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William Ruto – Waflay Post
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Uhuru Tells Raila To Back Off From ICC Ruling

The political climate is heating up in Kenya with two of the most favorite leaders exchange bitter words due to recent ruling that saw the remaining suspects of  crimes against humanity in the ICC walk away with no case to answer.

Raila Odinga of the CORD coalition and the leader of opposition took it hard with the ICC saying that the acclaimed court did a shoddy job that led to the termination of Kenyans suspected to have facilitated the killings in 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Raila was speaking on France 24 Tv. when he made these remarks that angered the leaders who are currently running the government of Kenya.

Raila Odinga said that Uhuru and Ruto used Africa Union (AU) to blackmail the International Criminal Court. He said that the ICC was forced to use less effective evidence because African countries were threatening to pull out for the Rome statute that gave rise to ICC.

The leader of opposition also touched on prayer meetings, saying that instead of the president and his deputy using those meetings to preach unity, they are only more interested in getting sympathy from the masses.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy took this as an insult to an open would. In Nyandarua rally, the two accused the leader of opposition for being so reluctant to let go. The angry leaders said that people have to learn to live with the outcomes of an event. The president told Raila Odinga to move on from ICC issue because it is no longer a factor affecting Kenyans.

Ruto added that Raila was expecting ICC to jail the two leaders for him to rise into power.

Well, this did not end in that rally. Kenyans on social media have put more weight on this issue, with some supporting the president and some going against duo.

Some reminded the president that he made almost similar remarks when he visited Israel, barely a month ago. The president said that Kenyans are more attracted to things that are not there’s, and that this is the main reason why the war on corruption is not being taken seriously.


Was it justice defeated or justice denied?

Yesterday’s ICC’s ruling against the two suspects only confirms that the course of justice for the victims of 2007/2008 post election violence that happened in Kenya has taken a mew and very dangerous turn or the whole nation.

We have to celebrate yes! The supporters had their chance to make their final wish come true, but this also made it possible for Kenya’s politics to draw close to the cliff.

The ICC ruling was in favor of the two accused individuals, just because there was no sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. However, it was clear that the case is still open for the interested parties who may decide to provide more evidence against the acquitted fellows.

This means that, those individuals who made it possible for ICC to come out begging for more evidence would want to remain in power for very many years, just to hide evidence from  landing into wrong hands.

This brings us to a dead end conclusion; there will never be democracy in Kenya as long as the cases are still open at the ICC.

If it happens that the forces of evil are defeated during the next general elections, then God will have to descend from heaven to calm down anger in people’s mind. It will not be easy to sail through someone has to hide his dirt… and make sure that none could access government secrets that might turn the ICC’s wheel into action.

Some things to think about:

Why did ICC prosecutor complain that Kenya has refused to cooperate?

Why did witnesses have to die if it was clear that the two were wrongly accused in something they did not do?

Why rally the whole Africa to threaten ICC in matters affecting only a few people?

As it is now, ICC cases have made it possible for Kenya to move on from political stand off into real fire. God bless Kenya!

ICC Verdict, Ruto and Sang To Know Their Fate Soon

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo

English: International Criminal Court (ICC) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kenya—- The two remaining suspects in ICC’s trial for crimes against humanity will know their fate today. The ICC is slated to deliver the verdict today if DP William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang have a case to answer or they are free to go just like the four who were acquitted before.

Kenyans are waiting patiently for the ruling even when they already know what the final verdict could be.

In recent trial proceedings, the ICC prosecutor said that her case against the two is so weak and that it lacks almost all important factors that could have strengthen it to another level.

The two are suspects in Kiambaa (Eldoret) massacre that happened in 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya. This is the spot where people— majority of them women and children—were burnt alive while taking a refuge in the church.

Kenyans who were seeking for truth and those who lost their lives during the darkest moment in the country will never know who the masterminds of violence were.

Already, leaders who are affiliated to Jubillee alliance are calling for nullification or the case, saying that they have already moved on.

On ground, some elders also shared the same sentiments that they sat down with their rival communities and sorted out the matter. And that proceeding with the case against the two accused individuals will only generate tension in the country and that this might unravel the enmity that was there before.

According to some people who are still living in the areas worst affected by post-election violence in 2007/2008, people are not that close. Majority of them have not moved on from that harrowing experience and wants justice done.

If Ruto and Sang are acquitted, then Kenyans will live to remember over 1000 people who died in the peak of PEV and the ICC witnesses that followed there after. However, if the two will be found with a case to answer, then the enmity on ground will eventually erupt and possible division between Ruto and president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyan Politicians Call For Unity In Hypocritical Ways

Hypocrisy defines Kenya’s politics in every aspect. In the government, the leaders are busy preaching water and taking wine because that is the only way they could remain relevant in politics. Now, if you shift to the opposition, the same thing is happening but because almost all Kenyans are busy watching the government, the politicians in the opposition are running away scot-free.

Shaping Kenyan politics needs creating a barrier between hypocrisy and the reality. What defines hypocrisy is the fact that our leaders are not people who seek for means to unite Kenyans, but as long as tribalism is the biggest issue in the country of late, they have to touch upon it just because they think Kenyans are stupid enough to fall for it.

These people have tendency to talk good about unity in Kenya, but while they are outer public, their language changes into tribal point of view. They would rate areas of dominance in terms of ethnic support. For example, the DP William Ruto would talk of Kalenjin vote when he is actually referring to rift valley voting block. When it comes to the opposition, since they have  a big problem uniting the Mulembe nation under one voting block, they would go for Waluhya votes but not western region as whole.

In many occasions, we have heard William Ruto talking about ‘Watu wetu (our people).’ This means that Kenya is not that united if the national leader would call a section of people as his close people, the rest are nothing but miscellaneous beings coming as a liability to the government.

In Raila Odinga‘s camp, these people are the notorious individuals who do not have time to evaluate political language into a national carrier, they win by hitting particular tribes and this defines their biggest hypocrisy in terms of running a ‘purported’ democratic party.

In Kenya, tribalism is the main link to make it into power. Let no one lie to you that we have someone who would unite all tribes of Kenya. Politicians use the easiest means to reach their goals; unity in Kenya is one last thing that someone would use to get there.

Youths Sidelined in Recent Government Job Positions

Major changes have been happening in Kenya with retiree taking up big jobs in the lucrative Jubilee administration.

For sometime now, we rarely see young people being appointed for top jobs in the government. The government that came into power by promising heavens to the youths is doing exactly the opposite of what they laid down as the deal between them and people of Kenya. If you are looking for a job, I recommend you ask staffing offices if they can help you look for an opening.

While the retired guys are happy for being well taken care of, youths are unhappy because they have the have papers, energy and availability to work for better Kenya after they pass the national police checks, but they have no chance because someone up there is busy playing politics with their mind.

The recent appointment of the Ocampo five in the government posts is just as a way of sending a political warning to all Kenyans that the government of Kenya is no go zone for those who have never fought for a certain cause.

It is clear that the deputy president and the president of Kenya are out to take back people who were once powerful in Kenya just because of reason only the daring could understand. Kenya is no longer a country of vision, but it is a state that is going by the blowing wind.

To make matters even worse, these appointments are only based on ethnic backgrounds. A good percentage of those who gets job positions are either from the Ruto’s side or from the president’s side.

The other day, William Ruto defended the government by saying that they are only employing people who would turn the wheel of economy in the right direction.

But the question remains, why those from two communities when we have 42 communities that form Kenya?  Does this entail that other people are not good enough, uneducated enough, and unfit to run sensitive government offices?

Kenya is slowly making negative progress— the results are very well-known.