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From UAE With Love! Positive Experience From Saudi Arabia

For quite some time now the mention of Middle East brings one thing in mind and that is suffering. This is a place that has of late been getting a lot of publicity after most Kenyans who had sought employment in this region especially Saudi Arabia had all sorts of bad things of what they have gone through and particularly under cruel employers.

It took the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign affairs by banning recruitment of those jobs for sometime as they sought to solve issues with the concerned agents.

But about a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a lady who had worked for sometime in Saudi Arabia and different from what we have always heard, hers was a positive experience.

According to this lady, she was introduced to this job in a bureau by her mother to a friend who asked her if she was interested in working outside country.

Though when the opportunity came that a job had finally been found, she didn’t hesitate in accepting the offer even though there were complains that lots of Kenyans are being mistreated in these Arab countries.

After getting all the requirements for travelling, she left the country together with three other ladies and on reaching the destination, they were taken to a room where there were other girls waiting to be taken by their employers.

For her case, she was taken to a home with six occupants (the parents and their four children).For the first few days, she was supposed to work from 5A.M to 10 P.M at night so as the employer to get a review of how one is able to cope up with work around the home.

She went on and said that once one is used with the daily schedule, the employer becomes less strict because you already know what to do and how.

According to this lady, she was paid monthly but at times her employer could even assist her to send some cash to her family back at home.

Politics of Kenya Going Beyond Its Borders

Whether it is all about mature politics or not, we have seen what Kenya is doing to influence major political decisions in Africa, especially in East Africa.

Kenyan politics is what people in East Africa understand much better, and we have already noticed that some politicians in this country are crossing the border to join other leaders in neighboring countries as they blow the horn for an elective post.

Kenya runs parallel governments, the one that heads the country as whole and the one that people trust the most. The fact that the opposition is equally stronger as the ruling government makes Kenya a mature state in democratic world.

When one politician wants to exercise his or her muscles, he crosses over to a neighboring country to spearhead the campaigns for a certain candidate… this usually results into the government doing counter measures for a rival candidate in the same country.

With politics taking the center stage in Kenya, one wonders what kind of ideologies are being relayed in these East African states. Nevertheless, as long as citizens in these nations are happy with choices, Kenya remains a happy nation for a job well done.

The fact that Kenya’s political influence is being felt beyond its borders, the unity of Africa remains attainable.  This is great for the continent that is usually divided during conflict times.

Kenya has been a big brother for the surrounding east African countries. And the call on Kenyan president, his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, to have a say in Burundian politics shows that people in East Africa Community EAC) region knows where to turn to when faced with a threat in life.

By now, Kenya has a very good position to head the formation of one political body in Africa. Create one country out of many, or another formation of United African States.

Donald Trump Should Focus More On Americans, Not Kenyans!

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a while since Kenyan athletes topped the world in a sporting event, and this year Kenyans did exactly that in amazement of world sporting giants. Kenya scooped 18 medals ahead of Jamaica and the USA in recently completed Beijing IAAF athletics and field events.

Heroes who participated in this historic athletics event were given a state welcome and the deputy president led other leaders in celebrating Kenyan victory in style.

Unfortunately, a Kenyan athlete tested positive of banned substances and other three as still being investigated of the same.

This led the US presidential hopeful Donald Trump to ruffle the feathers of the Kenyan team. Whether he did it as part of his republican presidential campaign or not, Kenyans of Twitter responded with the hash tag #SomeoneTellDonaldTrump and waged a war against him for hours.

This is not the first time that he has touched on Kenya during his campaign. Recently, he said that if he is elected as the president of the United States, he will deport all Kenyans from the US including the current president Barrack Obama.

Why is Donald Trump against Kenyans?

Well, first he is someone who believes that America should be left with indigenous Americans and that no one else should be elected the president of the US if he or she is not pure blood. Oops! He hates Kenyans because the #POTUS’s origin and history.

Another issue might be because Kenya has a very close relationship with the US in terms of military operations and partnership in the war against terror. And maybe he is not ready to work with the east African state because of his own personal gains.

Or worse, Kenya knows the dirtiest secret that might burry his presidential bid and by attacking Kenya very often, he is weakening the possibilities of people to believe it if the secret is let out.

Anyway, this reminds me of Harry Potter series.  The losers believe they can work alone and force others to follow their footstep. This actually leads into political instability, weakness and eventually failure follows.


A message for African leaders

Late last week,POTUS paid a visit to two countries in Africa,that is Kenya and Ethiopia and it was indeed  the most awaited moment.So as he delivered his speech,it was obvious that he had a message to African leaders concerning their view when it comes power.One thing that came out too well was the fact that he does not see  it cool for anyone who wishes to be a president forever  and especially if he was rich.He went ahead and said that such leaders are only there for their own selfish gains.

But then this is something that most African leaders reckon with since it seems like being the holder of the top most position is like a big time business whereby free to do anything even if its unconstitutional.There a few countries where civil wars have been experienced due to the sitting president wanting to continue clinching in power  even when it’s not anyones wish.

The  leaders should view the message put across with the seriousness it deserves and make it their responsibility to effect positive changes for the good of their respective countries.They should make it now by seeing to it that even when they leave office,they will have a legacy that will make people not forget their regime in power.It is not easy being a  national leader but even with political challenges,one can still deliver and thus make positive accomplishments.

He also felt that there was time for everything with him reminding the opposition that the government  in place ought to  be respected.This is to the fact  that it was duly voted in by the people who gave it the  mandate of being in office.

Change is what African leaders need and at the same time be ready to head their countries with lots of integrity and allow the constitution to be their guide.

Nairobi, Daadab Refugee Camp is Here To Stay!

The Daadab refugee camp will not be closed after all! This has come after the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, loosened his stand after the meeting with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. During the meeting, John Kerry acknowledged that it has been a big burden for Kenya to host foreigners for about 25 years and that the US will support the East African country in dealing with the refugee problem.

Daadab refugee camp is the biggest camp in the world, and the UNHCR which runs it was in cross-road with the government of Kenya over the decision that could have seen the Somalia refugee relocated to their country.

Having their say, the refugee who have been in Daadab for one forth of the century said they should be the one to make that decision, whether to go back to their war-torn country or to stay in Kenya. These sentiments were also supported by political analysts who termed the government’s move as cruel to human rights and that Nairobi should think better before implementing that stand.

The government of Kenya has accused Daadab refugees of cohabiting with terrorist who have been targeting innocent Kenyans lately. According to Kenya’s intelligence services, the terrorist have turned the huge refugee as their cell for planning of attacks, financial income for terrorism activities, and the safe heaven for Islamic religious radicalization.

This is not the first time that Kenya has targeted Somalia refugee in fight against terrorism. Some years back, the government rounded up Somalis who did not have proper identities in Nairobi’s Eastleigh and in other nearby towns and booked them in a football stadium before relocating them to Daadab refugee camp. The Muslim community in Kenya was not happy by this move but there was nothing they could have done to reverse the government’s decision.

Now that the president has hinted of letting the refugees stay, hopefully the government has other plans in dealing with insecurity in the country other than targeting people who have nowhere to go.