How Muslims Shielded Christians From al-Shabaab Terrorists

The recent heroic action by Muslim passengers in a Bus from Mandera, Kenya saved many lives of Christians who were being targeted for execution by al-shabaab militants from ISIS faction. This was a perfect present for Christians who were traveling home for Christmas celebrations.

Kenyans applauded this with Christian leaders called for Muslims in Kenya to continue with that heart. The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, thanked Muslim heroes and heroines for their bravery and said that terrorism affects everyone and if the two largest religions in Kenya join hands to fight off this vice, then there is a big chance of winning.

Amazing, when the driver noticed, too late, that he had just stopped the bus for ‘unlicensed security personnel’, he gave orders to all Muslims to share Islamic headwear with those who had none.  It was then that the terrorists forced themselves in the vehicle and demanded for Muslims to separate themselves form the Christians.

According to the driver, he and others passengers refused to be separated. This led to shooting dead of two passengers and others sustained injuries for their bravery.

This kind of bravery has never happened before in Kenya, and hopefully it won’t be last. We have heard such like happening in terror prone countries. This for sure tells us that not all Muslims are terrorists and that we have caring people out there.

The intelligence warned Kenyans that now that al-shabaab have divided, with one faction following al-Qaeda and another one being ISIS controlled group, they are more lethal as they fight to show how much damage they can cause in Kenya and Somalia.

The CS for Interior security ministry said that Kenyans should be more vigilant because al-shabaab members are looking for more means to shed Kenyans’ blood.

The unity of Kenyans is what matters here. The government can continue pursuing terrorists from their hideouts but the people are the one who suffer the damage when the cowards strike.


Apologize, Govt Tell NEP Leaders

Good news for Mandera county residents now that the government, through the cabinet secretary for interior Joseph Nkaissery, has down played earlier reports that several shallow mass graves have been discovered in the region.

The CS said that so far the police have not found anything to indicate such things and that the so called mass grave was just one shallow grave, which the officer are investigating to know who killed the victim and why she was murdered.

The CS further said that the images circulating on social media should not be taken so serious because they do not give any evidence concerning alleged extra judicial killings a secret burials.
Yesterday, the police exhumed the body of a woman who was suspected to have been buried together with 12 other bodies.

One reporter at the site said that the body had gunshot wounds at her neck. A pure indication that she was shot dead by unknown assailants before her remains were buried in a shallow grave.

Earlier yesterday, the police spokesman said that they have launched investigations in this matter and that those who committed this crime will be arrested and brought to justice.

Now the government wants an apology from for North Eastern leaders for speculating on an issue that was not there. Th CS said that the leaders from that region should revert their words. He continued to say that the government is not that cruel so murder its own people and bury them secretly.

To the public, Kenya media house that broke that news has been told to practice professional journalism. And that they soul too apologize for creating a story that demeans KDF mission in Mandera.

According to social media users, the victim, a woman killed and burried in mysterious circumstances was a known al-shabaab symbathizer and that her terror friends wanted eliminate the link.

Terror Threats, Western Kenya On High Alert

The NSIS have issued a terror warning that suspected Somalia islamic militants may strike any time in Western Kenya towns during this festive season.

The intelligence has revealed that the terror group might be at the final stages of their plans to cause instability in the region. It has given the directive that people should avoid crowded places and that they should always be alert and report any unusual happenings to the authority.

Now that the schools have closed for DecemberBreak, the most vulnerable places are market places, churches and other recreational facilities.

The intelligence service said that terrorist have changed attacking tactics and may pull a multipronged kind of assault to maximise the damage.

Western kenya is a populous region that borders with neighboring country Uganda and the region is known as the food basket of Kenya.

Why Western Kenya is the perfect target for terrorism?

Vastness of this region and lack many security posts makes it an easy target for terror activities in Kenya.

Another reason is most people from Western province visit their relatives, families and friends mostly in December. So the buses ferrying people to up country homes may be easy targets… If we remember the massacre in Mandera when a bus was attacked by islamic terrorists.

Well, westernors are know for peaceful coexistance with other communities. This makes them vulnerable because someone might be planning to harm them but because they are peace lovers they would not know until it happens.

