Youths Being Targeted By Terrorists Through Employment Bureaus

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It has happened before, and now the messy employment bureau system in Kenya is getting even worse. For many years, we have heard chilling stories from Arab countries where Kenyans are suffering in the hands of their fellow humans but because they have nowhere to go, they have remained there in mercies of the lord.

Girls and women are the most affected and they all blame rogue employment bureaus for what they went through. And even the government for not taking care of Kenyans working in the affected countries.

The blame game between the embassies of Kenya in the Middle East and the employment bureaus is a clear indication that Kenyans have nowhere to run to when in trouble. The government warned that people should always make sure they have registered themselves with Kenyan embassies to avoid such unfortunate encounters. And that the bureaus should comply with the law when operating its business in Kenya for hostile working environments.

Now other stories are emerging that some young men who sought for employment in Yemen are now in terrorists controlled location and are being trained as suicide bombers. According to the affected family, they had to sell the land, some domestic animals and even held a fund-raising to cater for his traveling needs and expenses. But since he went there, the bureau that had promised him a job refused to talk to his family about his whereabouts. It was only through a phone call to his family that he revealed his mode of training and the future that seemed so dim on him.

His father narrated how the family is desperate to see their loved one and even asked for the government to intervene. Last year, the government of Kenya banned all businesses dealing with exportation of manpower to Arab countries but it seems some people are still very active in this business. It is only four weeks since the missing man secured visas for Yemen.


Why Kenya Should Deal With Internal Terrorism First

When a person wets the bed, we should not always jump into conclusion blaming the leaking roof in rainy season. We should face the problem head on, just to avoid misrepresenting the simple issue.

Likewise, Kenya’s internal problems should be faced with caution because internal aggression is not responsible for everything happening in recent days. The issue is by far, external, it is home grown terrorism issue that should be sorted out and dealt with once and for all.

Funding terrorism,

Those people with evil minds have back ups from the like minded individuals who, in most case, feign benevolent to everyone as long as their reality stays out of bounds from hawk-eyed society.

The ‘financers’ of terrorists are mostly within the country. These people might be politicians, civil servants and even wealthy business persons.

If Kenya needs to eradicate terrorism within its borders, then the government should identify every source of internal funding and put to a stop before taking this war across the border.

Even though the government froze all the suspected bank accounts, there is need to do something about the individuals and organizations behind those accounts.

Internal radicalization,

It is now a trend that most youths are being radicalized in mosques by rogue imams and in their beds through internet radical websites.

The statics shows that people are embracing radical teachings because of hopelessness in life. They think that being part of the negative society is the only way to leave a mark in this world.

Radical religious teachings are not an external issue. Bad people are here making the world a bitter place by instilling hate in people’s lives. We can blame it on foreign influence but in order to move on, w e must curb this vice first.

Homegrown terrorists,

As we go blaming everything on al-shabaab, we should ask ourselves why is the weakened terror group still so organized even when they have lost all controls in Somalia? The only thing that can explain this is the fact that the real terrorists are not that active, we have homegrown terrorists who are doing it in favor of the weakened Islamic militants.

With these, the government should not focus much on external aggressions, but it is time to deal with those individuals within our borders.


Now What! Lets Learn From Past Mistake..

Unfortunately, we do not expect world leaders to come together in condemning that act of terrorism and a match in Nairobi or in Garrisa town, to show the terrorists that we are united against their heinous acts. However, we should take this opportunity to remain unshaken and ready to face terrorists and defeat forever.

It all starts and stops with Kenyan citizens.

The Muslim community which is heavily criticized for harboring terrorists should effect certain measures that will help the society in getting rid of radical imams who are only there to create hate and division amongst the people.

As for Christians, we have no choice but to go lead our life by the biblical teachings. If we preach and spread love to everyone, then this will inform other religions that we are as bad as their doctrines say about us. In this, we gonna win against hate and lead life facing the common enemy— terrorists.

