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Let This Fight Against Freedom of Expression Be Equal

The building blocks of greatness are simple things tolerable by the government towards its people. A good futuristic government should ensure that people who criticize it are not harmed by the authority, instead be given a chance to express themselves in a manner that could encourage change and development.

The government that targets its criticizers is not ready for change. So far, Kenyans bloggers walk on a tight rope, most hiding from the authority because of fear of arrest. This is not being taken well by the people of Kenya who currently depend mostly on bloggers for effective information and news.

Although the government denies involvement into blogger arrests, effort is being done on ground to ensure that freedom of expression is not infringed upon and that someone’s stand is appreciated.

We live in a free country, but it seems every word you write on Facebook, Twitter, Blog or in any social media platform in Kenya might land you into deep trouble. This is not freedom at all! This is government intolerance to criticism and a bridge way to failure.

Double stands being displayed by the government of Kenya of to its citizens is like a bulldog, which only target little kids with its big mouth, but runs away when a big boy comes in. The fact that when politicians use hateful language in a public gathering, no one goes for them there and then unless the public outcry forces them to act.

Big fishes have a way to go clean even when everyone knows that they are in the wrong. I wonder why the government is tolerant to such kind of people while junior citizens suffer a big deal when a facebook post is deemed malicious and there to create public unrest.

If the government is tough tough to deal with issues of public incitements, then everyone who uses freedom of speech for wrong reasons is brought to justice, irrespective of his or her status in the society.

How ‘Digital Government’ is Playing Analog Games….

When the current government came into power, it had a unique slogan of being a digital government and it was obvious to hear people saying that this government will transform Kenyans’s way of life from analogs to digital.

As usual people are always looking forward to having a better government than the previous one in terms of governance.

Things have not been running well for this country because the positive changes that everyone was expecting are not forthcoming. But one thing is for sure that the citizens of this country can start by molding to get changes in the current political arena and also in future.

Leaders have now been accusing one another of spreading propaganda as far as the current government is concerned. And then we have the digital crowd that focuses on spreading propaganda too this time even when they know that they are spreading blatant lies.

In particular I’ve heard claims that the government has a number of bloggers in Twitter social media to give credit to the ruling regime even when it’s not due or even to counter the only known too well mistakes in government.

The same applies to the opposing side of the alternative government. But then the question is how will we even know change and feel its impact if we allow the leaders to influence what it means to be patriotic for the good of our country?

So how does this online government differ from any other. A main difference is that it will be more online aware than the previous have been. Online can just about feel like the wild west in its lawlessness at this point. It doesn’t have to be. It can be regulated and made legal and safe. That doesn’t mean that online gambling sites like QQ Poker need to disappear, but only that they will need to provide perhaps some information on how they run in order to provide further understanding. Online gambling site like idn poker is great, and there is not reason it should go away. Regulation for it and other services online sound equally reasonable as well.

The leaders are greedy for power, something which we are well aware of and still we take sides to show support for the agenda less motives. I have always heard people saying that they want leaders with change but we are still twisted with unique and very attractive manifestos that are never fulfilled.

So Kenyans look for that real change as you vote otherwise we will never move forward. That’s why we have the saying that when the deal is too good ,think twice and in this case it means that sometimes politicians only make promises to woo us into voting them in.

What comes of these allegations?

English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenom...

 tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon in itself) presenting Web 2.0 themes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just the day before yesterday, I came across a Twitter hash tag that Kenyans expressed discontent surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a certain popular blogger. It was all there in the circulating hash tag that it was certain that he was killed. So in search of answers, this hash tag really trended for the better half of the day.

But there were upcoming tweets accusing the government of having an upper hand in his death if that is the case though nobody knows for real maybe only unconfirmed speculations. But if this is true does it mean no stones will be unturned to establish what really happened for this blogger to be killed. If a politician is executed, the first government statement is to leave no stone unturned in an effort to bring the culprits to book.

But the contrast is all in this case where it seems like an ordinary Kenyan’s life does not equate the preciousness as would be the case of a politician. It is alleged that the said blogger was in the front line of campaigning for the current administration in power and I saw someone who witnessed that the blogger influenced into voting this government in.

By following most of the tweets, most of the tweeters were trying to come up with guessing clues of whether any leads that may at least resurface to what happened to this blogger. Missing for three years is not a joke and it surely has been the most trying moment for his family, but where do we start to solve this mystery.

It’s also there that he had close friends in the government but I think despite the allegations doing round, something ought to be done by someone. Silence will not solve anything but only give room for more rumors. Let somebody out there help a family know the whereabouts of their son or brother.

Why The Anger?

During yesterday’s Jamhuri Days cerebration, I got the opportunity to listen to the Deputy President’s (D.P) speech but something rang into my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking why he talked in a manner that showed some anger.

His speech was in itself touching so much on corruption and he had started well saying that the fight against corruption was a fight that should involve both sides that is the government and opposition.

But things took a new turn when he claimed that some individuals were out to spread false propaganda to hurt the government. He further added that those individuals were undermining the fight against corruption and were reckless liars and are outright enemies of the economy.

So I wondered on a day like this, a national leader is using abusive words being heard by all Kenyans. May be am wrong but going by his words, it may seem like he was out to settle an earlier grudge with someone.

This takes me back to when a primary school’s playground was being grabbed by an unknown private who has remained unknown to date. But then there were unconfirmed reports that the grabber was the owner of a certain prestigious hotel and the D.P was claimed to be the owner.

Of concern, his speech drew lots of reactions and Kenyans even created a hashtag in Twitter showing they were not happy with the D.P’S speech. Even if he was right about those spreading any propaganda, this was not the way to tackle this. He is part of the government and he has been accused of being corrupt and so I think that he can only come out clean with facts than just using words to attack the so-called enemies.

Look at it this way; if someone says that you have stolen then let him/her produce evidence and then you ass the accused should just prove your innocence. But if you decide to use abusive words, then this may show that you are really a thief.

Facebook for our social life but not a solution.

Face book is a social media platform that has really helped us to connect with people of all walks of life. But I think at times there are some people who post impulse updates concerning their real life. I came across a young man who broke up with his wife and posted an update for all his friends to see stating that her infidelity was the reason that he was getting out of their marriage.

So it came to happen that, the lady being targeted in that post came to lay everything in the light. She said that, the man has been so irresponsible the whole time they had been together. She even told the world that her ex is someone who just can’t keep off from chasing skirts. And that she was sorry for what she did but the blame should fall on her man—whose infidelity is beyond control.

Things can turn that ugly if one is not careful about social media updates about real life. You may hurt someone, but in most cases the game changes and the hunter becomes the hunted or worse, haunted!

The truth is such an action would not solve anything and going by the comments, the spectators will always yearn for more info. He is not the first one or the last one to share marital problems in Face book since many others will follow suit and in the end no solution will be forthcoming.

Face book is a media to share and connect but surely let us not make it a shoulder to lean on in case we experience problems even if it is with our spouses. Remember anybody is entitled to his/her privacy and everyone should respect that.

If we live our life gossiping about our close friends and loved ones, we would end up creating so many enemies than how we intent for the world to hear about our relationships and solve some. Love is all about sitting down with that someone and talking sense into each other.