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War on Terror – Waflay Post
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Need To Flash-out Terrorists? Kenyans Better Read This…

We can’t be joking on serous matters. We have suffered enough but still we just can’t sit down and force witful ideas in our lazy minds or maybe we are benefiting a lot from terrorism activities in the country. This is the reality that face us all, we need to do something about it.

The moment we realize that we are living at stake, the more we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for better tomorrow. We can’t wait to be told what to do, when to do it  and how to do. We can’t allow our minds to forget why we need to act now. There will be no one else tomorrow is unity among ourselves keeps dwindling because of divisive politics.

The war on terror that we signed up with is not waiting for us to do what is right. In fact terrorists are here waiting for a slight weakness that they will use against us. But because we are so much inclined in CORD and Jubilee politics, some people among us are planning to get us when we are chanting support for Raila or Kenyatta. They are only there to make maximum damage, then they go back to wait for another chance.

Damn! We might be willing to unite beyond politics in Kenya, but since we are nice with easy cash, terrorists are watching for this weakness too.

You know what! In terrorism world, there is so much money for every wrong reason on land. If they know how to invest their money for wrong reasons, they would do exactly that for future damages. Corruption must be fought down from all channels of people’s livelihood.

Bloody money will always go out in bloody means. Corruption makes us vulnerable to terrorism… We can’t allow it to be the biggest stumbling block in this war against terror.

Now one thing I have ever learned in this life of mine is being close to my people. We come together when we have a problem. We share it out equally and we remain happy. If this is implemented in our society, then terrorists will seek for other means to destroy our society because even the known sympathizers will not be willing to help the evil lot. I guess the Nyumba Kumi initiative lacked good planning but it was good to go.

Whenever someone is desperate for something, he or she might look for easy ways of redeeming self from the situation. This brings us to sharing of the national cake. Kenya has been too busy building some regions but other remains unexploited and marginalized. These people need to be part of somethings great, but since the country is moving on without them, it is easy for such lot to get attention from other places. I hate to say that terrorists like being in such like areas.

If we bring all Kenyans together as one, we might win this war… However, a lot has to be done since we are fighting the war against people who have nothing to lose, other than their stupid life.

I hate evil!



With These Three Vices, Kenya Risk Losing Big In War Against Terror

The history of Kenya and politics makes it too vulnerable to terrorism. One thing we have to note is that in countries that have pledged to fight war against terror, the people on ground are so united. This unity makes it harder for terrorists to launch an attack against the people and this makes those countries somehow safer and strong. But here in Kenya, we have a few problems…

First, the country is run by ethnic affiliations not patriotism.

Tribalism is a term that most Kenyans understand much better. It is difficult to take a Kenyan from his tribe just as it is to take the jungle out of the wild animal.

Kenyans prefer being close to their own ethnic affiliation than how they would love to be there for the country. This is why they were ready to burn down the country because the elites in political arena had their own misunderstandings in 2007.

Tribal clashed are due to this stupid ethnicity and terrorists like being where the word peace has no true meaning.

Patriotism is all about standing for your country first before anything else. We rarely see this in Kenya because of tribalism.

Secondly, Kenya runs its economy on corruption,

Corrupt deals happen on daily basis in Kenya, and some going international for the sake of easy acquisition of something. It is sad that in a country that is at war against terror, we still have corrupt officials who only consider that a little of something as the perfect way to get easy riches.

Mega corrupt scandals are mentioned almost every day but the culprits are never arrested to be questioned or never face the law…. pushed so hard before investigation is launched against them.

Tax payers’ money being lost through the hands of a few individuals could have been used somewhere else for national defense and development. But since no one is truly willing to fight this vice, Kenyans have become so vulnerable to these attacks.

It is sad that corruption is so rampant in Kenya’s sensitive pillars of national security… and this is a major loophole that terrorists might manipulate to launch attacks against Kenyans.

The final point is don’t care Attitude,

In Kenya, it is not about being together as one, but being only close to those who cares about us. The sad reality is that we do not value humanity that much and rarely do we come together for the sake of uplifting each other. One thing for sure is that we only seems to unite whenever there is a tragedy. More often, when the middle class and the rich society are got in the mix…, but we do care-less when a commoner is suffering… This is one vulnerability that should be sealed off if we wanna win war against terror.

Oops! Kenya has never been serious in this war. Lets not lie to ourselves that there is a chance to get there in future. Unless we do away with these three vices, we are in for a bumpy ride.

What Some African Leaders Do To Remain In Power Forever

Something is ‘so’ not good about African leaders. This thing calls for a stopper! But who will ever stand for the people?

The vulnerable people on the ground are always at the mercy of those people who wants to make a point clear. The suffering populations are just but collateral damage and they should be there to create fear for others who indent to go against those in authority.

