Trapped In An Abusive Relationship?

You have been putting up with his/ her nasty behaviors for a while. In years you have been looking for ways to change your lover to someone much better. But along the way down the road you realize that the person is only changing for worse, what would you do next?

Dealing with an abusive person is not easy. And in most cases, these people only changes for worse, making it even more impossible to tolerate much further.

An abusive person maybe that person who uses bitter words towards your (verbal attack) or that one who uses both verbal and physical attacks on you…. It hurts whichever the way, and it needs your final decision as the way you want to live your life.

Here you need to determine things that trigger such attacks. If you find them easily, try your level best to minimize your exposure to them. By eliminating the base for bitter confrontations, you will come to notice that minus such, you have a much better life with him or her.

Another thing that might help is giving him/her a space that limits much contact. If it means communication, then limit how you interact with the person, but be there when he or she needs you. That big space is a sure away of telling the person that you are looking for means to avoid trouble.

Remember an abusive person would look for quick means to hurting you the most. They are there to make you see the world from a daring angle. However, no body on earth is perfect enough to go around messing with other people’s peace. Look for his or her weaknesses. Exploring ways to bring down his/her abusive side to your advantage will be the best way of handling the person. Be sure to know and an angle to take when dealing with him or her. Just don’t over do it..

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