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What is Love – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Online Dating, When Love Cross Continents!

love ties

love ties

In life, one should expect anything and everything that crosses their path -life. I like talking more about love because I understand that many of us have both good and worst experiences about this simple—but somehow compound issue.

With internet-age and technology at hand to facilitate its smooth flow, I happened to have someone I met online and started having virtual friendship through online media of communication -emails, social media, and sometimes calls through the phone.

On my side, I knew that we were just pretending to care for each other -no strings attached. How wrong was I to discover that she had fallen in love with a stranger me— that handsome, intelligent and caring person she met online!

It was not my intention to break her heart. However, the fact was that both of us were not in a position to pay each other a visit. Six hours kept us apart and nothing we could have been done about it.

One day she sent me an private message on Facebook which read,


Mountains can’t meet,

But us should meet,

Love so strong that my heart keeps begging,

If committed you are,

Then nothing can stop us,

Put time aside,

and come be with me…

Love you darl’…


With that, she set the ball rolling towards me. The tricky part was that every word meant what she was feeling about me. Yet on my side, I knew very well that I had feelings for her but I had to stand my ground that online dating is a complete waste of time. We better be good friends— not lovers.

With these in mind I send her a reply,


So handsome he might be,

But online lover so blind,

Feelings so mighty,

For huge heart break to come,

Time so limited,

For I to explain,

Distance so crucial,

For love well lived,

Words do lie,

Only actions peaks louder,

Internet full of lies,

S’thing you can’t live by.

Good friend you’re,

May God bless your lovelife..


However hurting it was in letting her choose her destiny, I guess I did the right thing other than to waste time thinking of the impossible. As I always say,’ A human heart is easily cheated— only the brain should think out straight.

Have you ever fallen in love with a person from another continent? Let’s hear your experience and how you handled it.






What To Consider Before Marriage

Love in marriage Life

Love-life and marriage

A wedding is an event that lasts for a day but marriage is a process that should last forever.

It is good to plan a union that will last forever than the cake or the flowers that are part of the wedding.

When planning for a wedding,you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you want to get married to get away from your family members?-This can be due to problems in your family which you want to run away from.

2. Are you doing it for money or stability?

3. Is it because of unplanned pregnancy occurring?-You may find when one becomes pregnant the decision to get married becomes the next possible decision.This can bring about doubts especially to those who rush to another partner other than the owner of the pregnancy.

So if you are going to get married for the right reasons,there are things to think about before this event and this is the wedding.These things are:

1. Attend a premarital education class.

-It is important for couples who are planning to have a wedding to approach a pastor or older people who have been in marriage for counseling.Couples who participate in such counseling sessions  usually succeed in their marriage. But for those who don’t participate may end up failing in their marriage.

2. Find a mentor couple

-Couples planning to have a marriage should approach older and more experienced couple to provide wisdom on issue concerning their marriage.

3. It is no longer about ‘I’ but ‘WE’

-The fact that you are planning to have a wedding,it’s the high time that you now become two in everything that you do.

4. Receive financial counseling

-This concerns money and its usage and anything to do with investments.

5. Communication

-It is important to be able to know methods on how to communicate effectively and how to solve your problems.

6. Discuss your expectations in marriage with each other.

7. After your wedding,you should know that the union will be affected by external forces.

If the above are all answered in a positive manner, then the couples are ready to say ‘I DO’ in a wedding.



Marriage Institution, What Is Expected Of You after Love

Is it love that keeps marriage intact and peaceful?

At one point in marriage life, you might feel neglected, lonely and the link between the two of you cut short by unknown forces.

What would you do if you find yourself in that situation? First, you have to understand that nothing you are facing is new in this institution called marriage. In fact, other people have felt even worst experience than you have. Be yourself and act upon chances that might bring in good relationship. Some of them are;

  1. Avoiding anger when handling marital issues

-Anger solves nothing in this world and you should not expect it to work in your marriage either. Having short temper is not good… control how you feel and do not let your feelings ruin your chances of solving marital issues.

  1. Creating a channel of communication

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-There is no relationship that can survive if parties involved are not ready to face their marriage problems head-on. Remember, you are one -only that each brain is on a different soul. Therefore, it is up to you to create a link to connect the two, to have a uniform purpose and to level out small differences that might seem huge if not tackled in time.

  1. Playing your part so well to eliminate loopholes in your part

-Before you point out whatever that you dislike from him or her, are you clean that the other party has nothing to say about you? Think very well before you make a move… sometimes rushing for a negative point of view in your marriage partner can turn disastrous. Oops! No one likes the truth.

  1. Thinking positive that all will be well.

-All is well! A short sentence stolen from a Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots, can be helpful in your struggle to save your marriage. Dueling in negative thoughts will stress you up for nothing… Be positive in mind and work upon what you know about your partner.

Secondly, do you trust your marriage partner? It is up to you now to think of a better way to go after the loose ends. You know him or her better than anyone else does. You can exploit the weaknesses and seen how it goes. If you see changes in your partner that you do not like, point them out… ask questions and you should be ready answer some that your partner might be having for you. Remember, no one is perfect! Do not even pretend to be perfect in marriage.

Another thing that you have to consider is tolerance. It is only in marriage that people do stupid things and get away without being accountable for them. Yes! It might be annoying to keep correcting his or her mistakes, but learn to put up with it or talk about if you want the person to change.

In what I understand, Love is that thing that brings different people together, but what keeps the marriage going are simple things you do for each other.

Happy Love time!


What Is Love?

true love is...

true love is…

What is love?

I have never figured out what is the true meaning of this simple word. I said ‘simple’ because we always use it when we have someone we are interested in.

Can it be an automatic ‘pop up’ when feeling between two different parties meet and engulf each other, creating a bond that we mistake for love?


Lesson From Love Story

A long time ago, there was a small boy who loved his best friend, a girl from the neighboring homestead.

They were good friends and spent most of their time together…only evening hours separated the two young love birds.

They grew up into maturity, knowing nothing about reality of love because they were good friends and same goes to love. They ended up married.

One day an opportunity arose for the man, he got a job in a town… and this forced them to move in town, away from their rural home.

Later, the wife got a job in a certain firm and the two lived a happy but simple life.

Temptations and Love

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One day, the devil sent his angel of doom to deliver  the message to the wife…’You have no experience in real life.. you have been with one man all your life. Try something new

At first, she thought that the ‘other guy’ will give up the search for her heart. But as pressure intensified, she had no choice but to give in into his demands. She started cheating and ended up leaving her husband to the new man.

Her mother being a religious person tried to convince her to leave her ways of life but all attempts hit the dead end.

The sad reality was that her new found lover was HIV positive. The damage was done and there was no way into her marriage bed once again.

Even though her husband loved her…, he could do nothing about it because things were never the same again. He moved on with his life.

A sad love story, isn’t it? Better watch a movie, Confessions Of A Marriage counselor

Now, what is that one thing that constitutes True Love?

Is it wealth and riches?

Does it mean searching, experiencing and learning something new until the day you settle for that special someone with all love qualities you like?

Or it is all about accepting you fate and learning to live with it no matter what!

I do not know that you are thinking, but I guess you have already found your answer.


Happy time in Love..