Understanding terrorism,

As we do know by now, terrorists have no real religions. What they only need is public sympathy and support from a certain religion. In that environment, they would create a mutual understanding with like-minded criminals— supported by radical religious teachings—to win over other people.

Human brain is easily manipulated by faith. Radical religious teachers have mastered in manipulating this human weakness.

In fact they do not want to die, or even ready to die for what they preach. That is why they choose willing bodies to carry out such deeds and die foe their cause.

Government duties,

One duty of a functional government is to protect the people and their properties. This is so unfortunate because now, Kenyans, feel vulnerable to attacks but have no choice but to press on.

Preventive measures should be put in place to curb threats to people and their properties. If security chiefs can tell if terrorists are planning an attack, then why let it happen? There should be good coordination between relevant security systems in future if we wanna survive in Kenya for long.


Is Politics Behind Terrorism In Kenya?

Al-shabaab terrorists attack! Who knows if this is just a game of wit for someone to settle his or her political goals?

Someone told me these, ‘you need to look before you can see.’ The true picture in everything comes after a thorough scrutiny on something that may look so real. In this case, we have terrorism that is slowly causing us worrying days and sleepless nights. But the question remains, why is the government doing so little to curd terror menace in the country?

So far, majority of Kenyans have no confidence in the country’s security system. This feeling of despair is understandable due to the fact that most of us are living in fear of being the next victim of heinous acts of terrorism, we just don’t know when.

The piece of information comes ringing the terrible sounding but repeated words, ‘The intelligence service knew it was going to happen but the security personnel did nothing to curb the threat from becoming the reality and lose of lives’— something like that.

Apparently, there has been no terrorism occurrence that got Kenya’s intelligence service off-guard, but it has always been tears and sorrow as the country bleeds through terrorism, the questions is, why?

The only thing that can explain all these whys is this maybe,

Maybe someone has a terror trigger in Kenya:

1. In the government: However, this can only happen if a big rotten fish is behind that trigger. Someone who has authority to make wheels roll even when the vessel is on

2. Or someone is holding the country hostage for political reasons. In that, he or she would leak an impending attack then stand on the rock to watch as things go from bad to worse to worst, and later comes back to the people shading crocodile tears.

With bad politics, everything is possible. Deaths of Kenyans can only turn into collateral damage if need arises for certain measures to be effected.

With al-shabaab group being Kenya’s first enemy, they take the blame and move on. Or the mastermind would consult Somalia terrorists to do exactly that.

Don’t Worry Kenyans, The Government Is Still Learning From Reality!

Same game, same words, same occurrences, and same sadness for the whole nation! Yet we are waiting for the government to turn all the stones to see the kind of worms that breed down there.

We are too smart as a nation that loves peace. We have been wrong in some ways or the other but we have stood together this long, hoping for miracles to come upon us. You know what! There is nothing we can do to make things right. The reality stay put! We are in for a ride.

Facing the reality,

First we have to congratulate the president for his eloquent and right on dot, speech— every time Kenya goes down on knees under terrorism attack. He knows to sooth our hearts even when in desperate ends.

He as the commander-in-chief has always put Kenya first in his leadership and governance. His promises to Kenyans have never lost a mark and will always make a difference in people’s life.

So far, he has put in measures to curb terrorism activities in the country as he gears his mechanism towards zero terror attacks in the country.

Still learning through examples

It’s so unfortunate that in the recent Garissa University attack, over 147 people lost there lives. However, as the government puts it, over 500 students were safely extracted from the hands of terrorists and that is what should matter.

To a make a point home, we have very effective security personnel who are so good in identifying threats against Kenyans. They may take long time in planning to execute a task but they are still our hero because they never miss a mark. Even when it means putting many lives in danger!

Another things that we should never forget! They are so good in following intelligence leads before major terrorism attack on Kenya’s soil—as usual, they already knew and took a step forward to see the magnitude of those terror attacks— just as lessons for a better future.

Lastly, Kenyans have stood firm on its policies and this confirms that terrorism is losing the war against the East African country.

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