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Terrorism – Waflay Post
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Need To Flash-out Terrorists? Kenyans Better Read This…

We can’t be joking on serous matters. We have suffered enough but still we just can’t sit down and force witful ideas in our lazy minds or maybe we are benefiting a lot from terrorism activities in the country. This is the reality that face us all, we need to do something about it.

The moment we realize that we are living at stake, the more we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for better tomorrow. We can’t wait to be told what to do, when to do it  and how to do. We can’t allow our minds to forget why we need to act now. There will be no one else tomorrow is unity among ourselves keeps dwindling because of divisive politics.

The war on terror that we signed up with is not waiting for us to do what is right. In fact terrorists are here waiting for a slight weakness that they will use against us. But because we are so much inclined in CORD and Jubilee politics, some people among us are planning to get us when we are chanting support for Raila or Kenyatta. They are only there to make maximum damage, then they go back to wait for another chance.

Damn! We might be willing to unite beyond politics in Kenya, but since we are nice with easy cash, terrorists are watching for this weakness too.

You know what! In terrorism world, there is so much money for every wrong reason on land. If they know how to invest their money for wrong reasons, they would do exactly that for future damages. Corruption must be fought down from all channels of people’s livelihood.

Bloody money will always go out in bloody means. Corruption makes us vulnerable to terrorism… We can’t allow it to be the biggest stumbling block in this war against terror.

Now one thing I have ever learned in this life of mine is being close to my people. We come together when we have a problem. We share it out equally and we remain happy. If this is implemented in our society, then terrorists will seek for other means to destroy our society because even the known sympathizers will not be willing to help the evil lot. I guess the Nyumba Kumi initiative lacked good planning but it was good to go.

Whenever someone is desperate for something, he or she might look for easy ways of redeeming self from the situation. This brings us to sharing of the national cake. Kenya has been too busy building some regions but other remains unexploited and marginalized. These people need to be part of somethings great, but since the country is moving on without them, it is easy for such lot to get attention from other places. I hate to say that terrorists like being in such like areas.

If we bring all Kenyans together as one, we might win this war… However, a lot has to be done since we are fighting the war against people who have nothing to lose, other than their stupid life.

I hate evil!



Are Refugees Terrorists Until Proven Innocent?

US Navy 990913-N-1350W-004 Anti-terrorism Trai...

US Navy 990913-N-1350W-004 Anti-terrorism Training Washington, D.C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The issue of terrorism, from either government or from the underworld movements, causes peace instability in the affected region.

For those who have energy and willingness to to go head to head with the opposing side, they takes weapons but the majority— mostly peace lovers— choose to move away in search for peace in other human inhabited lands as refugee or people looking for refuge from troublesome world.

However, these people face the worst in the hands of good people more than how the expect. Many of them end up dying in cold, in deep seas and mostly hunger gives them no chance to breath in freedom.

‘Hang in there; we’re coming to get you.’

World leaders around the world converge in closed-door meeting as they seek for means to burry these humans in an abyss of endless struggle. The only promise they are given is an encouragement to hang in there. However, as they do… the higher the chances that they will never reach the land they hoped for for there own future.

In peaceful people, the world sees terrorists first..

I have to say the issue of terrorism is so a global problem. We have to put our safety first because terrorist masquerades just like good people until the madness in them is given a chance to germinate and grow into reality. We do not wanna get victimized for these cowards, but should we treat everyone equally because of terror threat? Children suffering silently because their parents are all suspected to be terrorists until proven innocent!

It is a harsh world out there. Humans do not trust each other and children being taught to hate at their tender age. The way children are being treated by the world, this experience will forever haunt them. It is just so sad.  

A good Samaritan said this concerning Syrian Refugees.

It is not hopeless time just yet! We know that life is not fair but we hang on like never before. It is battle that each one of us has to take charge in if we wanna realize some positive outcome… treat a human being like you would wish to be treated, even when you don’t trust them!

How Youths Were Cheated Into Joining ISIL

US Navy 041228-N-5345W-006 Operations Speciali...

US Navy 041228-N-5345W-006 Operations Specialist 2nd Class Sherod Melvin looks through the crosshairs as he mans an M240 machine gun on the fantail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the terror beast ISIS, nowadays re-branded as ISIL, was taking over the two affected countries by storm, youths thought it was a new revolution that has come to in time. The terror group was like a camouflaged reality social group that was there to transform the whole world into a Kingdom, under one leader.

Yes! Media played a major role in youth radicalization. The reports about ISIL’s wealth, the military hardware and tech part encouraged youths to fight being part of this. In one way or another, the terrorists set the ball rolling, however, the world media took it from there for those interested.

In their young minds, many of them traveled to Syria and Iraq to be part of the new revolution. Barely did they get facts right that terrorism is not the same as conquest. Sad that once you are in, there is no way out— it is a matter of life and death.

