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witchcraft – Waflay Post
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Drunk and a believer in witchcraft

When some people take alcohol they tend to usher in a new character of being talkative even if by nature, they are quiet. I have always heard people saying that drunkards mean nothing serious going by what they open their mouths to say since they are manipulated by the liquor. Even anyone who picks a fight with a drunkard is faulted and told that he or she should know that drunkards are very foolish in this state.

So I have known this ice seller for quite some time as a hardworking young man who does his work with a lot of passion. Just a few weeks ago in the evening, the young man who was drunk was shouting at the top of his voice giving a warning to his behind the scenes person if he continues disturbing his peace. He went ahead and said that he comes from an area where witchcraft is custom to bring sanity to evil doers. But then nobody could tell to whom his threats were directed to and so people just watched in silence.

Then just yesterday, the young man again repeated his initial threats of taking someone to a witchdoctor and immediately he said this, two young men appeared and told him to either keep mum or better get about his business and leave that place. It was then to emerge that the two men had been abusing him for quite some time and funny enough the two had been summoned by the area chief who asked them to make peace with this young man.

The crowd was now growing bigger with some teasing this young man that he was adamant of going to a witchdoctor, so let him act in real not only empty talk. Others told him as he was a believer in non-existent powerful people who are out to get money from anyone who trusts them, then he was good to go wasting his hard earned cash.

Shocking News: Corpse Burnt Into Ashes By Mysterious Fire

One Kenyan family is still in state of confusion to the recent happening that left the whole community talking. The family had brought home the diseased loved one for burial when the body got fire and burnt to ashes.

According to those who witnessed the incident, the fire started at the leg’s side before quickly spreading to the whole body. Amazingly, only the inside of a timber made coffin burnt.

This incident happened yesterday in Western Kenya, Mumias County. Many villagers are blaming an alarming rate of witchcraft in the area and now they want something to be done to know practitioners of black magic.

Confirming the incident, the area chief, obviously among the shocked villagers said that the government is looking into this matter and that he together with other members of the community will do everything possible to unravel the mysterious fire in the coffin.

‘They killed my only child, and now they follow her into her grave’ one aggrieved woman was heard saying.

By now, no one has any link to where the fire came from and for what reason the corpse was cremated in broad light in a community that believes in burying their dead relatives other than cremating them.

In African society, people who practice black magic are always venerated because they do bad things to those who go against them. In other communities, witches and wizards are hunted and killed by hungry mobs. And others are forced to flee if suspected to practice such things.

Last year, many witch hunting parties were held in the country. This resulted into deaths of suspects and displacement of elderly men and women, who are always first suspects.

As the Mumias family agonizes over the mysterious fire, one wonders why someone with his or her good mind would do such a thing to a corpse. Whether it was really witchcraft or not, people should stop pointing a accusation finger that might cause peace instability. Hopefully everything will be fine in time.

The Relationship Between Business and Witchcraft in Kenya

The world of business we live in has dramatically changed into a game of wits, or should I call it ‘cheating’?

Once a good friend of mine—-the guy who used to supply me goods to sell in my shop— said that once in a while he visits his rural home for a special treatment. Believe me, he was not on a special treatment by his medical physician, but rather he visits the herbalist to treat his business.

How is this done?

For those who are aware of the current trend of medicine men and women— better known and witches and wizards—  they know how the game is done.

According to this guy, his life is never on smooth ride until he pays a visit to those people he trusts the most. In fact he pays a lot of money to get that much needed business juju.

In Nairobi, most people do this for survival in business world. Even politicians engage in these activities and some going to an extent of travelling to other countries to brighten the future.

We know people who take chances in wizardry world: they have a story to tell because they sell like crazy but at the long run, they have to part with a small sacrifice for the sake witchcraft.

How it ends

Like this friend of mine, his business did not go well just after he declared his love for Jesus Christ. It seems the devil vanished together with his possessions— money and accumulated riches. Now he is a broke guy living on whatever little he has. The same has happened to other people who have once dined with the devil.

Even though it is clear that the devil is out but not for good intentions, people have tendency to be lured into quick riches. However, the end results is always heart breaking and regrettable.

In the business world today, better know who you are dealing with. Good to understand your sources of both goods and services and always stay within your limits.


Witchcraft is There in Reality

witch hunting

witch hunting

Sometime back there is a certain community that was always in the news headlines due to issues related to witchcraft.Practicing witchcraft was largely blamed due to land and poverty issues.Those who were accused of practicing witchcraft were lynched.Most of the lynching cases mostly affected elderly women and especially the widows who would be lynched on grounds of being witches and without proof that they are really guilty.

For the widows to be accused of witchcraft there was the fact that their husband had left behind huge tracks of land.This was to eliminate such women with witchcraft accusations an act that was carried out by young people.Then with time things cooled  down as guidance and counseling centers were introduced to fight off this bad publicity affecting the elderly women.

But there has been other incidents shoeing that witchcraft is real like for this case where a man and his wife ate grass in public after they had allegedly stolen a neighbor’s bull and sold it.The owner sought the services of a witchdoctor after efforts to get his bull bore no fruit.He said the couple worked in his home as caretakers and after the bull was stolen by unknown people,they denied being involved.They were thus caught after the witchdoctor cast a spell on them.

There are other incidents where thieves were tamed through witchcraft.The theft victims are supposed to part with some cash so that the witchcraft charm can be reversed.

The most recent incident was involving a man and a woman who are involved in a extra-marital affair.The woman’s husband who was suspecting that there was a love affair brewing between the two went to a witchdoctor who used black magic on the two.This made the two cheating couples to get stuck together in the middle of having sex.It was so bad that even efforts to assist were at first hard since there was an upsurge of a huge crowd that wanted to have a glimpse of them.It was a shameful incident and a lesson to many.

But all in all one may wonder why trust witchdoctors in solving your problems as where does this put your faith in God?