Kenya has been very peaceful for the last six months. Issues related to insecurity have been very minimal and terrorism recorded almost to nil. Now that an alert has been sounded, hopefully security personel will do whateve possible to make Kenyans enjoy staying in their own country as dictated by the constitution rights of every Kenyan citizen.

Why Kenyans are Still Vulnerable to Terrorism

First targets on Kenyans by the al –shabaab sympathizers were real. I believe those assailants were answering to their master’s call for real war on Kenya’s soil. But with arrests and prosecution of some of them, the fear became so real that they went back into their terror cocoons.

It also happened that the country was heading towards general elections. Kenyans by then needed someone who could tame the threat of terrorist on the streets. The man or woman whose positive intentions for Kenya stood out —ready to take on terrorist from in and outside the country. And that is why several presidential candidates had one thing in common. To make Kenya peaceful again.

Several months with the new president in the office, a major terrorism attack on Westgate Shopping Mall left Kenyans doubting the effectiveness of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s as the commander-in-chief of Kenya. It was a test that confirmed that something was seriously wrong with our security system and Kenyans on social media called for the sacking of the interior ministry CS but all fell on deaf ears.

Months after that incident, terrorists attacked a village in coastal Kenya. The government and Kenyans started walking on parallel ways of life. With the opposition being in the fore-front in accusing the government of sleeping on job while innocent Kenyans were being killed.

However, the situation was very tricky for the ruling political alliance. The president and his deputy were being haunted by the ICC cases. The two were accused of being the masterminds in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence that claimed over 1000 lives and over a half a million people displaced.

The circumstances under which Kenyans were paying for their own blood was so tricky! At one point, innocent Kenyans thought the country was being attacked because of KDF involvement in Somalia. At another angle, politics was playing its nasty game on Kenyans— sad that this channel was mostly ignored. And thirdly, someone was looking for an easy way from ICC and terrorism happened to be the perfect way-out.

In conclusion, Kenyans have suffered in the hands of terrorism because of several reasons. We have the genuine security lapse that enabled terrorist to access places where they had no right to. Another reason can be because someone influential in Kenyan politics was helping, paying and offering transportation to terrorists within the country, just to make Kenyans think of a quick solution for the menace. And thirdly, terrorism was a tool to call for international community to act— maybe to force change and sympathy from ICC.

All in all, innocent people always suffer when leadership is in trouble.

Terrorism Attack Claims 28 Lives In Kenya

Today morning, Kenyans woke up with horrifying news of about twenty eight (28) Kenyans or more were butchered by unknown attackers in a Mandera-Nairobi bound bus.

The attackers who are suspected to be AL-shabaab terrorists, took control of the bus and ordered all passengers out before dividing them into two groups.

According to eye witnesses, the Islamic insurgent ordered the victims to read a verse in the Quran before shooting them at close range.

The Kenya police have confirmed the death toll as 28 victims, and also said the number could change anytime since some people are still missing after that heinous attack.

In one unconfirmed report, Muslims pleaded with the attackers to let the victims go but it all landed on deaf ears.

This is not the first time that the government has been blamed on letting such crimes to happen before acting.

Four days ago, Northern Kenya security officials reported that they had gathered enough intelligence on an impending terrorism attack in Kenya, but nothing serious was put in place to curb the threat. Now that their fear has become real, one wonders what the Kenyan security chiefs will say.

In Kenya, it is if the country’s intelligence system is not well webbed among all security organs. That is why the National Security Intelligence Service(NIS) always comes out with allegations that the police failed to do there job even after informing them of the threat.

Who should we blame for things that are happening in Kenya?

First, the president should be held responsible for security laxity in the country. He has full responsibility for Kenya and he swore to safeguard it from both internal and external threats.

Secondly, we have the top brass security personnel show should work for the better of our country. So sad that  we are yet to hear of good coordination and professionalism as they work to safe the innocent from dangerous groups.

Corruption is one thing that is killing Kenya slowly. We have an underpaid police officers who should be our keepers. However, they are fighting a big war with people who have ready cash and willing to give even more if allowed to carry-out their dangerous deeds. What then should we expect? Money is the source of every evil.

Then we have locals who collude with criminals, fund them and provide safety where necessary. It is sad that terrorists will continue being in our midst as long as we still go on being divided in issues affecting Kenya.


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