Boko-Haram Terror Group Confirms Loyalty To ISIS

The leader of Boko Haram Abubakar Shekeu

The leader of Boko Haram Abubakar Shekeu (wikimedia pics)

The war on terror in the northern Nigeria has been going for years now. But in recent years, the terror group Boko Haram (western education is sin) has gained enough confidence to attack, raid and disappear with the loot and kidnapped individuals with no trace.

The problem that was initially in one West African country has escalated to the neighboring countries with Cameroon taking the bitter pie.

In recent months, the Islamic insurgents have been very active along Nigeria-Cameroon border triggering intensive military operations in the area in desperate measures to combat the now ISIS-group affiliate terrorists.

Many people have lost their lives and others, especially women and children abducted and taken to a secret location as sex objects and child soldiers respectively.

Up to now, there is no information about the where about of 300 school girls who were kidnapped last year. Even the calls by the international community for the Islamist group to let the girls free fell on deaf ears. The reason why the campaign dubbed, #BringBackOurGirls was launched and still going on till now.

The West African countries have joined forces in manhunt for the terrorists operating in the affected region. So far, many terrorists’ facilities have been destroyed but still there is a long way to go.

Yesterday, the leader of Boko Haram , Abubakar Shekeu, swore allegiance to the ISIS group and even called upon other Muslim community to follow suit. This was one way of showing the affected countries that they have become mightier than before and also to instill fear in the region.

With many atrocities committed by the members of this terror group in both Nigeria and Cameroon, the kind of brutality showed signs of the link and it was just in time for them to announce— confirm— the relationship.

Boko Haram’s main agenda is to create an Islamic nation in Northern Nigeria.


Somalia Military To Use Drones Against Al-Shabaab Terrorists

drone operation in Somalia

drone operation in Somalia

It is a positive move that Somalia military is taking to take back regions that are currently controlled by the terror group al-Shabaab. The group has caused many atrocities across East Africa region with Kenya being the second most targeted after Somalia.

The recent announcement that Somalia military is planning to go digital on war on terror, gives people hope that those in charge of Somalia is taking the right direction.

As we all understand, drones are very effective in volatile regions and they provide an easy way of quick infiltration into danger zones and help in identifying targets before launching missiles or deploying troops on the ground.

It is also good that for the first time, Somalia troops are working independently without involving regional troops which are on peace mission in the horn of Africa.

This shows that Somalia is taking shape of an independent nation in Africa and that they are ready to face their problem on their own. This is good because for the first time, the Somalia citizens would realize that their country is stable enough to combat internal threats— from al-shabaab and other clan warlords controlling some regions in the country.

Neighboring countries like Kenya which has in the past years been having difficulty in dealing with terrorism will have a space to breathe if Somalia troops successfully deal with terror menace for the better good of the entire region.

The war on terror is expensive to any country in the world, and for the country that is emerging from about two decades of lawlessness; Drone warfare technology is the best solution so far in dealing with the Islamic insurgents that has been the thorn in the flesh for peace and prosperity in Somalia and other East African countries.

The weakened terror group affiliate to al-Qaeda has changed attacking tactics from direct combat to targeted executions and suicide bombings. This shows how desperate the situation is for the terrorists who still want to have a say in the society.

What Do Terrorists Want?

During the darkest days in Kenya, social media users suggested that since terrorists were targeting Christians in the country why not read and study Islam to be on the safer side. Then I thought, with Muslim terrorists causing havoc in Muslim countries, then who is safe on this world….

Guns and explosives in search for peace

The virtual campaign of Somalia Islamic extremists is to preach Islam in east Africa and to stabilize Somalia under Sheria laws. Okay, good people having good motives would be willing to start something that majority will approve as the way forward. In other words, good leaders should be ready to uplift people’s ways of life by providing social amenities, and encouraging people to live well on earth.

Instead, what we saw was total chaos: public flogging, chopping off limps, observing law and order through creating a fearful environment, and killing anyone who went against the system.

I failed to understand how peace is related to the killings. In could not understand why those who should be brave in fighting for Islam only targets unarmed civilians. What I came to realize is the fact that we are facing something deeper that a mere holy war.

These lawless people are non-religious individuals. What they do is simple; they only need refuge for their heinous acts against the harmless, innocents and unarmed civilians. Their main target is to hit where there is peace and plant hate as they move on. This is to say, they only want chaotic earth and nothing more.

Then why use ‘the religion of peace’ in their campaign for chaotic earth?

With so many religions on earth, a bad person would always look for a better place to breed evil around him or her. The choice of any religion as a playground is determined by vulnerability within and how the belief was founded. After getting all the details and how they can justify their deeds religiously, it is easy to get the backup they needs from within, and (mostly in Africa) through newly converted individuals.




Our President’s Case Has Been Withdrawn

During the 2007-2008 post election violence that left scores of people dead and many more homeless saw our President being named as one of the key suspects charged with violating human rights. For him being our leader I viewed this as the entire country’s challenge as a whole and this case exposed us all to this one enormous task of a crime that was hard to solve. He was the main suspect but I have always wondered how many other people out there turned against their friends and neighbors due to the election results. They may not be known but I think God is our final judge and whatever crime one commits in the dark especially murder becomes like a curse to forever haunt someone.

But this case was really dragging it’s feet but after six long years, the case has finally been withdrawn. This attracted diverse comments both positive and negative ones but I think this was a sigh of relief not only to the President but to the country as a whole. Even if our leader was the accused one as an individual, I think this was not at the best interest of our country Kenya and even if one is innocent until proven guilty, this was still a political threat.

The opposition that this case attracted made it to be associated with a lot of criminality and it was the hope of those affected to have justice delivered. However, with this case not in the picture any more, I think our leader will be able to deal with other more important issues especially those of security concerns. I think so many people have gone through untold sufferings and I hope there will never be any time when our elected leaders opt to call for mass action. The leaders  up there are okay but the poor masses down there suffer all the consequences given the political climate in the country.

Terrorists, Non-religious Beasts Hiding in Religious Beliefs

We live in a world where we have peace-loving people and those opposed to anything related to peace and coexistence on earth. Terrorist live in their own world; they have their own religion where they preach hatred and murder of those who go contrary to what they belief and they are ready to die of their belief.

In Kenya, terrorists have caused lots of damage in since 2011. Al-shabaab militants from the neighboring country Somalia have carried out attacks in Kenya in retaliation to sending of its troops across the border to battle the insurgents in a war torn east African country. So far, about 300 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the incursion.

In most recent attacks, the Muslims were spared when they executed innocent people in Mandera bus attack and during the quarry raid in the same county. Both attacks claimed over 60 lives.

Elsewhere, the whole nation is mourning after a deadly terrorism attack on Peshawar School in Pakistan. Seven suicidal Taliban militants opened fire on innocent children in a military run school, killing 141 people. According to the military report, 132 of the victims were children.

The report from the Taliban spokesperson says that they chose the school in retaliation to military activities in their area.

If both terror groups, the Taliban and al-shabaab are operating on the same ideology, then why did they attack their fellow Muslims in Pakistan as they pretend to care for their own in Kenya? One wonders why terrorists pretend to be religious while their action goes contrary to any religious teaching.

Even though I do not know much about Islam and its teachings, the slogan ‘the religion of peace’ is very popular as it gives one peace of mind and hope for world peace. However, when pretenders use religion to preach hate and radical beliefs, then I wonder why we do still have people backing these people up, defending them, and financing their heinous activities across the globe.

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