The following are tactics that leaders use to rule forever or die trying;

Arrests or Assassination of prominent persons,

Heroes die young! A perfect statement that explains what begets those who stand against evil. In Africa, political killings are part of the ugly game. Think about intimidations of elite politicians and unexplained deaths that come afterwards if the targeted individuals do not give up the fight. This has happened in most countries in Africa. Just to make sure that greed wins all the time.

Political Massacres,

These are organized killings by either the ruling government or through the hands of an organized gang targeting innocent people who have strong political affiliations to the opposition. Of course the government will stand firm and deny its involvement. The only way to see the truth is by waiting for a final report, which mostly never comes out.

Creating laws that favors the minority,

It is not a wonder why African countries never learn from mistakes. Those in power only see themselves are the worthy lot to be there forever. These people would create rules that target the majority, deny them a say in public and obviously force them to accept and move on. Many African countries face this issue and some have gone down because of this greediness.

‘Undemocratic’ election Exercise

Well, you may see a country holding an election exercise but at the end election mal-practices forces an incumbent president back in office even when people needs change.  This is a common practice that has hindered pure democracy where the majorities are expected to win. It is sad that such countries may claim to be democratic but a silent monarch system runs so deep.

Now you see why African countries result into chaos? Sad that people are forced to change in the system that is adamant to remain unaltered. Violence never solves anything in this world…

What Breeds Evils In Our Society

The fact that we have official sycophants in running alongside genuine people, the journey for a win in war on terror is never going to be smooth anytime soon. I wonder if it is only in Kenya where every happening is linked to politics and corruption. It is a normal thing to see a politician defending terror suspects as it is a normal occurrence to see security and law enforcers pocketing something big and letting criminals walk.

Normalization of evil in public

With the war on graft going on in public offices, one fails to understand why some people are so immune. I have heard complain that some police official have tendency to use their power to enrich themselves.

They give instructions to their juniors to go out and reap bloody money from law breakers. The officers could do anything to attain the required amount of money at the end of the day. And this is how criminals and terror suspects are free men and women in our society.

Nowadays, people have mentality to seek freedom through embracing evil. That is why an exchange of money and other valuables is considered as the only way to be set free, instead of going the long way.

This system has enabled corruption to evolve into ‘a normal’ occurrence when trying to settle an issue.

Unwillingness to follow the rule of Law

It is not that people don’t care about Kenya. They do care about it so much but the law that governs Kenyans is by itself very questionable.

One bloggers had this observation, “A Jubilee MP charged with rape released on Ksh 100,000 bail, a blogger criticizing the President released on Ksh 200,000 bail.” The two incidents put the justice systems on a question, to whom are they serving?

People just do not want to face the law because of such like incidents. And by so doing, we are playing in the hands of those who want to bring us down. Bad people have already adapted our game and now they are playing a dirty game against us. We wound rather change our tactics or loose peace forever.

What a Funny Kenya?

English: Montage of the War on Terror. Svenska...

Montage of the War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The circumstances surrounding the killings of Muslim clerics in coastal region in Kenya were never known or understood by Kenyans, leave alone the world.

Only a few bloggers tried to pin down the events and the links that only ended up in conspiracy theories that no on cares bout about anyway.

The police force promised to come up with final reports ‘the soonest’ but they never did deliver on this promises. As usual, we forgot and moved on!

But before that, the victims complained in several occasions that they were being trailed by unknown people and that their lives were in danger. Oops! They ended up dead…

In the parliament, it was business as usual…. The majority continued treating the minority as victims of circumstances. Of course, if an MP had no crowd and some good amount to cash to buy some back up, no one cared about their say. All was nothing if it did not favor the government. And the war on terror was the first priority…

Everything about the war on terror was hush! Hash! The MPs, especially those on government’s side, were untouchables.

They had power to control people’s lives. They had everything at hand to turn the wheel of justice; they rode in the clouds when everyone else was walking on dirty roads. Wenyenchi (Kenya owners) , they called themselves and put it clear that Wananchi (ordinary Kenyans and the opposition) should differentiate between the two Swahili terms and live with those political facts, for they had nothing they could have done about it.

To some, having a number of bodyguards was not an issue. And yes! Brandishing their loaded hardware was a way of life. Amazingly, they were ever ready to defend the government when an issue of insecurity was raised.

Proudly government fanatics they were until recently did they feel the pinch of insecurity in Kenya. The assassination of Kabete MP, George Muchai, in Nairobi has raised many questions with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) police officers working around the clock to identify the killers and bring them to face justice.

So sad that we did not see the same happen when the Muslim clerics were murdered in cold blood in coastal Kenya.

When religious clerics were murdered, that was the war on terror… but when an MP was killed, the government mobilized all resources possible to apprehend the ‘unknown’ assailants.

What a funny Kenya?