.

The youths should grasp the golden opportunities

For quite some time now, the government and our leaders have been stressing that the youth ought to be empowered for there is the future of being the leaders of tomorrow. But the truth is not unless the youths come up with their own agenda of being persons somewhere, nobody is gonna tell them that the time for succession is here. The greed of the old guard cannot allow them to let go key political positions.

Let’s look at it this way; the youths are the majority voters no wonder for some time now most leaders are fighting to ensure that they keep the youths support to themselves. But then this in a vital opening for the youths to ensure that they elect their own to represent their interests in the national government. This thus calls for a lot of discipline because the youths tend to prefer aspiring candidates who part with cash in exchange for being voted in and it is obvious that the youths cannot afford to go dishing out money to supporters. So in this case, let the youths take the money but bear in mind that they know who they want and why.

Then the government has been in the forefront in encouraging the youths to participate in various tenders that are open to anyone who can deliver. But the problem is even as most youths are computer literate, they do not bother to go to sites that advertise the tenders maybe due to lack of information or ignorance. So let’s see the youths take this opportunity by starting companies that would go a step further in ensuring that their applications for such tenders go through.

So if the youths take their way of doing things to the other level, then this will surely ensure successful entry to the leadership arena.

Youths Given Another Chance In NYS program

Good news to youths who were once employed in the government’s Kazi kwa Vijana and NYS program. The government has started renewing the contract to those willing to take part in this practice once again.

Three months back, the government halted NYS program due to corruption allegation in the devolution ministry, which youth employment program fall under. About Kshs800 million got lost through this scam.

This issue was first brought to light by the former CS, Anne Waiguru, which later backfired leading and due to public pressure she resigned. A week later, her house was raided by an anti graft body in what the government said was a necessary move to make things straight.

Now that the new CS of devolution, Mwangi Kiunjuri, is in office, the government has started re-registration of youths for public cleaning jobs.

However, we have another issue that has come to light today. The working tools are missing. Where are they? Who went with them when the program was put on halt? Who will be responsible for missing tools?

It is certain that the officials on the ground are not taking things lightly. According to some youths, the officials are demanding for return of tools before someone could be registered in this third phase.

One complainant said that she has never been the holder of any government tool, but now she is being blamed for a missing wheelbarrow. She has been backed up by other youths with similar predicaments.

This job has helped my youths in slum areas in Nairobi. Many youths saw it as an opportunity presented to them by the willing government but now, some youths are going to miss out from this due to misplaced or lost tools.

By now, there is no information from the officials whether the government will cater for lost tools or not. But as things are, not many youths are going to get their slots back.

It will be very sad for youths to lose these jobs because someone did not do his job to the maximum. As for those who have this chance, congrats and be ready for weekly pay just like before.