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Uhuru Kenyatta – Waflay Post
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Who Is Gonna Be The Next Kenyan President?

The shape Kenyan politics is already whole. For people who have not yet decided on where to cast their vote, then I guess it will not matter that much because the race is almost complete. Or should we say we do not need elections at all? This is because there will not be changes in the current leadership. Kenyans will only cast their lots because it is constitutional to head for elections after a period of time, but nothing big will happen as the current leaders will only be confirmed as the most favorite for Kenyans.

There have been major corruption allegations in the country. The people of Kenya showed how tired they are because monies are lost into the thinnest air as the head of state and government watches on. The president did almost nothing to make things right for the people of Kenya, but still when it comes to presidential elections people seems to forget competence aspects in someone as they go for those who will give a lot of money, those working in tribal lines and those who seems more promising for goodies.

In the recently concluded voters registration exercise, the strong holds of Jubilee ruling alliance came at the top with CORD’s strongholds coming second. This is clear that the determinant third alliance will only show the way for the stronger to party to carry the day.

Between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, both have a chance of emerging at the top but the president will use all government machinery to remain in power. Of course we are only waiting for the money that got lost in corruption scandals to hit the streets. There, people who are easily driven with handouts will have a chance to run for money and end up voting for the current president.

With these major determinant aspects, there is no need for presidential elections come 2017… the government of Kenya is not gonna change anyway!

Uhuru Tells Raila To Back Off From ICC Ruling

The political climate is heating up in Kenya with two of the most favorite leaders exchange bitter words due to recent ruling that saw the remaining suspects of  crimes against humanity in the ICC walk away with no case to answer.

Raila Odinga of the CORD coalition and the leader of opposition took it hard with the ICC saying that the acclaimed court did a shoddy job that led to the termination of Kenyans suspected to have facilitated the killings in 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Raila was speaking on France 24 Tv. when he made these remarks that angered the leaders who are currently running the government of Kenya.

Raila Odinga said that Uhuru and Ruto used Africa Union (AU) to blackmail the International Criminal Court. He said that the ICC was forced to use less effective evidence because African countries were threatening to pull out for the Rome statute that gave rise to ICC.

The leader of opposition also touched on prayer meetings, saying that instead of the president and his deputy using those meetings to preach unity, they are only more interested in getting sympathy from the masses.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy took this as an insult to an open would. In Nyandarua rally, the two accused the leader of opposition for being so reluctant to let go. The angry leaders said that people have to learn to live with the outcomes of an event. The president told Raila Odinga to move on from ICC issue because it is no longer a factor affecting Kenyans.

Ruto added that Raila was expecting ICC to jail the two leaders for him to rise into power.

Well, this did not end in that rally. Kenyans on social media have put more weight on this issue, with some supporting the president and some going against duo.

Some reminded the president that he made almost similar remarks when he visited Israel, barely a month ago. The president said that Kenyans are more attracted to things that are not there’s, and that this is the main reason why the war on corruption is not being taken seriously.


Pawns In Kenyan Politics

jarmoluk / Pixabay

When a bird is left free, direct from the cage, it starts looking for means to feed itself.  The same happens when someone is left stranded on an island with no one to run to.

In Kenyan politics, the nest of goodies is ripe, with a few individuals ready to jump in and make the difference in their own lives.  Here, there is nothing like being a man or woman of the people, just a big, fattened lie will make one sail through.

In CORD camp, we have those who have been bought and will be used as pawns by their godfathers in politics. Each election year, comes with surprises and pawns are made ready to roll in when big fishes are in for a big fight. The problem with these politicians is that they are only used by the less likely party, and then dumped like rotten tomatoes when the deal is done.

A few years back, we saw Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka bought by the less likely winners— Mwai Kibaki, to stop the most favorite Raila Odinga from becoming the next Kenyan president.  Seven years later, another person, Musalia Mudavadi was bought by the least supported Uhuru Kenyatta to take some votes from Raila Odinga’s basket— and yes! The pawn worked perfectly well.

Now, in 2017 we expect another guy to come out as a pawn for the ruling alliance because things are not that smart come the next general election.

The deal has already been draw… the favorite pawn is already in place and ready to jump into action. The CORD coalition is in internal political wrangles between someone has been cashed out. One, Moses Wetangula has been fished out and the remaining two are not that close allies even in political terms.

The call for Stephen Kalonzo to run for the presidential election come 2017 is a clear thing to note that he is also hanging in balance. These are two free birds that have just been released from the cages and are out to explore their surrounding much better.

The only chance for Raila Odinga by now is to do whatever it takes to bring in Musalia Mudavadi. That way, he will have a slim chance of rising above normal. His dreams might come true.

Wetang’ula Makes It Obvious that CORD Is In Trouble

The small cracks being witnessed in Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) party will eventually become a hole that will be so hard to seal off.

It only started as a small matter for indoor discussion and solved within the three preferable presidential flag-bearers, but as things have escaped into the public eye, someone else might start interfering with the setting and things might turn up loose and irreconcilable in the near future.

Although, the leaders have been categorical that  nothing is happen,Moses Wetang’ula‘s launch of the presidential bid that was disrupted a few weeks ago, is a clear indication that someone is trying to make it so obvious that  something is not right.

Recently, the secretary general for CORD coalition made it so simple for those not interested in the party. She said that if they feel they want to move or jump into another party, they are free to go.

Well, the members of the public who supports this party had a lot to think about. They termed that statement as a instrument that will lead to the downfall of the party. And that CORD will be unstable is one of the principals decides to leave.

In the history of Moses Wetang’ula, he has been in the previous governments for years because he is a man who can be bought cheaply. He was an avid supporter of KANU,and Moi even when the western people were supporting the opposition in very aspect.

Moses Wetang’ula was in Kibaki‘s government, together with the current president of the republic of Kenya during the darkest moment in the east African country.

Now, the only thing that comes in the minds of people is that, he is trying to jump fences to his preferable place—- join the ruling alliance— and see how favors stream in.

What he has forgotten is that, if he makes that move, then his desires to be the next president of Kenya will be doomed. Kenyans do not like people with double stands.

The fall of CORD coalition will mark the end of democracy in Kenya.

Was it justice defeated or justice denied?

Yesterday’s ICC’s ruling against the two suspects only confirms that the course of justice for the victims of 2007/2008 post election violence that happened in Kenya has taken a mew and very dangerous turn or the whole nation.

We have to celebrate yes! The supporters had their chance to make their final wish come true, but this also made it possible for Kenya’s politics to draw close to the cliff.

The ICC ruling was in favor of the two accused individuals, just because there was no sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. However, it was clear that the case is still open for the interested parties who may decide to provide more evidence against the acquitted fellows.

This means that, those individuals who made it possible for ICC to come out begging for more evidence would want to remain in power for very many years, just to hide evidence from  landing into wrong hands.

This brings us to a dead end conclusion; there will never be democracy in Kenya as long as the cases are still open at the ICC.

If it happens that the forces of evil are defeated during the next general elections, then God will have to descend from heaven to calm down anger in people’s mind. It will not be easy to sail through someone has to hide his dirt… and make sure that none could access government secrets that might turn the ICC’s wheel into action.

Some things to think about:

Why did ICC prosecutor complain that Kenya has refused to cooperate?

Why did witnesses have to die if it was clear that the two were wrongly accused in something they did not do?

Why rally the whole Africa to threaten ICC in matters affecting only a few people?

As it is now, ICC cases have made it possible for Kenya to move on from political stand off into real fire. God bless Kenya!