The Hard Disc Drive

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Where was I yesterday? What really happened that kept me outer virtual world? How was the problem solved?

In one of social media sites, I received a message from a great man, a friend of mine, asking why I had just dissolved into nothingness for about two days. In his words, he used words like ‘hidden undersea’ and ‘forgotten like an extinct beast.’

Well, today I here to have a say and by the time I finish up my story, you would understand much better why I chose to go underground and how I managed to emerge from it all. The sodapdf offers advanced security and collaboration features, is easy to adopt, and increases productivity. Best part is, you can access all Soda PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through Soda PDF.

Okay, it all started a day I go when my laptop decided to refuse to boot up. I performed some maintenance on it but it remained down. That was the moment I was forced to format the whole thing.

Well, that did a trick— oops! For a day or two.

The laptop was up and running as usual. In my mind I thought the problem has been solved, only to crash again. This time for real… It could not even repair itself. I did everything I could to ignite live into its components but all efforts did a dead-end. Computers and laptops are prone to breaking. Whether it concerns physical damage or non-working hardware, small problems both physically and virtually can later migrate to larger problems. PC Revive offer unrivalled knowledge and have all the tools to repair your computer problems quickly and efficiently. You can also visit website link for getting best repairing knowledge.

Diagnostics showed that something was brewing on its Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The thing could not even accept new software—-

The Search for New HDD,

Seeing no chance of survival, I had to make the final decision, to go look for a new HDD. In Nairobi, the desperate you are the more the damage you would incur.

It appealed to me that whatever I was looking for was almost impossible to get. The pricing was beyond what I thought and it was just ridiculous. The Nairobians and love for money is something that we have to live with. It was sad that these people wanted to make a newbie out of me in electronics world. However, being a know it all guy made it possible to get the HDD with capacity that I wanted.

Anyway, I am back and running. My virtual world is smiling once again now. It is great to be right back, blogging and doing other stuff on the internet.

A Test In Relationships By Social media Activities

English: Nashville, TN, May 5, 2010 -- Nashvil...

the use of social media and relationships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter provides a platform where one is able to meet and interact with classes of different people throughout the entire world.It is a place to have fun and at the same time sharing of ideas.One is able to connect with friends both new and old in the virtual world.

But there has been a test of the stability of relationships due to a given activity of ones partner.Like for this scenario,this lady posted a photo of her own on Facebook and so it’s obvious that her friends who were viewing it even wrote comments.This did not go well with her boyfriend who felt that she should not have posted the photo in the first place.So what he did,he went to the inbox of those who had commented and wrote abusive words to them.

Facebook is a utility giving one the power to share openly with friends,so I think his action was misplaced since Facebook interaction is part of the social life.Even if she had posted the photo,this did not in way affect their love life since what matters a lot is if they have a healthy relationship.I think social media is a place of expressing yourself freely without losing your feeling of security depending on how your partner feels.

When two people are in love,I think that it’s not goods to over-react when it comes to your partner’s activity in the social media.Many other things matter in life and it’s not okay to center around your love life alone.This is because as partners you still need other friends as part of your social welfare.That’s why we have social media that comes in handy when it comes to interacting with the world through sharing of our ideas.We as partners should give each other space for other things.


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