the people we never understand

It’s Never Okay

The moment she start misbehaving, just know that you let it happen so long ago and that she has no turning back.

the people we never understand

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In most cases, you pushed her against the wall, she did not complain, you dragged her on rough grounds, she did no protest, you made her see no future, but she kept quiet on it, you made her feel the shame of this world, but because of love, she held onto what she believed would work someday. However, she just made it obvious that you are not worth her struggle and that she has her life to live.

When you make those simple loud mistakes, most women would not face you and talk to you about it, they would just sit quiet and force that ugly happening into the limbo. From there, they would seek for means to address it in favorable time. But if their ways of approach proves to be tiresome and tricky, they would live with it waiting for another chance—- they just don’t forget.

In this world, we have two types of women, the calculating one and the realistic one. In these two, if you happen to have the calculating woman, then you must be careful on how to treat her. These are the kind of women who would show no signs of hurting. Their main answer to any mistake is always ‘It is okay.’ Mm! With women it is never ‘Okay’, you better know this.

Well, the realistic ones would give you all time you need to make changes that you want. They would push you, remind you and some would threaten you just to bring you back into your senses. They are good people to have around, but some confuse this personality to ‘nagging.’

Okay, these two types forms larger women society. If a woman who was good makes a negative move, then know it has been brewing for a long while. She never showed her inner self until the perfect moment. Blame it on you, not anyone else.



Lying, Love And The Reality In Relationships

In a man’s world, love and lies go hand in hand and rarely do they walk apart. In many relationships, lies play a bigger role in bringing people together and making them stay together for a while— never do lies build a lasting relationship— before someone making a choice to walk away.

Most men believe that women believe in lies more than what they would do to the reality. In this case, men say that if you want to win a girl’s heart then do not tell her more than what she should know about you. Tell her all lies you can get and you will be a happy man.

Why do bad boys win over good girls’ hearts?

Many of us have no idea how this happens. We only assume that maybe bad boys win because she wants to have sense of security or maybe because her needs an adventure in real life, rough people, hooligans that would do terrible things just to have fun.

However, such relationships never go for long because once a good, deserving person pops up, the girl leaves the bad boy to the new person.

While we still seek for answers, a question arises, why would a girl withstand a terrible relationship—full of lies and abuse, and later decide to quit for another relationship?

From the beginning, a girl would tell if her relationship with some guy will be long-lasting. She can read the signs to know if her boyfriend is the right person for her, but in most cases , she chooses to ignore anything that might hint that he is not the right person.

By staying with a liar, she only hopes for a day when such dreams will be answered. To her, she keeps her mind alive, turning lies into dreams and hoping for the better.

As for the bad boy, she stays with him waiting for the miracle to happen. She thinks she can make him change. Upon realizing that there is nothing she can do, either she find someone more uncomplicated or hangs on for life.

Women: Amazing People On Earth

Several women going to (and from) market in Kenya.

Several women going to (and from) market in Kenya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have two phases in one body; beauty by one positive side and an attitude on the wrong side of a coin. Their smile symbolizes peace on earth, their caring attitude confirms that angels do exist but when they get mad and their true colors reveal themselves, then you realize that devils too exits amongst good angels. Who are these people?

Hey No! This is not a certain community of people living in Kenya or anywhere special on this earth. In fact they live among us. We call for them if we have run out of options, we love them because they make our lives whole again, and they are special beings that make earth inhabitable for weaklings like a male species. These special people are nothing other than our daughter, our sisters, our wives and our grand mothers or collectively ‘women.’

The world that treats women like the weakest gender does not even understand what life is. For us men, we think with our heads, and that is so wrong because the brain takes time to realize a ‘wrong’ and comes back too late seeking for a solution. But, I guess, in Venus world our women think with the heart and go emotional over something ‘so small on Mars’ but very huge in women’s world..

In most cases, we tend to careless about their tears because we don’t really value them. Nonetheless, when the situation gets out of hand the circumstances forces us to shade inner tears as we seek for answers in our empty brains.

When a woman go to war, believe it or not, she has either been pushed to no go zone and she has no otherwise but to fight for her freedom or when she knows she will emerge the winner.

Now, don’t ask me why they enroll as soldiers because this is the most complicated situation than just a person swearing to defend the nation with all means…

Her temper is usually unexpected and its peak and breaking point cannot be determined by her looks, her way of talking or any kind of body expression. Damn! Her action speaks louder than anything… that is why it is advisable to keep a distance from an angry woman if you do not want a physical fight.

In most women, her mode of controlling inner self will confirm either phases. If you are observant enough, then it will be very easier for you to land with an angel. But if you happen to be blinded by her beauty then you will easily miss out of this vital signs and doom will befall you.

Is There Any Woman Planning on Taking Her Man on a Vacation This Festive Season?

In an early radio morning show and this question was posed to women on whether they were considering on taking their men out on a vacation that there is a bit of a longer holiday.

The first caller who is a lady said that having such a plan is a no go zone for her. She said that taking your man out on a vacation would be a way of encouraging him going for other options like being with another woman. She added that this is so because most men do have plans of taking their families on a vacation and so if you as the woman decide to help him out then you will blame yourself later.

Then this other lady said that she once took her man out on a vacation and so out of experience such a special treatment would not be anything to go by as her decision. She said that the last time that she did that, her man did not appreciate her kind of gesture and so she was only considering going on a vacation with her children and book a tour with san diego whale watching for the hole family.

When it comes time for traveling, the proper kids luggage for traveling makes parent’s jobs tons easier and therefore the trip more fun for the youngsters . That’s because if the youngsters like their bags they’ll be more likely to hold them, which suggests you do not need to keep track of it for them. Since everyone is keeping track of their own bags, it makes even the foremost arduous holiday traveling much easier, and with tons less hassle and stress, that in and of itself makes the trip tons more memorable and fun.She said its better off spending for the sake of the children happiness to let them feel the greatness of being on a vacation.

Then another woman said the one time that she took her man out on vacation turned out to be a betrayal moment for her. She added that she had gone out for some shopping only to come back and find him with another woman.

So what was supposed to be a joyous moment for the couple turned chaotic. She quickly pointed out that with her money, she would rather do other personal investments and would never spend a single coin on her man ever again because she thinks that a man is not worth enjoying any of her hard-sweated money.

With these three first hand experiences, it is obvious that it is not easy for women to consider this option. Well, this does not mean that all women feel this way. But in Kenya, anything is possible.

So Women are Enemies of Themselves

You may be forced to think otherwise but women are the same ones who preach the hateful attitude that they have for one another. You may get to be in the midst of women may be for a job interview and just how they get to discuss the interviewer especially if it’s a woman. One thing is obvious that the relationship of a woman towards another is just unbecoming.

I once heard that women can be good leaders if elected in the national government but the problem that hinders their election is due the fact that it’s obvious other women wouldn’t dare vote fellow women in. So one wonders then why do women fight for this gender equality thing yet they sideline one another.

I remember in a forum where women who participated said that they are not comfortable visiting any woman gynecologist and as such they only preferred being examined by males. They further added that there is this negative attitude that women have for one another, so bad that they cannot hide it in their mingling with one another.

May be this is what nature has in store for us but I think being God’s creation anyone should not have a problem accommodating the other. I think it is only good that we all interact with one another and no fear element comes in between.

But the best thing is that the society has really embraced successful women out there who are branded as the achievers lot. So let the women change the game and appreciate one another because I think it only feels right to being treated right.

Then let’s change with the times now that everyone is fighting hard to reach the target vision. So let the women not be left behind in achieving a better tomorrow and this means being positive about one another.

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