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What is Love – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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Tips for Serious Love Realtionship

Youths love relationships

Youths love relationships

Signs that he is serious about your relationship

1. He makes a point to check with you before making plans. This means that even if you don’t meet regularly.he makes sure that he consults you before embarking on going ahead with any plans.

2. He is concerned if he doesn’t get to hear from you all day.He can may be text, make a call to know how your entire has been like.

3. He assumes that you are his and can make this known by talking in between the lines. He can for example make such comments as wishing to get married by the end of the year and it’s obvious that he aims to take your relationship to the next level.

4. He makes a point of allowing you to accompany him to his favorite places.This means that he is letting you into his world.By doing this,you can get an opportunity to meet his family members.This also means that he trusts you to show areas where he always like to hang out.

5. His friends know you and can allow you to be a friend of his friends.

6. He comes over or checks on you when you are sick.

7. He is willing to take things slowly as you wish. This means that he does not force you to give in to his demands and respects the fact that you have boundaries.

8. He doesn’t fear meeting your friends or even your family members.This means that he is ready to accommodate all others in your life.

9. Do his actions go with his words?That is he means what he says and he says what he means.If he by any chance differs,then he is not serious with the relationship.

10. Have you met his family members? This is important for you to know the relationship is healthy being in it.

11.Is he comfortable when introducing you to his friends? It’s okay if he is ready to refer you to as his partner and not trying to hide who you are to him.

12. Are you planning for a future? You should both sit down and talk about such issues as-Your financial capability.

-Whether you will have a church wedding.

-The number of kids that you plan to have after getting married.

If you are hoping to have a future together then you should be planning for it.

13. Do you come before his friends or business.This means that God comes first and then you follow and then his other commitments follow suit.


Youth Love Problems and Relationships

Youths love relationships

Youths love relationships

Most high school and post-school students have problems related to love and relationships. Most teenagers fall in love at an early age and will tend to disassociate themselves from other social interactions due to being in a relationship.

Problems experienced by the youth in the course of their relationship:

-Immaturity-Teenagers are not mature enough to know the consequences of their course of actions. This can in fact mean that they are not in love but in the real sense,it’s just an :infatuation. This can lead to low self esteem,devastation and even depression if the relationship ends.

-One is forced to go places or even do things in order to prove that you really love your partner.

-Such relationships can leads to havoc especially to a teen’s grade due to spending a lot of time with the partner and neglecting school work.

-Some teens enter into a relationship before even loving themselves. This is a problem because if you don’t appreciate yourself, things might not be good for you with someone else. It is good to know your personality,value yourself and have a positive attitude towards yourself.

-Social status in school- Some teens will hate themselves for no good reason and this will have negative effects.

What parents mean to teenagers:

-As a parent,take time to talk to your children on issues relating to emotional and bodily changes. They need love and support at this stage.

-Build positive family relationships.

-Talk to your children on how to go about things.

Tips to parents that might help you and your family:

-Try setting time for fun like family outings especially in town. This will create time that you are together as a family and can have a chance to share out issues with the children.

-Sharing a meal together as a family may be like having dinner together.

-One on one talking with your children and this will help in sharing thoughts and feelings. In this you should know that kids are different and it easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child. You can also be able to identify a child who is may be hot tempered. `

-Celebrate your child’s achievements and also share the child’s problems.

-Good to have traditions or family values or routines and these will guide your child accordingly.

-Agree on household responsibility. This involves ensuring that kids of all ages give a hand on responsibilities.

-Limits of consequences in case of mistakes done.

Life long love right!



Do You Care?

Friendships and caring

Friendships and caring

We were good friends, and in most of the ways of our lives revolved around us. We spent time together doing whatever that was there in our hands. However, one day I made a blunder: I walked away from her because I was mad about something she said… I forgot one thing, women are always right!

The time I went to apologize to her, she was already past apology and she wanted something real from my heart to show that I meant what I wanted to say. That was okay for me because I knew her likes, something she treasured the most in her life.

The following day, I gave her a small wrapped up present, which she took and continued with what she was doing without a word. I said my apologies and went away thinking that my words had made a positive impact in her mind, least did I expected a three word question, “Do You Care?”

Good! That was a reminder that I was wrong in everything from the beginning to that time. In my mind, I thought I cared about her, but nope! I came to realize that I cared much about myself and the reason I had to apologize was the fact that I was missing her a lot; I wanted her back in my life to seal that emptiness in my heart.

For one reason, I had to figure out what caring is and why a human being should make someone (loved one) feel secure physically and emotionally. I do not necessarily mean being there for them all the time, but being careful not to cause the feeling of emotional instability in their mind.

No one wants to get hurt by people who are close to them! I have to say that, everything good you have done in years can be erased in one-second by one negative action from you.

Okay, learn from me and do not get yourself in my hot shoes.

Facing Problems In Relationships

Love is one thing that if kept unchecked, it can turn someone into a beast-like human!

Yesterday evening, a young man was arrested for being in possession with a simple weapon – a knife- as he was got trying to find a way to harm his girlfriend who was allegedly cheating on him with another guy.

According to him, he only wanted her by his side and that he never thought that she had another man in her life other than him. Asked why he had concealed a knife, he said that he was ready to die or kill anyone who comes between them.

Before he was taken to the nearest police station, he was beaten up by an angry mob and told never to be seen near the girl again.

It is hurting to earn that the person you trust in your life has been cheating on you all time long. However, it is not good to take the law into your own hand to do something stupid as revenge. Relationships has ups and down, we only need to understand reasons why it had to end that way.

It is a choice that one has to make about love relationship. Remember, one cannot be forced into; neither does it grow because of riches and other possessions. One has to choose to love you or pretend to, just to impress you.

Being in love is one thing but staying in love is another story. A loving heart is always delicate and easily hurt. If it controls your mind, it might lead you to do crazy stuff before it comes the day for payment for your deeds. Being careful is the only way to curb dangers associated with love relationships and its bad endings.

It is easy for young people to make wrong decisions in life because of their urge to fulfill their desires. But being inexperienced in this game leaves them on a cross road, leading them to think of the easy way to deal with a problem. What they forget is they might be wrong in their easy go too.

Love Life, How To Avoid Being Hurt…

love ties

love ties

Actually, if you think of pain, hurting and humiliations related to romantic love, you will never ever love someone again. And when you do, you will never trust your new lover the same way you trusted that one person who hurt you the most.

In love, there are signs which might clearly show if you are in the right track or going for the dead end. You only have to be vigilant and observant to notice them.

Your heart is one thing that should be kept at bay if you want to succeed. Use your mind carefully, do not rush into loving someone and do not open up too much for anyone who might use your weakness as their strength.

Now that your are careful enough, lets see who you will tell the future of your love-life with a stranger -your lover.

How to Detect A Lair.

I have to remind you that there is no easy way to know if someone is genuinely in love with you or a time waster. Give the person a chance to explain why you can trust them with your precious love. One thing you should worry about is the mouth that either be truthful or full of lies. Ooh Yes! First eye contact stores everything about the person’s plans for you.

There are Minor secrets or simple things about that person that you should look for, such as;

-Time when the person can not be reached on phone

-Feigning forgetfulness on important matters in your relationship

-Anger and lose of control on simple issues

-Special calls with you, and those the person cannot receive when you are around.

-Is the person free to introduce you to the family and close relatives?

-How does an individual treat you when in public places?

After that, make good judgement on what you already know and stay within you limits. If you see a good chance of success, then go for it. However, beware of those who are masters in heartbreaking game. Almost everything about them is straight forward until they day the reveal their true self.

Remember, eyes don’t lie!