Reports started emerging that some foreigners who are fighting under ISIL face major challenge from the locals. It is certain that the terror group recruited the willing bodies to die for the course that they hardly knew about.

For women foreign fighters, they are constantly under watch by the veterans. And in most cases, anyone who shows signs of weakness is cut off from the large group and killed.

It has also been noted that the majority of ISIL fighters on the front line are foreigners. This is one way of eliminating weaker sections that might lead to the group’s downfall.

Youths who are now major part of ISIL operations regret leaving good life behind as they sought for an adventure that disconnected them from the larger society.

The main vision for this multi billion terrorism group was first hidden from the larger affiliates; it seems that only a few individuals knew the motive of its formation. The unfortunate youths who joined this group blindly are dying for the course they barely knew about.

When Cowards Think An Act Of Terror is a Show Of Bravery

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attack...

English: Petrol pump in Colaba that was attacked by terrorists with grenades (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is dominated by brilliant minds whose positive impacts have left legacies in terms of technology, innovations and other things usable to man. However we have other people who lead a negative kind of lifestyle. They do not value humanity and there are only in existence to cause pain and suffering to other people. Such people’s legacy is nothing but an absurd belief in hurting, killing and maiming innocent people in order to settle religious and political scores. A terrorist is the name given to such an individual! The nonreligious lot that shamelessly does nasty things known to man and later hides in a religious group when targeted by those who value humanity.

Understanding Terrorism

The word terror is an English word that means ‘extreme fear.’  In recent past, we have heard and witnessed series of terror activities in Kenya and all round the world. But the question remains, what is that thing that they want?

It happens that real terrorists are not ready to die, just yet, for what they believe in. That is the reason why they use useless bodies that are radicalized to think that terrorism is the perfect course to reach for heavenly or Godly rewards. But the end results is simple, a fool dies while surviving a greedy master.

Think about this. When a brave soldier goes to war, he or she faces equal forces waiting at the other end. But when a terror goes to the war zone, nope! A peace zone and kills innocent people, I wonder how he or she should see self. Of course, that is not bravery because no one is equally armed. Oops! Only a coward hides under the light while committed to the forces of evil.

Youth Radicalization

In Kenya, known terrorists take advantage of an unemployment situation in the country by promising recruits with a good job, salaries and other riches; this is how educated fellows find themselves in the middle of a terrorist group.

Other persons targeted are naïve youths who do not understand religious life that much; this includes school children who always value the teachings of their teachers— radical religious teachers. This is why in many occasions; you will find converts being the most notorious terrorists.

In other reasons, youths like being part of the mighty change. This is how ISIS is spreading all over the world. To them being in the spot-light is something worth dying for. And they cowardly do this, not believing in terrorism but because they want to leave a mark in history— even when it means a negative legacy.

Why Kenyans are Still Vulnerable to Terrorism

First targets on Kenyans by the al –shabaab sympathizers were real. I believe those assailants were answering to their master’s call for real war on Kenya’s soil. But with arrests and prosecution of some of them, the fear became so real that they went back into their terror cocoons.

It also happened that the country was heading towards general elections. Kenyans by then needed someone who could tame the threat of terrorist on the streets. The man or woman whose positive intentions for Kenya stood out —ready to take on terrorist from in and outside the country. And that is why several presidential candidates had one thing in common. To make Kenya peaceful again.

Several months with the new president in the office, a major terrorism attack on Westgate Shopping Mall left Kenyans doubting the effectiveness of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s as the commander-in-chief of Kenya. It was a test that confirmed that something was seriously wrong with our security system and Kenyans on social media called for the sacking of the interior ministry CS but all fell on deaf ears.

Months after that incident, terrorists attacked a village in coastal Kenya. The government and Kenyans started walking on parallel ways of life. With the opposition being in the fore-front in accusing the government of sleeping on job while innocent Kenyans were being killed.

However, the situation was very tricky for the ruling political alliance. The president and his deputy were being haunted by the ICC cases. The two were accused of being the masterminds in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence that claimed over 1000 lives and over a half a million people displaced.

The circumstances under which Kenyans were paying for their own blood was so tricky! At one point, innocent Kenyans thought the country was being attacked because of KDF involvement in Somalia. At another angle, politics was playing its nasty game on Kenyans— sad that this channel was mostly ignored. And thirdly, someone was looking for an easy way from ICC and terrorism happened to be the perfect way-out.

In conclusion, Kenyans have suffered in the hands of terrorism because of several reasons. We have the genuine security lapse that enabled terrorist to access places where they had no right to. Another reason can be because someone influential in Kenyan politics was helping, paying and offering transportation to terrorists within the country, just to make Kenyans think of a quick solution for the menace. And thirdly, terrorism was a tool to call for international community to act— maybe to force change and sympathy from ICC.

All in all, innocent people always suffer when leadership is in trouble.