One Dead, Others Arrested In Mosque Raid

pistol and six rounds of ammunition

pistol and six rounds of ammunition

Nowadays, it is as if we are making headlines in wrong reasons. I like it when Kenya is seen on the world as the peaceful East African country that produces and nurtures athletic world champions. But this is slowly fading away as goons and terrorists haunt us to the roots.

On 17th November, 20014 the police raided two mosques, Masjid Musa and Masjid Sakina in Majengo, Mombasa where they arrested several suspects linked to terrorism in the country. Several weapons were also recovered; including six hand grenades, two pistols, pangas (machetes) among other crude weapons.

The two mosques are believed to be the breeding dens of youth radicalization in the coastal Kenya and have been in the watchful eye of the Terrorism Prevention Unit (TPU) for a while.

During the raid, one man was shot dead when he tried to hurl a grenade at the officers. The official number of those arrested is 261 and the police are calling upon members of the society to help them apprehend the most wanted individuals who escaped the swoop.

Coastal Kenya has been deeply affected by terrorism related threats.  In one incident, a village was reduced to ashes, and 100 people lost there lives in that night of terror. Although Mpeketoni massacre was initially believed to be politically instigated, the National Intelligence Security Service (NIS) later confirmed that it was indeed; an act of terrorism.

It was believed that foreign terrorists from the neighboring country, Somalia, were assisted by the locals to carry out massive killings before they escaped back to the war torn country on the horn of Africa.

Back to the main story;

Following the arrest of youths from the two mosques, there were retaliatory attacks which left  four people dead and several others wounded. The police spokes person confirmed that radical youths were behind the killings and that they are doing everything possible to arrest the criminals involved.

This are just tips of the main problem affecting Kenya’s economy -insecurity is the reality that hovers around everyone in Kenya. We only need to minimize exposure to common threats.

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Kenya,The Edge Of The Coin

watching Kenya on the edge of a coin

watching Kenya on the edge of a coin

What comes in your mind when you hear the name Kenya? Oh, to some it means a tourism destination in Africa. As for others, it is only means the place of birth to the father of the United States President, Barack Obama. That is nice, but we have other things that go on in Kenya that makes this country proudly African. Let me take you for a ride through the valleys and peaks of Kenya… Welcome!

Where do we start? Let us go to my personal favorite first before moving on to other areas,


Kenya is one of the countries in Africa, which practice democracy as a way of changing the country’s leadership and governance. In 1992, the country held its first election after years of dictatorial leadership, under the retired president Daniel T. Moi. Then things started to change from bad to worse, how?

Disunity among Kenyans

Hunger for power and preaching of hatred started being the norm of Kenyan politics. Political parties are now ethnic inclined and patriotism being the thing of the past. Kenya, which was one the most powerful nations on Earth in now reduced to a ‘begging’ state because leaders who are ‘democratically’ elected tend to serve regions where they got many votes. How sad is that? Oops! The year 2007 post election violence was the peak of divided Kenyans. Luckily, the country survived but something else happened,

KDF Match to Somalia

With fragile peace and stability in leadership -after the death of over 1000 people through ethnic clashes-, Kenya faced another challenge from external aggression. The then Somalia militia group allied to al-Qaeda network, -al-Shabaab- that controlled parts of Southern Somalia, started crossing into the country in hunt for tourists, elephants, and rhinos for ransom and poaching respectively.

To end the menace, Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) moved into Somalia to fight terror with terror. Under the African Union umbrella African Mission In Somalia (AMISOM), the mission was a success after the terror group withdrew from its strong holds and fled to northern regions of Somalia.

Facing the Repercussions

Even though we are proudly Kenyans, we are facing an unseen enemy who is within us and is thirsty for our blood. Terrorism has hit as hard with many innocent Kenyans targeted on streets, public transport, and the worst attack being on high-end shopping mall, Westgate Mall, where over 60 people lost their lives when masked men sprayed bullets on shoppers.

Recently, unknown gunmen stormed in the village in Kenya’s coastal region and left a trail of killings. There were speculations that Al-shabaab terror group was behind the attack… but the president said it was a political instigated incident. That is to say, the truth never came to light.


That is it for today, any questions? Hit the comment box and I will be happy to answer you.

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