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What is Love – Waflay Post
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Relationship Matters Should Be Left Between Lovers

Mother and Child watching each other

Mother and Child watching each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This young lady had been in a relationship with her lover for quite sometime and everything had been moving on smoothly.She is in a family of six brothers and she is the only girl and the last born.But then her brothers found out about this relationship and confronted her boyfriend and told him to keep off seeing their sister with threats that if he fails to stop he will be in for it.They even roughed him up almost beating him to pass their point home.

When she questioned the reason for their actions,they said that he was not good for her and so was out to exploit.They told her that they can still be friends but nothing about love between love is acceptable.They even went ahead to tell her that as her brothers,they have the mandate of protecting her and even approve who she should date.

Now this lady was in a dilemma since she thought it was her right to decide if a relationship is healthy or not.But the majority of ladies felt that her brothers did the right thing since if she would ever get into any trouble,it’s obvious that she would rush to her brothers.They felt that it was a good thing to have your big brothers who are out to protect you.They also pointed out that her brothers had more experience in relationships and that’s why they were justified to look out for their small sister.

I think that since a relationship is always between two people in love,a  third-party will definitely interfere negatively with such a union.So however much her brothers felt that they had a right to protect her,I think that she needs space. Here is no one who is supposed to decide for another who is good or not good for you.One should be free to make a choice when it comes to relationship matters. A woman needs to understand her man as well. You can also read the book  His Secret Obsession which has an amazing take on Male Psychology and how to make your man fall in love with you! As a straight single man who has been in the dating game and has had relationships, this book  have some interesting insights .

Housing A Homeless Man Turns Into a Bad Idea To The Host

English: A homeless man in New York with the A...

 A homeless man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The guy was like ‘how dare he!’ He was repeating this in an interval less than a minute. I knew there was a story behind it and I tried to dig shallowly to know the context of it all. Of course, whenever there is a cloud of smoke, fire is always within the mix.

The man was in his mid thirties, an age where love is a common mistake that befell the innocent negative hearts. And a repeated blame on ‘him’ meant something closely related to the lost love. I was almost guessing right!

It was then that he said a rather odd statement, “I housed the homeless, only to realize that all he wanted was to take my wife along into his miseries …” then he concluded this with a regretful ending, “I wish I knew…”

Well, I was left wordless. I my life I have never felt that touched by someone’s trouble in life. I wished his trouble was something else but not related to love. In fact an issue of a homeless friend eloping with his wife was something I did not expect to hear.

The guy was devastated! He seemed to have lost the jewel or something irreplaceable in his life. The tears of love had only one message, “Go babe, if that is what I deserve.”

Yes! I learned something new, something that existed in those days but the current generation has ignored like forever. True love still exists and those people who find it would do anything to live happily ever after with the love of their life. I could not understand a homeless man running away with jobless wife because of love. But if it really happened, then I guess we still have some hope about true love.

I recent years, I have been hearing a lot about broken relationships because of money and riches being the center stage in everything. They made me believe that nowadays, love is just a misused word to mean stable relationship. The stability part might be associated closely with the return in investment but the feelings within could be lacking. All in all, people have survived for many years in such relationships.

Man Regrets as Wife Elopes With Her Newfound Lover

A well known Nairobi businessman is in pain after losing his wife to his other woman. This is like a player being outsmarted in his own game!

Apparently, the guy had brought home a woman that he claimed to be his close cousin. However, after outstaying her invitation, the wife came to learn about the reality of the matter and chose to keep quiet about the whole arrangement. It was obvious that the man was cheating on his wife with someone who was staying in her house.

It is not clear whether the visitor or the wife introduced lesbianism to one another and this led to closeness between the two women. According to him, he found them several times in compromising situations but he brushed off an idea of investigation lesbianism activities in his house.

Later one evening on returning from his job earlier than his usual time, he found the two in the act— something that made him realize his biggest mistake. He threw out his mistress thinking that he had solved his mistake.

Two days after the incident, his wife eloped with her newfound lover. She left a note that read;


Dear husband,

I do appreciate for everything you have done for me.

I love your taste in women, but the most recent affair you were having was beneficial to all of us.

She confessed to me how much she loved you but I guess she loved me even more. That is why we started… you know, and now I have to find her. She needs me and I need her more than anything on earth.

Bye dear.

The man has been searching for his wife but it seems his effort is leading him nowhere. Even the police have no clue on the whereabouts of the two lovebirds.

As for the man, drinking is the only thing that tents to solve his worries and regrets.


Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship?

Young people always find themselves in a relationship that may be unworthy to be in due to problems here and there.So it is important for those in a relationship to identify if the relationship is healthy or not.

Signs that your partner is not ready for marriage

1. If you find yourself working into his/her busy agenda. This raises a red flag if one of the partner is ever busy to even commit sometime to be with the lover.

2. He/she avoids anything when it comes to meeting the future in-laws.

3. If most of ones friends are single or very young than ones age.This is because companionship shapes ones way of life.

4. If he has no big picture plans for example how his family will be like so this shows that he is not ready for a wife.

So don’t commit to anyone who you see that you have no future together.

You should not also give in to your partner’s sexual demands.

Pressure to have sex can come from hormones,peer pressure especially from your friends,advertising in the media and continued nagging by ones partner.

Remaining abstinence is possible if you follow these steps to be on the safe side:

-Refusal shills-Say NO in a strong,firm voice.

-Protect yourself from peer pressure that is avoiding such friends who are out to influence your real self negatively.

-Be pressure proof-Say NO repeatedly to stress your point.This is okay since your partner will have no opportunity to make you say otherwise.

-Use strong body language that say NO and really show you mean it.

-Make you decisions known and stand by it meaning your partner should not make you to change for selfish benefits.

-Avoiding tempting situations such as avoid a topic concerning the sex subject.You can also move from the point where you are talking especially if it’s in an enclosure.


Love or infatuation

love in the air

love in the air

It is obvious for young people to fall in love but then it’s good to differentiate true love from infatuation. Infatuation is mostly with those in school especially those in primary and secondary schools since with their hormonal changes high,this drives them into the love confusion.

Differences between love and infatuation:

-Love develops gradually over time and can go for long while infatuation usually occurs almost instantly,is powerful but is short-lived.

-Love accepts the other partner wholly and be it even imperfections while in infatuation,one only considers perfections only and upholds the real self.

-Love is more than physical  but in infatuation one focuses on the physical appearance and nothing more.This means once the partner is out of the picture one can still be attracted to anyone else based on the physical attributes.

-Love improves your real character while infatuation is jealous since it involves a strong inner drive.This means in infatuation the partner does not take time to consider what is best for them in the relationship.

-Love survives arguments but infatuation suffers a lot in case of arguments and can most likely not hold any longer.This means those in true love are able to solve their problems well but in infatuation,there is too much pride to even be able to sit down and discuss the problem at hand.

-Love considers the other person.This means that if one the partner is in school,the other partner takes that into consideration while in infatuation it’s all about self and so selfishness is the key aspect here.

-Love is being in love with the person while in infatuation,it’s being in love with love so it’s not true love.

-Love makes you happy while in  infatuation,one is at most sad because the partner does not take time to consider the welfare of the other partner’s feelings towards the relationship which in turn determines happiness in it.